Top Idaho Online Casino Sites in 2020.

When it comes to gambling in “The Gem State,” it’s a bit of a mixed bag depending on where you go. Land-based casinos exist, but they have limited gaming options. You’ll be able to play bingo and electronic gaming machines, but no table games. For full access to all casino gaming options, you’ll need to turn to the best Idaho online casinos . These digital betting platforms bring the real money casino action to anywhere in the 83,642 square miles of open country.

If you’re looking for the safest and highest-rated Idaho online casino sites offering real money gambling action, you’re in for a treat. Rank Online Casino Key Info Bonus Info Visit Casino #1.

Variety of Casino Games Large Welcome Bonus Speedy Cashouts.

250% First Deposit Bonus Fast Payout Times Large Selection of Games.

Hundreds of Casino Games Free Spin Bonuses Fast Cashouts.

Instant Play & Download Over 250+ Online Slots 4-8 Hr. Payout Time.

Many Different Offerings 300+ Betsoft Slots 3-6 Hr. Payout Time.

What Factors Make These the Top Idaho Online Casinos.

Understanding why these Idaho online casinos were selected as the best options is important. We’d like to start by pointing out what we don’t do during our review process. Then, we’d like to look at a few of the key factors we assess during our selection.

What Our Reviews and Recommendations Are Not.

Our top Idaho online casinos are not selected from a random Google search. All sites are hand-selected through an in-depth review process, looking at hundreds of different factors. Positions on our list cannot be bought by anyone. You must deliver the best product to earn a spot on the list. Our online casino reviews are not static. We regularly check the recommended online gambling sites to ensure they are continuing to deliver the excellence they once did. A change in quality will result in getting dropped from our list.

Secure Gaming Experience.

Knowing your money is safe is an integral part of a great online casino experience. No Idaho online casinos will get within 100 miles of our recommended list if they don’t offer a Fort Knox-level of security. If your money is at risk, there’s no way you can relax and have a good time.

To us, a secure gaming experience includes ALL of the following:

The highest level site encryption properly installed and enabled Security teams on staff dedicated to eliminating threats Regular security audits by outside third parties Internal processes focused on information security.

Customer Service Available Around the Clock.

Getting help and support when you have questions or problems is vital to a successful online gambling experience. The best Idaho online casinos know how to take care of their customers and give them the resources they need to succeed. Ideally, you’ll never need support in your entire time gambling online in Idaho. But, let’s be real. That’s never going to happen.

To get our seal of approval, Idaho casino sites must have the following for customer service:

24/7 support available 365 days a year Live chat option available via phone or instant messaging Secondary options available (email, contact form, and/or social media) Customer service agents fluent in English.

High-Quality Online Casino Operation.

The Idaho online casino sites listed in this guide are great examples of what quality betting sites should be. They offer an incredible and memorable gaming experience starting the second you create an account, all the way through cashing out your winnings. If you want to confidently know you’re playing with the best option available, you’ll want to stick with the top ID online casinos we’ve recommended.

Are Idaho Online Casinos Legal?

During our research, we found no laws directly addressing the legality of gambling at Idaho online casinos. How you choose to interpret this is up to you.

For us, we feel this makes it legal to play. If you’re not breaking the law when you gamble online, then it’s not illegal. Others would argue strict regulation is required for real money Idaho online casino sites to be legal.

The only law we found discussing this was an amendment to the state’s constitution way back in 1992. The amendment extends the definition of gambling to include “any electronic or electromechanical imitation or simulation of any form of casino gambling.”

Now, does this include online casino games? We’re not sure. It’s unclear if this is meant to target online gambling or if it’s meant to target electronic gaming machines replicating table games. Our interpretation is the latter.

For a clearer answer, we recommend reaching out to an Idaho gaming attorney. They will be the most up to date on the current laws as well as be able to give you their interpretation. But we can tell you this: Zero people have been arrested or gotten into legal trouble for gambling at Idaho online casinos. This is a strong indicator that our interpretation of gambling online in Idaho being legal is correct.

Additionally, we can say confidently that horse racing and dog racing wagering are legal in the state. You’ll find six horse tracks, one off-track betting site, and nine licensed simulcasting locations.

What the Future for Idaho Online Casinos Looks Like.

Currently, we see no changes on the horizon in Idaho. We expect the current status to hold for at least the next few years regarding Idaho gambling sites. While other states are making changes to pave the way for full regulation of online gambling, we don’t expect much from Idaho any time soon. It’s not because they have a negative view of the activity, it’s simply not something proven to be on their radar.

Land-Based Casinos in ID.

The environment of land-based casinos in Idaho is a mixed bag. While you do have 13 licensed casinos in 11 different cities, you do not have access to all the games you want to play. The casinos inside the state offer bingo-style slot machines that attempt to replicate more popular games. While these are still fun to play, it’s not the full casino experience. You will not be able to play table games live anywhere in the state of Idaho.

Here is a look at gambling in the state of ID by the numbers.

13 licensed casinos 11 cities with gambling $240 million in annual lottery sales 3,549 slot machines 0 table games.

Idaho Online Casinos FAQ.

– Access to table games not available in brick and mortar casinos – The ability to play without leaving the house as only 11 cities in Idaho have some form of gambling – High-quality games regularly updated to the newest versions.

1. Create a strong account password and change it regularly. 2. Don’t bet more than you can lose, gamble when you’re drunk or emotional, or play games you don’t understand. 3. Keep your computer or smart device’s software and antivirus updated. 4. Never log into your Idaho online casino accounts from a shared computer or device like a library, computer lab, hotel computer, or friend’s computer. You don’t know if they keep their security as up to date as you do.