Tips On How To Document Your Wedding Efficiently

Are you excited to finally start your life together with your partner? Weddings are undoubtedly some of the most awaited events in most people’s lives. A life changing moment of this magnitude deserves to be well-recorded and documented. Have you thought about your strategy in documenting your big day? Most brides- or grooms-to-be seek the services of professional photographers and videographers to record the most wonderful day of their lives. There are many choices in Vancouver area, like Life Studios Inc which was even featured or mentioned by several media groups like Real Weddings magazine and ET. Or you can hire a group referred to you by a relative or close friend. Here are some tips on how to best document your wedding day:

Start planning early – It may appear like a simple to-do task, but wedding documentation planning may not be as easy as it seems. You need to decide on which products will be included in your wedding day package like same day edit (SDE) video, framed pictures, and/or picture albums. The different packages offered by professional wedding photographers and videographers are usually a combination of two or more of the items previously mentioned. Make sure to inquire closely about product packages and see which best suit your budget.

Communicate effectively with the documentation team –  Once you have booked their services, make sure to set up appointments so you and your partner can tell the team members how to go about recording the event. Photo and/or video teams usually have three or more members which are assigned specific tasks: taking still pictures; recording the wedding video; and assisting in proper lighting for the coverage, to name a few. Give them detailed instructions on which shots to take and which specific parts of the event to focus on. Take Life Studios Inc, for instance. They make it a point to set early appointments with their clients so they can take note of important themes to include in the coverage like traditions, cultures, and even beliefs.

Show SDE some love – Wedding films which usually take around three to five minutes are more popularly known as same day edit video or SDEs. It may be short but it aims to capture the gist of the whole event: from preparation until the first few parts of the party. As the name suggests, SDEs are edited on the spot or on the same day the occasion is held, and is usually shown to you and your guests before the party ends. Make sure to tell your hired team which parts you want included in the SDE.

Don’t forget about the wedding photos – Make sure to pick the best shots once your photography team gives you the raw photos. Once printed, you may have it framed and displayed on your wall or situated on your bedside table.

Perhaps you’re now even more excited to put your wedding documentation plan to action! If you need ideas on SDE styles, you may want to check out Life Studios Inc. Let them help you figure out how best to record this much-awaited event in your lives.

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