Top 10 USA Casinos for Best Gameplay.

Real Money US Online Casinos.

Countries around the world are opening their doors to online casinos on a regular basis, but the United States has been slow to jump on this particular bandwagon.

There are currently only 4 states that currently offer legal and licensed online casino gambling to customer seeking to find fortune in the arms of Lady Luck: New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

If you’re a US resident who’s keen to play high rated casino games from the comfort of your home, find out how to do so safely and legally.

Can I gamble online in the United States?

Online gambling laws in the United States can be confusing, to say the least. The Department of Justice has ruled that all individual states are allowed to determine their own status regarding laws such as online gambling.

It should be noted that gambling at an online casino located outside of the US is not considered illegal. However, due to current laws, banks and financial institutes may be unable to make or accept payments.

Due to this decision, keeping track of who allows online gambling can be tricky. It’s important to keep an eye on gambling industry news and information released by gambling regulators in the US to find out more.

There are a number of federal gambling laws to take into consideration too. The following are the most prominent laws that must be adhered to when searching for a US online casino. Here is a brief overview of what these laws entail and why they’re important.

UIGEA – The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is very often misunderstood. Filled with a lot of information regarding online gambling and gambling in the US a whole, many are confused by the Act. In a nutshell, this law focuses entirely on banks and financial institutions, and how they process transactions that come from online gambling. This Act does not touch on any regulations regarding individual player activity. PASPA – The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (also known as the Bradley Act) is one that targets sports betting and sportsbook gambling. Strict in many ways, this law essentially prohibits sportsbook betting in all but 4 states, but SCOTUS ruled that this Act is in fact unconstitutional in 2018. Since this huge change in the law’s structure, sports betting has grown dramatically. Federal Wire Act of 1961 – Heavily debated and reviewed, this Act came into being on the 13 th of September 1961 and has been the law of the land ever since. This Act touches on the prohibiting of betting or gambling using wire communication of any kind. It was decided that this also included online gambling and has since been fought and discussed on many different occasions. It is against this law that states must make their decision whether or not to allow online casinos to operate within their borders.

Which states allow real money wagers at online casinos?

Currently, there are not many states within the US that have taken the plunge to allow online casinos to operate legally. While there are certain states which welcome land-based casino customers, online casinos are still seen as an issue.

It should be noted that real-money wagering at online casinos or online gambling does not include lotteries or sports betting, but is referring specifically to placing bets at online casino sites.

The current states that allow real-money US online casino wagering are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Nevada. Although it should be stated that only online poker and sports betting is currently legal in Nevada. Online casinos are not yet legal, but there is talk of this changing in the future.

Other states that will soon offer online casino gameplay is Michigan which plans to launch its first online casino in December 2020. Sports betting will also be available from as early as June 2020.

West Virginia is also expected to soon welcome online casinos as they already have sports betting.

States that have not passed online casino legislation yet.

The push for online gambling and online casinos is one that takes time to pass. Gambling laws are complex and as these laws must be passed at a state level, there is much that must be decided before online casinos are allowed to offer their services to players.

States in the United States that currently have online gambling legislation pending include:

Colorado Connecticut Illinois Kentucky Massachusetts Michigan Montana New York South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia.

Be sure to keep your eye out for more information on when these states could receive the go-ahead to offer online gambling to their residents so you can start enjoying the best slots features.

Is Sports Betting Legal in the United States?

Up until recently, Nevada was one of the only states to legally offer sports betting as an online gambling option. However, that has changed drastically with many states now allowing this form of betting to be enjoyed freely.

With regards to lawmakers and how this affects online casinos, sports betting is seen as a separate form of entertainment to online casinos and is therefore not affected by the same laws.

States that now allow sports betting sites include Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Oregon, Indiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Montana, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington DC, Colorado, Michigan, and of course, Nevada.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Allowed in the USA?

One of the main issues that lawmakers have with online gambling is that is considered a game of luck which makes it unpredictable and leaves players vulnerable.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is not seen in the same light . Instead, lawmakers see DFS as a skill-based game where statistics and research are considered before placing a bet. Because of this, these games do not fall under the same legislation as online casinos.

Currently, Daily Fantasy Sports are stuck in a gray area where they are not legal or illegal. This makes them tricky to navigate. On a state-level basis, there are certain states which have legalised DFS entirely!

These states include Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont.

Casino Bonuses at US online casinos.

One of the reasons it’s so important to choose a legal and licensed online casino is due to the casino bonuses offered. Online casinos that are looking to take advantage of players often boast large bonuses that are revealed to be too good to be true or have ridiculous wagering requirements.

US online casinos have many different bonuses to offer players and if you’ve ever played in other parts of the world, you’ll find much of the same rewards on the table. However, deposit bonuses are by far the most popular choice . But there are many others you can look forward as well.

Free Cash Bonuses / No Deposit Bonus.

Another very popular option among US players, no deposit bonuses allow you to experience what an online casino has to offer without spending any cash. Simply grab the offer when creating your account and you’ll be treated to a number of free spins or bets on the game of your choice. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions for more information on what to expect when wanting to withdraw your winnings.

Welcome Bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are a great way to learn what a new online casino is all about. Sign up for the first time and enjoy generous bonuses which could include deposit bonuses or free spins on first class casino games. These offers often have standard wagering requirements in place but be sure to take a look at the terms and conditions before opting in for more.

Free Spin Bonuses.

If you’re a fan of playing online slots, free spins bonuses could be perfect for you. Make a deposit and enjoy free spins on great slots with the chance to walk away with large rewards.

Cashback bonuses.

Finally, cashback bonuses are standard among all online casinos with US sites being no different. When claiming one of these offers, making a deposit will result in your receiving a percentage of your money back in bonus form. There are many different terms and conditions which could affect how this bonus is used, so be sure to read carefully.

How do wagering requirements work at US online casinos?

As with any other online casino, wagering requirements affect how easy it is to withdraw your winnings after using a casino bonus. These requirements can range from needing to bet 30 times your winnings or 40 times your deposit plus bonus before being able to make a withdrawal.

All trusted and legal US casinos will have these terms and conditions on full display, which means you should never have to play the guessing game when it comes to your funds and your winnings.

If you ever find yourself unable to understand the wagering requirements or any of the terms and conditions, be sure to contact customer support for more information.

Casino Payment Methods for US players.

Choosing a payment or banking method is one of the most important factors to consider when playing at an online casino.

Not only should you choose a payment method that suits your banking options and pocket, but you should also choose one that doesn’t affect any bonuses you may want to claim.

Certain online casinos restrict claiming bonuses when deposits are made with specific payment methods such as e-wallets. Always read the terms and conditions before creating an account.

Players in the United States can enjoy the following payment methods at most online casinos:

Visa Mastercard Discover Play+ PayPal PayNearMe Cash 7-Eleven Online Bank Transfer Cash at Casino Cage Safekeeping Wire transfer.

What are the Most Popular USA Casino Games?

When we look at the most popular types of casino games that Americans enjoy, one thing that becomes perfectly clear is that the USA is rather traditional with its gaming tastes.

Maybe that is down to online casinos being less mainstream than some other countries. This means that more obscure tastes are yet to come into their own. Or perhaps its.

due to the tastes of the USA generally becoming popular across the world in general. The casino world is no different. After all, when people across the world think of gambling, it’s often those big American casinos that spring to mind first.

Nonetheless, a lack of surprises in the list isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Often things are popular simply because they are just that good, and we think when it comes to America’s gaming tastes, that is very likely the case. So, what exactly are the games most loved by the USA?


Admittedly, when it comes to first class online casinos anywhere in the world, slot games pretty much always take the highest spot. They are varied, easy to use and understand, and have an audience as diverse as their graphical themes.

There are two main types of slot games : video and classic slots. The biggest difference between these two is the number of reels and the general design of the games. Classic slots are played over three reels, just like you would find at a real casino. Video slots, on the other hand, usually have more. Which you prefer is down to you. Some players enjoy the simplicity of the classic option. Others like the increased possibilities of its more modern iteration.


The version of Twenty-One generally preferred by US casinos, online or anywhere, is Blackjack . People love it for its simplicity. If you can read the title, then you already understand most of the rules. Your job is to get a score of 21 or as close as you can. You do this by drawing cards from a shuffled deck. But if you go over, you go bust. Simple, classic and timeless, it’s a perfect example of what Americans love in their casino games.


Probably the most famous card game in the world, poker is also an American favourite. Whether you are playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-card Stud or any other variation of the game, this is one of the most dramatic and skilled casino games anywhere. It is certainly not the kind of game where you can just bet money and hope for the best. It’s a game of maths and strategy, and it is one that has stood the test of time.

In fact, this game is so popular that many casino sites focus on it solely, which is a real testament to its staying power. Video poker is also hugely popular in American online casinos. And while it can be simply understood as a computerised version of the game, there are actually quite a few differences between it and the regular game. If you put together all the differences between all the variations of traditional and video poker, it really is astonishing just how enormous in scope poker really is.

Pretty much all versions of poker are popular in the good ol’ US of A. Video Poker has actually been around for several decades. In many ways, it’s a precursor to the innovations on traditional games that we now see across countless classic table games in the online world.


Alongside Las Vegas, the most defining image of casinos might be the roulette wheel. There are several versions of this game , but the basic principle remains the same. You pick a number or a colour on which you think the ball will land on the spinning wheel. If you are correct, you win. If you’re not, you lose.

This is a game of pure chance. Many enjoy it for the simplicity of its concept and how easy it is to play. One of the great things about best US online casinos is you can play a variety of different versions of the same game. This means there are usually several variations of roulette available on quality sites.


Another hugely iconic image of casinos has to be a man throwing a pair of dice amongst an excited rabble of people. When you first see this game, it can seem complicated. Ultimately though, just like roulette, it all comes down to what number is landed on.

It’s a prediction game – a charming one no doubt – but in its essence, is simple to understand and play. It should be of little surprise that this game is so popular in the states: it originated here and was even known to be played on the streets, so straightforward the game and so little the equipment needed. Today, it retains its simplistic magic, wherever you choose to play it.


It is one of the easiest and most exciting games that you must play. All you need is to choose a US-friendly casino site and predict whether the Banker Hand or Players Hand is going to be closer to a value of nine than that of the other hand.

There is an alternate option to place a bet on Tied Hand. However, you need to know that comes with a high house edge. So, if you have never played this game before, then it is advisable that you first try with other hands. Getting acquainted with the game will put you in a better position to win.

Video Poker.

Another popular casino game found at US online casino is video poker. An interesting mix between poker and online slots, video poker has been around for many years.

The aim of the game is simple. Place your bet and get ready to create winning combinations from the cards you’re dealt with the spin of the reels. You can choose to swap out of your cards for others for an additional bet, but it could also lead to a mega win!

Play wisely and take a look at the RTP of these games. The average Return to Player rate is very generous at 99%, so be sure to play a Video Poker game that gives you the best possible chance of being a winner.

Other Casino Games.

Of course, there’s a huge amount of other casino games out there too. Some casinos also provide the perfect mid-point between the positives of the online and brick and mortar casinos with live casino games. These allow you to play with real dealers from the comfort of your own home.

There are also huge jackpots with progressive casino games. That’s not to mention things like bingo, scratch card games, and the many table games.

America may have some of the most traditional tastes of any country when it comes to their favourite casino games. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty more that’s fresh and exciting for you to try out.

Are USA Online Casinos Safe?

Unfortunately, not all regulators are as safe as they like to let players believe. In fact, if you spot an online casino that only holds a licence from Costa Rica or Curacao e-Gaming, it may be best to steer clear. Or at the very least do large amounts of research before signing up for an account.

These regulators have the authority to provide licenses to online casinos, but they have terrible reputations for protecting customers and seem to leave these sites to run as they please. This means you have no protection should any issues arise that would need the regulator to step in on your behalf.

There are a few safe regulators to choose from, which should always be your first port of call when choosing which US online casino to visit.

How Does the USA License Casinos?

Licensing is often the first thing people look for when finding out if a gaming site is safe. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of areas which license US casinos.

Do bear in mind though that some regulators are not very good and are rated average. If you are a US citizen and looking forward to playing at an online casino, then you should make sure that your choice of site is wholly regulated to avoid any hassles and other troubles in future.

No matter where you live in the United States, the online casino site you choose must be regulated and should receive licensing from the local gaming commission. However, if a gaming casino site is authorised by a small commission, then you are advised not to enrol. For best results, your ideal casino site must be licensed and approved by international gaming jurisdictions.

Nevada Gaming Control Board.

This particular gaming control board has made it compulsory for all the casino sites that are operational in Nevada to get proper licensing from Nevada Gaming Control Board in order to avoid ceasing operation.

In fact, numerous land-based casinos in Nevada have launched online versions of their offerings. Here, you can play different types of casino games from the comfort of your own homes. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can either go to the land-based casinos or playing online from your mobile or desktop device. You can enjoy whichever sounds most entertaining to you.

It’s important that you fulfil certain eligibility criteria before you’re allowed to play at any of these licensed casinos. For starters, you should be at least 21 years old, as this is the minimum legal age to gamble. For this, you will need to provide some valid identity proof that shows your name and date of birth.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

This gaming casino regulates and keeps an eye on all the casino sites that are being operated in New Jersey. It also monitors those in the neighboring State of Delaware. This gaming board in the United States regulates and licenses all the offline, as well as the online casinos in New Jersey and Delaware.

As long as you are a resident of these neighboring states of Delaware and New Jersey and your you are more than 21 years old, you are free to play and gamble at any of the casino sites that are regulated and licensed by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. There is a vast list of online casino sites, and you are free to choose any one of them.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Based in North America, more specifically – the Quebec Province of Canada, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the most trusted regulatory bodies in the US. In fact, Kahnawake was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to welcome online gambling into the homes of their players.

First opening its doors to players in 1999, the Commission holds the record for regulating online gambling longer than any other in the world!

All online casinos licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission must be hosted at Mohawk Internet Technologies. read more

Top 10 Quality Casinos of 2020.

Discover the most trusted online quality casino reviews based on casino fairness and trustworthiness, including licenses, software platforms, mobile friendliness, game and slot choices, bonus requirements, customer service quality, etc. EkstraPoint recommends a list of top 10 online casino choices based on the quality of the games, finding real money slots, and focusing on online casinos that give unforgettable gaming experience. Know the best new casinos of 2020, with a detailed casino reviews and ratings, bonuses, promotions, and EkstraPoint deals included. New online casinos emerge every day, but one thing remains, the rewarding system EkstraPoint offers which applies for any casino you choose. We offer exclusive opportunity to try your luck at new casinos every day, while reaping the benefits of having an EkstraPoint membership.

Best Online Casinos to try in 2020.

Table of contents.


Jackie Jackpot is a medium-sized online casino featuring a wide span of games including hundreds of table games, video slots, live casino games and scratch cards. Packed with several software providers, players can enjoy playing games provided by NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, IGT and more. The site is operated by VitaMediaLab Aps, and games are powered and operated by renown Aspire Global International Ltd. Jackie Jackpot Casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gamlbling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Click here to read the full Jackie Jackpot Casino Review and available bonus offers .


Winner’s Magic is a high quality online casino that offers around 550 games across live, video, table and slots categories. This brand-new online casino offers endless hours of fun, featuring high quality games from top performing software providers including Play’n GO, NetEnt and IGT. Players can choose from many different types of games from live dealer games to video slots. Winner’s Magic Casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Click here to read the full Winner’s Magic Casino Review and available bonus offers .


VoodooDreams is a popular online casino founded in 2016, it is operated by SuprPlay Limited and is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The wonderful graphics and interesting casino design with neon lights and dark background make this online casino very attractive for all players. VoodoDreams has over 100 different games in the slot category, featuring some of the most popular titles like Book of Dead, Bonanza, Starburst and many more. Table games such as roulette, black jack, mini baccarat are also included. The online casino also offers live casino games with real live dealers. Click here to read the full VoodooDreams Casino Review and available bonus offers .


Spinia Casino is an exciting online casino featuring solid visuals to ensure a modern look and offers a pleasant and high-quality casino experience. To ensure safe and fair gameplay, it holds SSL protocols and industry standard firewalls in order to protect players’ personal information.The virtual and live games are accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile. Players are guaranteed to have a good time as Spinia casino is home to dozens of online slots and games from some of the biggest and most popular providers in the iGaming industry. There’s an in-built search engine so that players can find all their favorite games or providers. Click here to read the full Spinia Casino Review and available bonus offers .


Gratorama Online Casino is a Casino that features a great deal of NetoPlay scratch card games, virtual sports games and slots. All games in this casino are available on desktop and mobile phones with no downloading required. Gratorama Support Team offers live chat around the clock and this site is available in 10 different languages. The Casino is powered and licensed by the government of Curacao. Click here to read the full Gratorama Casino Review and available bonus offers .


Jackpot City is a renowned online casino established in 1998, operated by Digimedia Limited Casinos, licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. Its flashy and attractive design resembles the bright night lights of Las Vegas. In addition to its large variety of diverse video slots, classic slots, and online table games, this Microgaming Casino is also a fully-operational mobile casino. Popular table games are available in the live casino for players who enjoy the experience of real life casino dealers. Jackpot City’s large welcome package and support team make for an enjoyable online gambling experience. Click here to read the full Jackpot City Casino Review and available bonus offers .

#7 JAAK.

Jaak Casino is a small, internationally accessed casino, popular in Germany among other countries, owned by Tau Marketing Services Ltd. Jaak Casino uses Net Entertainment, NextGen Gaming and Amaya; they offer an impressive ’Jaak Welcome Bonus’, comprising a bonus of between 100% and 250% (depending on the country) up to €200 plus 20 free spins on Starburst – it’s signature in-house game. The site is neat, stylishly designed, easy to navigate and intuitively laid out; this is a particular merit of Jaak Casino, enabling players to play quickly and without hindrance. Click here to read the full Jaak Casino Review and available bonus offers .


Mr Green belongs to the top of casinos in Denmark. It is simultaneously largest and the most revolutionary casino in the world and this is why it has received a large number of awards after being launched in 2012. Their collection is spectacular, to say at least, for it contains over 300 games from all the biggest and most popular game producers: NetEnt, Betsoft, Play’n’Go, Microgaming, Playtech, Genesys Gaming and many others. Mr Green has received recognition from both users and professionals, which has resulted in many awards, such as Gaming Operator of the Year (2017), Nordic Operator of the Year (2017), Mobile Operator of the Year (2016) and Online Casino Operator of the Year (2013, 2014, 2015). Click here to read the full Mr Green Casino Review and available bonus offers .

#9 21.COM. Online Casino is a cool casino where players can play games from various popular game providers such as Microgaming, Quickspin, NetEnt, Elk Studios, Pragmatic Play, Push Gaming and Betsoft. The casino has a great choice of different games like slots and table games and also video poker. The website is available in German, English and Finish. Players can participate at anytime from their computer or their mobile device. is regulated and licensed by the Government of Curacao and the Malta Gaming Authority. Click here to read the full Casino Review and available bonus offers .


Casumo Online Casino has an instant-play interface, great modern design promoting an “adventurous” system and is mobile-friendly too. This quality casino is unique and popular for its great selection of games from Microgaming, NetEnt, GreenTube, WMS (Williams Interactive), Play’n Go, Quickspin, IGT, Bally Barcrest, Elk Studios NextGen Gaming, and Thunderkick. Casumo Casino is powered and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Click here to read the full Casumo Casino Review and available bonus offers .

Top 10 online casinos.

If you’re looking for a list of the best online casinos, then your search ends here. On this page, you’ll find the crème de la crème of online casinos, the ones which have been exceeding player expectations consistently for years.

Players often ask, “ What elements make up the best online casinos ” and “How do they differ from all the rest?” The online casinos on the list below seemed to have found the recipe for success and you can rest assured that your safety and security when gambling online is guaranteed.

The list is ever-changing, which means that if an online casino is growing in popularity and passes all our checks, it will be listed as one of our top online casinos .

With so many great online casinos to choose from, we had to shortlist the best 10 online casinos for 2020, each of which is judged according to its; game selection, safety and security, fast payouts, customer support, bonuses and promotions as well as available languages and currencies.

Best Casino Sites of 2020.

Discover the globe’s 10 best online casinos , top-ranked for their game selection, security, bonuses, promotions and so much more! Select your country:

Top 10 best online casinos list 2020.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from US.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from NZ.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from IN.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from NZ.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from IN.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from IN.

Accepts players from NZ.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from IN.

Accepts players from NZ.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from CA.

Accepts players from GB.

Accepts players from NZ.

Accepts players from WO.

Accepts players from EU.

On this page you will find:

What to look for when Searching for the Best Casino.

If you’re new to the world of online casino, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find information on what to look out for when choosing the best online casino , the differences between great and mediocre casinos as well as other important elements that will set you on the right track. The best casino sites usually tend to have a very clean design and are very easy to use, which is fundamental in making the players’ gaming experience as smooth as possible.


Casino players visit and join online casino gambling sites for one reason – to play casinos games, which means that if casinos don’t have a substantial number of games in their depository, they risk losing players to competitors. Game selection is one of the pillars of success of any online casino and the best playing online casino sites tend to have the full portfolio of casino games available to their players. Online slots are a huge part of the casino culture but spinning the reels is not for everyone and to be considered as one of the best casinos, table games and live casinos featuring a live dealer need to be present in the game lobbies.

Look for top casinos who stock more than the traditional casino classics, such as online roulette, online blackjack and online poker. Online casinos should have enough game variants and tables to suit all budgets. The best casinos are the ones which keep adding games to their arsenal and while it’s mostly online slots that are frequently added due to the huge demand for new games, game variants of certain table games do emerge from time to time.

The best casinos tend to stock over 500 games and while online slots make up the bulk of the games, many operators have a huge selection of table games and live casinos games provided to make sure players never experience a dull moment. How to find the number of games in the most popular casinos online ? Here you are a few steps:

Read carefully our casino reviews; Have a look at the casinos game room; Chat with the support and ask them questions.


The best casino bonus, promotion or welcome package doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best bonus. While it could be the most appealing to the untrained eye, it’s the wagering requirements which really determine the quality of a casino bonus. The wagering requirements can be found in the terms and conditions and the well-established best casinos know to not get greedy with their rollover requirements, otherwise, they risk deterring players and lose them for good.

The best online casinos have a combination of bonuses within the welcome package itself and have a healthy selection of other promotions in the ‘Casino Bonus or Promotion’ section where existing players can benefit from too. When a casino gives back to players, it earns their trust and it shows that it cares about all players equally, not just new registering players.


The reliability of the customer support department is a fundamental element which separates a great online casino from an average one. The best casinos tend to have 24-hour support via their live chat function, email support as well as support through the phone and in multiple languages to cater for all players. However, the methods of getting in touch aren’t everything and the following is a shortlist of what to expect from top casino sites with the best customer support department:

Response time; Whether issues were resolved; Etiquette; Knowledge of the subject, as opposed to being given a link with information to read.


The most popular online casinos will cater for all players, regardless where they’re from and one way to serve all players right is to have the site available in multiple languages. Casino operators are aware that having an English version of the site is not enough to delight players from around the world and the best casinos tend to geo-locate the site according to where the player is located. For instance, if a player visits the site from Sweden, the Swedish version of the site will be displayed to the player, adding value through localisation.

The general terms and conditions of real money online casino sites will always state what currencies are accepted. The real money online casinos that accept players from all over the globe always have a selection of casino payment options to suit their players, otherwise, players might feel deterred due to the fact that deposits and withdrawals will be effected through exchange rates. Nowadays, cryptocurrency is also accepted as a currency. Check out our list to see if your favourite casino is a bitcoin casino!


Payment processing is the most vulnerable time for both players and real money casino operators alike and the importance of having seamless transactions takes priority over anything else. This is why the best casinos only work with the most reputable payment providers to ensure players don’t experience any friction while at the same time process payments at lightning speed. Some of the most widely used payment methods that are available at the best casinos include:

How To Open A Casino Account.

Even though there are thousands of casinos to choose, the registration process is somewhat similar from one casino to another. Below we have listed down 5 steps to guide you through opening a bank account and kickstarting your online gaming journey with any casino!

Step 1: Pick a Casino.

As mentioned before, there is a vast selection of casinos to choose from, we recommend you to look at our extensive lists which are categorised for easy navigation and check out the reviews of those casinos that capture your attention.

Important elements to look out for are security seals on the casino site (all casino we recommend have been deemed legitimate and trustworthy), customer care, games selection, payment methods available and bonuses offered.

Step 2: Registering at a Casino.

At the top of the casino site, you will usually find a ‘Register’, ‘Join’ or ‘Create Account’ button. Upon clicking it, the registration process might take from 2 to 5 steps. Every casino will ask for the following information: full name, date of birth, email address, phone number and residential address. As a verification method, some casinos will send a code to the phone number you provided which in turn you will need to input during the registration process.

Upon registering, you might receive a bonus in the form of non-deposit instant free spins for certain casinos just as a sign of goodwill for choosing to sign up with them. If you happen to come across such a registration bonus, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any potential disappointment.

Step 3: Try Out Casino Games.

Many casinos offer the possibility to test casino games without paying a single cent. Thus, players can try out a particular game they like in the demo version. Obviously, any ‘winnings’ will not be real and cannot be requested to be withdrawn. This is a great way for players new to the casino world to determine what they like and what they don’t like in casino games. Live casino games are not usually offered in demo version thus it would make sense to get some practice on any demo table games to really make sure you understand the rules and outcomes of the games.

When you start feeling comfortable playing the demo versions or if you would like to start playing with real money from the get-go, go to the cashier section of the casino site and choose to make a deposit. Simply select the payment method of your choice and choose the amount you wish to deposit.

Step 4: Claiming a Bonus.

Whether you are a newly registered player or whether you are an existing player, top quality casinos offer new promotions and bonuses regularly throughout the year. As a new player, you will be offered a welcome bonus normally consisting of a percentage match up to a maximum amount and some free spins. Other welcome bonuses could include cashback offers or reload offers. Some welcome bonuses come in forms of packages meaning you could get parts of the package with every deposit made.

For existing players, casinos can offer weekend promotions and bonuses, special events or even tournaments. Every casino site has a ‘Promotions’ section in which all promotions, offers and bonuses are listed as well as the terms and conditions of every single offer. We highly recommend carefully reading the T&Cs prior to opting in for the bonus as certain payment methods and territories might be restricted as well as almost all offers come with wagering requirements. The latter must be met prior to requesting a withdrawal. Some bonuses require a bonus code to be activated, this will also be listed in the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Claiming your Winnings.

Congratulations! You won some money and now you would like to withdraw the winnings. Usually, in the general terms and conditions of the casino, there are certain wagering requirements that must be met before a withdrawal request can be made. Upon meeting said wagering requirements, simply had to the cashier section and request for a withdrawal.

The processing time usually ranges from 24 hrs to 48 hrs however this varies from one casino to another. During which time, the casino might request additional documentation from your end as a safety precaution. After the withdrawal request has been approved, the time it takes for the funds to reach your account depends entirely on the payment method you chose. Ewallets can be instant or take up to 24 hrs whereas a bank transfer might take a couple of days. Prior to selecting the payment method, one should also check if there are any hidden fees for any payment methods.

Casino History & Licensing.

For any online casino to operate legally, it needs to be regulated by a governing body to ensure it’s operating within the parameters of the law and to safeguard players from any fraudulent activity, amongst other things. The two strongest and most respected governing bodies in the gaming industry are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. At the bottom of every online casino site, it should clearly state which regulating body is overlooking the online casino and the best casinos are regulated from either one or both, depending on the market they’re serving.

The year the online casino was formed also plays an important role when choosing the best casino online. Credibility and experience come with time, which is why it’s important to consider the year of the top casinos’ year of formation. The longer an online casino has been operating , the more experience it has in delighting players and meeting expectations. This information can usually be found in the ‘About’ section.

With these tips and criteria, you should have no trouble finding the best online casino from our lists of the top 10 online casinos for each region!

Choosing the best casino can be tricky due to the sheer volume. Some players opt to play at multiple sites; others play at just one. Choosing to stick to one online casino has its perks as many of them have loyalty programs and bonuses that reward players simply for playing.

Our dedicated team of pro casino players have the knowledge of how to find the best sites to play casino games for free or real money. To find the online gambling sites best suited for you, try one of these popular pages:

The Best Online Casinos By Region.

The UK is well known for having some of the best online casinos on the face of the Earth and we’ve compiled a dedicated list specifically for players residing in the UK. Essentially, the elements that make up a good online casino remain unchanged, regardless of the region, but on the dedicated UK online casinos page, you’ll find the most popular online casinos amongst UK players , exclusive bonuses as well as a number of top online casinos that only operate in the UK.

The United States is only just beginning to enter the online gambling scene again. Due to U.S. gambling law, very few sites are permitted to accept US players . But there is an ever-expanding list of USA-friendly casinos and we’ve conducted an in-depth review to help find the top sites that serve US players! Be sure to stop by our list of the Best USA online casinos of 2020 , where we’ve compiled a list of the most reputable online casinos USA.

Europe is somewhat of a mecca for the best online casinos due to the many countries with a fully regulated market. With so many online casinos permeating across Europe, it comes as no surprise that some of the best online casinos with the best casino bonuses emerged from there. Online casinos from Europe cater to a wide audience, having multiple currencies and languages available to ensure the gaming experience consistent, regardless of where logging in from.

The Australian gambling market is tightly regulated, meaning that it’s not as straightforward to launch an online casino as opposed to the regulation in Europe. That doesn’t mean that Australian casino players are unable to play their favourite casino games. We’ve compiled a list of best performing online casinos that accept players from Australia but if you’re looking to gain more insight into the rules, regulations and changes in the legal landscape, head over to our Top Australian Casinos page to learn more.

Canadian players are able to enjoy a multitude of online casinos and almost all the most popular online tend to the Canadian market. The list of online casinos that accept Canadian players on our dedicated Top Canadian Casinos page has 99 casinos, which essentially means that players are spoilt for choice. Unsure of where to start? The page also contains an extensive list of frequently asked questions to ensure every query that might arise is resolved before playing casino games for real money.

Many online casinos from around the world accept players from New Zealand but if you’re unsure of how the mechanics of the law work in the region, take time to go through the Gambling Act of 2003 which delves into detail on our New Zealand Top Online Casinos page. We have over 37 online casinos listed which accept players from New Zealand, so rest assured that you’re able to enjoy your favourite casino games, whether on desktop or mobile!

Due to many restrictions and regulations regarding online gambling around the world, best online casinos only accept customers from specific countries . Whether you’re based in South America, South Africa, or any other corner of the globe, there’s an international online casino for you! Check out our list of the biggest international top online casinos that have very few country restrictions and accept players from across the globe.


With many casinos to choose from, we have ranked 5 of the best online casinos according to their available bonuses, minimum deposit required, the casino’s average payout, as well as casino mobile and free play. Check out the rankings in the table below.

RANKING CASINO BONUS AVAILABLE MIN. DEPOSIT AVERAGE PAYOUT MOBILE OPTION FREE PLAY 1 Rizk €100 € 10 96.3% Y Y Play now 2 Leovegas €2.500 € 10 92.8% Y Y Play now 3 888 €1.500 € 10 95.6% Y Y Play now 4 Jackpot Village €500 € 10 92.7% Y Y Play now 5 Genesis €1.000 € 10 94.2% Y Y Play now.

As you can see, the casinos are on the same wavelength and with their weekly/monthly new promotions, fantastic welcome offers, as well as a phenomenal game selection, any one of these casinos, would be a treat for new and existing players alike!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Online Casinos.

A lot of questions can arise when trying to choose the best online casino gambling site that suits what you’re looking for. With so many options to choose from it is easy to fall into a rogue or bad casino and be taken advantage of, thus it is important to know some of the basics so that you can have the best gaming experience.

Below you can find some of the frequently asked questions, if you still have more questions, check out our casino’s faq page for more information. Let’s have a look at the most asked question when it comes to the best online casinos out there.


Once you have read the basics of online casinos, you can start testing out some casino games for free, such as in our Spin Room. It is very important to read the terms and conditions of the casinos that you want to play at, and once you’ve accepted the T&Cs, you can register for an account. If you feel ready to play at online casinos for real money, you can deposit and play. Once you’ve hit a win, you can cash out your winning by requesting a withdrawal.


Roulette – It is based solely on chance, there is no skill required. A roulette table consists of a spinning wheel with two colours; red and black. The spinning wheel is made up of sections with a number assigned to each section of the wheel, you simply have to guess where the ball will land. You guess correctly and you win! There are different bets you can place including betting on a single number, a combination of numbers and the colour the ball will land on. There are different types of roulette which differ in the return to player percentages. For example, an American Roulette table has more sections than a European Roulette table, thus the RTP% is lower than that of the European table. read more

This feature is not available now. Please come back later. (Casino)

Asked by Happy Cappy.


Happy Cappy 3.

Happy Cappy 3.

Hi! I’ve been playing the casino games for 3 days now and have had some luck. Then, last night this message popped up that said, “This feature is not available now. Please come back later.” Can I play games anymore or what has happened?

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The Worrying Success of GTA V’s Diamond Casino.

Won’t Someone Think of the Children?

When GTA Online first went live in 2013, it was little more than a small addition to GTA V ’s excellent single-player campaign. If anything, Online was considered to be grossly inferior as it lacked many single-player features, the most notable of which were Heists. It was generally recommended to play GTA V for the story first and then maybe try Online for messing around with friends. As time went on however, Online has turned into the primary moneymaker (both figuratively and literally) for GTA V , gradually dwarfing the single-player in every aspect from weapons, vehicles, features, and even story progression to some extent.

The latest GTA Online exclusive feature is the Diamond Casino. Released in July 2019, the Diamond Casino update apparently delivered “record player engagement,” a mildly ambiguous term. Less ambiguously, player spending in GTA V allegedly shot up by 23% during the same period. Considering that Take Two Interactive (Rockstar’s parent company) apparently made $317.4 million, or around 37% of their net revenue, in 2019 thanks to in-game purchases, this is a very worrying sign of the future of gaming. It is especially concerning that in-game purchases are such an explosive and, worse yet, consistent source of revenue.

For all of its faults, GTA Online never stooped to the level of having random mystery purchases like loot boxes or some such. It has plenty of other problems, but random transactions was never one of them. Sure, that shiny new flying rocket bike may cost $100 in real life money if you don’t want to grind for days on end, but you’re always going to get the bike if you spend the $100. Of course, with all the expensive and ridiculous vehicles that are now in the game, this almost certainly leads to player burnout. As fun as the Online Heists are, it gets a little discouraging if every new vehicle costs millions. It would also be natural for the player base, and thus player spending, to shrink over time anyway since other games exist.

In spite of this, player spending shot up with the Diamond Casino update. A slight increase would’ve been somewhat expected, as people will always pay real money for fake stuff, but a 23% increase of anything is astronomical. It’s not like the update added that many new vehicles or features—or at least that would be the case if it weren’t for the Casino itself. As one may expect, it has the usual array of casino games. Horse racing, slot machines, blackjack, things of that sort. You can convert up to $20,000 in GTA money per hour into an equivalent amount of chips. You then gamble using those chips. However, you can buy GTA money with real money. If you squint your eyes really hard, you can almost pretend that it’s not real gambling.

Of course, gambling in games isn’t the problem per se. The addition of a few games of chance can actually be tasteful. Fallout: New Vegas for example had plenty of gambling minigames. The difference is that it’s literally impossible to spend real money on New Vegas ’ minigames regardless of how hard you try. Plus it’s not like you can win anything of value. What makes GTA Online ’s Diamond Casino so problematic is that real money is clearly being spent on it. Even if, by some miracle, real money isn’t being spent on the Casino, the fake money has clear, real-life value (see also Shark Cards). There’s no accountability, no oversight, and definitely no transparency on how the Diamond Casino is “operated.” At bare minimum there should be a warning about the dangerous effects of gambling, but that’s evidently too much work for Rockstar.

Betting on horse races can be a profitable activity, but it’s definitely not something that you can count on to be fair or logical or consistent.

Disregarding any legal issues that pop up with GTA ’s Diamond Casino, of which there are clearly plenty given how the Casino is not available in some regions, there are moral and ethical concerns as well. Everyone should be familiar with how loot boxes and mobile games are exposing kids to gambling mechanics and preying on those who have self-control issues. Well, now there’s something that’s such a transparent case of gambling that it’s almost insulting. It’s a transparent case of gambling in a very popular game that kids are undoubtedly playing no less. Sure, kids shouldn’t be playing GTA V to begin with, but that’s not going to stop in a million years. If the gaming community as a whole went after EA for Star Wars Battlefront 2 ‘s loot box mechanics for vaguely similar moral reasons, then surely GTA V ‘s Diamond Casino should be put under similar scrutiny.

TechRaptor Recommends.

If the introduction of loot boxes into gaming was the opening of Pandora’s Box, then the Diamond Casino smashed Pandora’s Box to bits with a comically oversized hammer. For decades, no major developer ever dared to create something that can be so clearly linked to real gambling. Whether it was due to ethical and moral reasons or plain old fear of public backlash is largely irrelevant. Indeed, it’s doubtful that normalizing virtual gambling was Rockstar’s ultimate goal when GTA V first came out. That might very well be the end result though if we aren’t careful.

About the Author.

Anson Chan.

You ever wonder why we’re here? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, isn’t it?

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The types of online casino licenses.

However, obtaining a license does not mean that any country will now welcome a new operator because the legal systems of some countries (almost all of the US states, Poland, France and others) forbid online casino games, in whole or in part. Moreover, local legal regulations may be inconsistent, and a country which had no issues with online casinos before may enact a law that blocks the activity of gambling sites on its soil. For example, until February 2017, Australia was being a favored place for online casinos of all stripes since the Australians were considered to gamble the most, spending about $8 billion a year according to a research made by Australasian Gaming Expo in 2018. This huge amount of money was going to foreign casinos bypassing the local budget. The new legal system, in particular Interactive Gambling Amendment Act 2017, prohibited the work of foreign casinos without a special Australian license, resulting in lots of gambling businesses leaving the country.

A gambling license enhances players’ trust and address concerns about slots “rigged” RTP (Return To Player) percent and non-payment of big winnings. The reason is that a licensed casino regularly has its random numbers generator audited, and a compliance certificate is given based on the results of the examination. Generally, gambling websites have licensing info in a footer, and experienced players at their first visit always scroll down to see the jurisdiction where the site was licensed.

Online casino owners face a difficult choice of a reliable jurisdiction, which provides licenses that are valid in many countries. As of today, the choice is not rich, and gambling business owners undergo licensing in one of the following countries and territories:


The advantages of this small Caribbean island are zero percent tax on casino profits, fast licensing process (usually about 1.5-2 months) and low ongoing expenses. A casino owner has to place computing power (servers) in the Curacao territory. Online gambling industry forms a great part of the island’s budget, which is why Curacao has such an appealing tax system.


Canada is famous for its very tolerant attitude towards gambling in terms of legislation. In 1996, Kahnawake Gaming Commission was created, which, among other things, provides licenses for online casinos. The first annual license fee is $40,000, software inspection costs $15,000 and annual license renewal fee is $10,000.


Malta Gaming Authority provides two types of licenses (B2B and B2C) for a period of five years. Those operators who obtained a prestigious Maltese license are on the UK Gambling Commission’s ‘white list’, which allows them to offer their services to British players. The operators have to adhere to a number of requirements, such as filing financial statements, ensuring players’ personal data safety and creating a Responsible Gaming Policy.

The licensing procedure is conducted in several stages: the Authority considers an application—this takes 3-4 weeks—and then the casino obtains a temporary license for a period of six months. After that, based on the results of a thorough analysis, a five-year gambling license is given. In accordance with the new taxation rules, which came into effect on January 1, 2018, online casinos with “B2C – Type 1 Gaming Services” license (slots, board games, live games) pay annual taxes of 1.25% if their profit does not exceed €3.000.000, 1% for a profit of up to €4.500.000, 0.85% for a profit of up to €5.000.000, 0.70% for a profit of up to €7.500.000 and 0.55% for a profit of up to €10.000.000.


In order to get a Gibraltar license, online casino owners have to prove their financial solvency, provide a business plan and be ready to perform transactions (winnings payouts, players’ credit card data processing) exclusively through Gibraltar’s banks. License holders pay 1% of their annual profit, but no less than £85.000.

Apart from the jurisdictions above, online casino owners can also obtain a license from the UK, Alderney, Macao, Belgium, Denmark, Isle of Man and some other countries. Getting a license will help a gambling operator to work in compliance with laws and regulations, attracting players by complete transparency, financial transactions safety and fairness of the gambling process. Licensing leads to players’ loyalty. A client of a licensed casino is always sure that every reels’ spin, every blackjack deal is always determined by random number generator system where there is no space for any fraud and software manipulation.

The Online casino hacker. will show the smartest online casino hacks available. Learn how to make money on any bet you make, and take advantage of our free money making strategies. The site is powered by donations and are open to everyone.


Slots online is one of the most popular gambling because it is easy to play and the chance to win great prizes.

Keno – the all-time worst casino game?

Keno is a casino game where you can win fairly big prizes, but you should choose the playing side of caution.


Bingo is a popular lottery game. This is an entertaining game and a social experience whether you are playing online bingo or bingo halls.


Have you heard of the new online gaming adventure? Casumo is a quality casino with a collection of the best casino games.

Freespins equals potential free money!

Play for free with free spins online casino and win real money: learn how to win at casino games and slots online no deposit!


Video Poker is a fun slot game that can be played alone! Here’s a guide to video poker rules and strategy, and tips for good gaming operators online.


Pachinko is used for recreation and is a strange mix between pinball, slots and arcade games. This is Japanese gambling at its finest!

Play foreign lotteries online.

Lotto is one of those games you really should play online rather than in store. Find out how you can participate in all the world’s lotteries here.

Make money online: High income opportunities.

How to make money online? Here are the very best opportunities on the web. We have gathered the methods with the highest potential income potential ever!

Scratch cards.

The best scratch cards with the largest gains are online. Here we show you the best websites that sell scratch cards online.


Backgammon is a two-person board game with 15 white and 15 black pieces. Read about the game, rules and strategies here.


Baccarat is a simple casino game where you usually get 2 cards and the goal is to get a grand total of 9 Read the rules and try baccarat here.


Unibet is one of the largest and most recognized gaming portals on the web. Offers casino, poker, betting, bingo, slots and scratch cards.

Social trading with an online broker.

Social trading is a relatively new phenomenon. Here we look at possibilities with trading socially with social investment networks.

How to resolve conflicts between you and your online casino.

Do you have problems with an online casino? Read about your rights and options for resolving conflicts that arise between you and a casino online.

Gambling problems and addiction.

Gambling problems can be very serious for the victim and the next. Here we look at how to combat problem gambling.

Online poker.

Online poker is the most popular gambling game among pro players, but many also plays poker only because of the entertainment value.


Blackjack is a popular card game in casinos all over the world, and is very easy to learn. Here are the rules and tips of where to play.

Forex trading.

Exchange rates change constantly, and speculators can earn good money to predict correctly the market. Find out how you can make money in forex.

Strategy in casino games.

It is very wise to use tactical strategies when playing casino games. Here we look at gaming strategies that can help you win more money.

Latest online casino reviews.

i need moneeeey i need moneeey i need money i need moneey.

It won’t let me make an account.

Nordicbet is a sure winner. Great casino, and good for the most part. Fine casino games and the best you get the odds if you are interested in sports betting.

Giant online casino. Fine online games and also superb bonuses. Deposits / withdrawals from online takes just a few hours!

Terrific bookmaker, using the most slot machines since they have the largest selection of where all these pages I have been registered. The bonus you have here is much better than the one I got, sorry I did not find this site ..

The Most Legit Online Casinos & Gambling Sites for USA Players.

In today’s crowded market, finding a legit online casino is something that is much more easily said than done. Where there were once only a handful of options there are now dozens upon dozens of sites from which to choose, and choosing can become painstaking.

For new players, legit USA online casinos are even more difficult to pick out because the player in question may not even know what they are looking for.

Most Legit USA Online Casinos – Our List.

Our list below is based on our own playing experience and what our friends have said about theirs. Nothing more or less. If you are looking to gamble online and play some live casino games in the US, these are currently your best bet. Outside of states, where gambling is now regulated of course, such as New Jersey.

All of the brands listed below are trustworthy (as legitimate as it gets in an unregulated market being licensed offshore of course) that accept USA players, even if each is a bit different from the one before it.

Drake Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

Drake Casino has been around since 2012 and is immediately identifiable due to its simple, clean layout. All games can be accessed by way of the tab of the same name up top. The games page itself is well-organized, giving players a number of different ways by which they can access their favorite games.

When it comes to Drake’s reputation, there is nothing that should raise any concerns. As for banking, there are an adequate number of options, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies. What stood out about Drake Casino is that all methods of deposit—including credit cards—do not carry any fees.

This is something you will not find at many other legit USA online casinos. Bitcoin is the easiest way by which one can withdraw funds and is the only withdrawal method that does not have any fee. You can also request withdrawals by way of a bank wire or through QuickCash.

Last but not least, the promotions at Drake Casino were a little lacking in the information department. The signup bonus seems attractive enough, but locating the relevant terms and conditions was no simple task and required reaching out to customer service.



Game Selection.

Software Providers.

VietBet first hit the US market back in 2016, so it has a relatively fresh track record. Despite the somewhat lacking history, VietBet has nothing but positive reviews from a variety of different sources online.

If we are being honest, the casino section is a bit confusing simply because there are so many options. The Bonus Casino boasts higher payouts, the Grand Casino is known for how large its game offering is, the Jackpot Casino boasts a large selection of 3D games, and the two live dealer casinos—as you might expect—feature live dealer games.

The banking options are more or less standard for a US online casino and includes deposit options such as Bitcoin, credit cards, money order, and person to person transfer. Bitcoin features the lowest minimum ($25) and no fees, while money order deposits must be at least $1,000.

In terms of withdrawal, the minimum amount is, again, Bitcoin ($50). Person to person transfer withdrawals must be at least $100, while wire transfers and mailed check withdrawals must be at least $1,000. The final three withdrawal methods all carry sizeable fees.

Interestingly enough, VietBet Casino does not boast a bonus section of any sort and also does not promote any sort of bonuses for new or existing players. This is something we did not necessarily love, but the massive selection of high quality games did well to offset the lack of bonuses.



Game Selection.

Software Providers.

Having been founded in 2018, BigSpinCasino is a newcomer that wasted absolutely no time making a name for itself. Being that this is one of the newer legit online USA casinos, there is not a whole lot to know about their reputation.

What we can say is that so far, the reviews have been almost exclusively positive. The site truly has a classic online casino feel to it and all casino games are accessible directly from the casino’s home page. Though the games are organized into categories, there is no way to search for specific titles.

Banking options for BigSpinCasino are laid out nicely and include credit cards, Bitcoin, and person to person transfers. Bitcoin features just a $25 deposit minimum, while credit cards and person to person deposits feature $45 and $100 minimums respectively. As for withdrawal options, players can choose between wire transfers, Bitcoin, person to person, and eChecks.

The signup bonus offered to new players and first time depositors works as a 200% bonus with up to $1,000 in bonus funds available. There is a 30x playthrough requirement attached to this bonus, which is something that has become more or less standard amongst legit USA online casinos.

All things considered, BigSpinCasino has everything a player might want, and then some. There is even a live dealer section, however we did not see any games on offer quite yet.

MYB Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

MYB Casino gives off that classic online vibe, but in a more regal way than what you might be used to. The site was founded in 2017 and has quickly earned itself a solid reputation both for the games it has to offer and the way it treats its players.

All of the online casino games available are presented right on the home page of the casino and are separated into categories such as table games, slots (both 3D and regular), video poker, other games, and live casino. The large number of live casino games is something that makes MYB Casino stand out. In total, there are five different blackjack tables, American and European roulettes, two baccarat, and two Super 6 tables.

In terms of the banking options available to players, there are a number of different deposit and withdrawal options available. In terms of deposits, credit cards, Bitcoin, ACH transfer, and person to person transfers are all available. Bitcoin boasts the best minimum deposit, at just $25. There aren’t quite as many withdrawal options, but this is not unusual for a legit online casino in the US.

The main bonus aimed at new players is a 200% signup bonus that can give away as much as $1,000 in free money. This is a great offer and it features what has become more or less a standard playthrough requirement of 30x both the deposit and the bonus funds.

All things considered, MYB Casino is easy to use, boasts a large number of games, and can really help users hit the casino floor with a massive bankroll. There is really nothing bad to say about this site.

GT Bets.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

GT Bets was launched all the way back in 2011 and it is easy to see why they have remained as one of the best US online casinos. Overall, the site is extremely user-friendly in that it breaks games down into specific categories and also allows you to search for specific titles.

The search feature may come in handy because there is a large quantity and variety of slot games available. In addition to slots, there are all the table games you would expect as well as a live casino that is complete with baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

What makes GT Bets unique amongst legit US online casinos is that it has a boatload of specialty games and other games you simply do not see very often. If you add this to the fact that this site also caters to higher limit, high roller players, there is little to complain about.

In almost all instances, you will be subjected to absolutely no fees when it comes to making a deposit at GT Bets. Credit cards (including pre-paid gift cards), cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin), and QuickCash are all approved deposit methods.

The only fees you will encounter are for QuickCash deposits of less than $200; those will face a $10 fee. What you will immediately notice about withdrawal options at GT bets is that there are fairly high minimums.

Bitcoin withdrawals are not subjected to fees, but they must be at least $300. Bank wire withdrawals feature only a $100 minimum but carry a $40 fee. GT Bets does not outline what the minimum for a QuickQash withdrawal is, but the fees are either $50 or 8% of the withdrawal request. No matter what way you flip it, GT Bets does not have the best withdrawal options for recreational casino players.

For new players, there is a 150% matching bonus worth up to $750. The bonus works as a 100% match on your first deposit, worth up to $500, and a 50% match on your second deposit, worth up to $250. Once again, GT Bets was a bit confusing as the casino rollover requirements for the signup bonus wgtere not readily available on the site.

Gossip Slots.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

Gossip Slots Casino has existed since 2013 and if it feels similar to Drake Casino, that’s because the two sites have the same owners. To that end, the fact that they have the same owners means that it goes without saying that Gossip Slots Casino also has a great reputation amongst players.

From looking at the site’s name, it may not come as much of a surprise that slots comprise the largest single game type at Gossip Slots.

In addition to slots, there are in upwards of 30 table games and a live casino to go along with them. What stands out about this online legit US casino is that there are a high number of specialty games, the likes of which you will likely not find at many other online casinos.

There are only three available deposit methods, including Bitcoin, credit cards, and QuickCash. Bitcoin and credit card deposits both feature a minimum requirement of $25 and no fees, which is better than you will find at most other sites.

QuickCash deposits must be for at least $100, and all deposits under $200 carry a $10 fee. Withdrawal options are Bitcoin, bank wire, and QuickCash. The minimum deposit is $100 for bank wires, however this method carries with it a $40 fee. Bitcoin withdrawals do not carry a fee, but must be for at least $300. Finally, QuickCash withdrawals must be for at least $330 and will be subjected to a fee of $50 or 8% of the requested withdrawal.

As for new player bonuses, the best is a 250% matching bonus applied to your first four deposits. Each deposit will feature a maximum bonus amount of $500, meaning the total promotion is worth $2,000. Again, the terms and conditions that govern this particular promotion were not see easy to locate on the Gossip Slots Casino site.

Ignition Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

As far as legit US online casinos are concerned, few are more recognizable than Ignition. Even though it was founded in 2016, it has established itself as not only one of the best online casinos in the US, but one of the best live online casinos as well.

Everything about Ignition is of the highest quality and it really feels as though this group knows what they are doing. Between the selection and quantity of games, there are few other US casinos that can compete with what Ignition has to offer.

With respect to their live dealer offering, there are more than 20 different games with betting limits that begin as low as $1-$5 and reach as high as $2,500 and beyond. This legit live US online casino caters to serious high-rollers as well as recreational players who may only come to the table with $20.

Ignition also beats most of the competition in terms of banking options as well. With regard to deposits, those can be made by way of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, credit cards, player to player deposits, and Zelle (money transfer). As for the most advantageous deposit options, Ignition promotes cryptocurrency deposits as they carry no fees. As is the case with deposits, withdrawals are most easily processed by way of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash because of the speed and the lack of fees. Other accepted withdrawal methods include mailed check and player to player transactions.

There are a number of different promotions offered by Ignition, but the best is a 200% matching bonus up to $2,000 given to users whose first deposit is made with Bitcoin. What’s more, the terms and conditions governing this promotion are listed clearly and visibly. This particular bonus is subject to a 25x playthrough requirement.

Sloto Cash Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

Sloto Cash Casino has been around for more than 10 years and has accrued a decent reputation through that time. One of the best aspects of their casino is the fact that it is powered by Real Time Gaming, one of the best online casino software providers in the industry.

If we are being honest, we have seen better game selections from other legit US online casinos, but Sloto Cash does well to cover the basics. As you might expect, slot games comprise the overwhelming majority of the overall game offering.

Where Sloto Cash Casino has many other legit US sites beat is with regard to its banking methods. Deposits can be executed via the following payment methods: credit cards, Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, ECO Card, bank wire, Direct Money, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

It does not appear that Sloto Cash charges any fees on deposits, but makes a point to note that credit card and money transfer fees may be applied by the credit card and money transfer companies themselves. In terms of withdrawals, players can receive a mailed check, bank wire, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill/Moneybookers, or ECO Card withdrawal.

Bank wire withdrawals feature a $60 fee while mailed checks face a $30 fee. Bitcoin withdrawals are free, but they, like bank wire withdrawals, must be at least $100. Mailed checks, on the other hand, must be for at least $150. Neteller, Skrill/Moneybookers, and ECO Card withdrawals only feature $25 minimum requirements and are not faced with any fees.

There are a number of promotions offered by Sloto Cash, and the offering is changing all the time. As for classic matching deposit bonuses, they are not as much of a mainstay at this site as you might expect. Despite this, the bonuses that are promoted do well to give certain types of players the ability to really maximize their winnings. Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers. was founded in 2013 and, despite its name, has much more to offer than slots alone. Given that the site has a somewhat lengthy track record compared to most of its competitors, there is a lot to be said about their overall reputation and trustworthiness.

The site is incredibly easy to use due to its organizational simplicity. Games are separated into slots, table games, live dealer games, and video poker categories. Once you select the category of game which you would like to play, they are further segregated as to make finding the specific game a breeze.

The live dealer games at include a few different blackjack tables, American and European roulette, Super 6, and Baccarat.

Depositing and withdrawing funds is done by way of methods that have become standard for legit USA online casinos. Depositing can be done by way of Bitcoin, bank wires, and credit cards.

Withdrawing funds can be done via bank wire, Bitcoin, and mailed check. The site is fairly restrictive when it comes to displaying their banking methods, and you need to create an account just to find out more about the approved methods.

Welcome bonuses aimed at new players who are making their first deposit are readily available, and there is a Bitcoin bonus as well as a standard matching deposit bonus. As opposed to deposit bonuses available at other legit US casinos, the matching bonus at encompasses a customer’s first nine deposits. The first deposit is a 200% match up to $1,000, while the subsequent eight deposits exist as a 100% match up to $500.

In total, there are $5,000 in bonus monies available to players. The Bitcoin deposit bonus works in the same way, and both bonuses are subjected to a 35x playthrough requirement before any winnings can be withdrawn.

BetAnySports Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

BetAnySports may be a site that sounds like it’s exclusively for betting on sports, but there is quite an extensive casino setup as well. With a bonus casino, grand casino, jackpot casino, separate section for mini games, and two live dealer casinos, the total offering may seem a bit intimidating. Luckily, there are landing pages for each that explain the significance.

The bonus casino, for example, boasts having higher payouts than the games that exist at traditional online casinos. The different landing pages also explain exactly what games are on offer. The live dealer casinos boast blackjack, baccarat, American and European roulette, and many other live dealer games. In fact, BetAnySports has more live dealer games than most other legit US live dealer online casinos.

The four deposit options available at BetAnySports Casino include Bitcoin, person to person transfers, credit card, and money orders. There are no fees for any deposits, but Bitcoin is the most advantageous way of making a deposit as it has a minimum of $25. Other deposit minimums range from $50 to $1,000.

Bitcoin is also the best way to withdraw funds, featuring no fees and a minimum withdrawal of $50. Players can also request withdrawals via person to person transfers, bank wires, and mailed checks, however the minimum withdrawals are a good bit higher than Bitcoin.

BetAnySports is a site that offers players value in its games by way of higher payouts and lower house edge. As a result, you will not find the types of promotions that one might encounter at other US online casinos.

In many respects, this is more advantageous for players as it means that there does not need to be any focus on play-through requirements, restricted games, and so on. BetAnySports keeps things simple.


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Software Providers.

VegasCasino was founded in 2015 and has not exactly risen to fame, but has built a solid reputation since then. The site is nice because it is minimalist in its design and lends itself to user friendliness.

The casino section of the site is separated into traditional online casino and live dealer casino sections. As for the standard casino, there is no shortage of game options across a wide variety of different game categories.

The great thing about VegasCasino is that there are new games being added all the time, and those games are easy to identify. While we were excited at the prospect of a live dealer casino section, we were discouraged to find that this specific part of the site was currently unavailable. The hope is that live dealer games will be added shortly, but for now that is nothing more than a blank page.

What makes VegasCasino different than any other we have highlighted up to this point is the fact that Bitcoin is the only accepted banking method for both deposits and withdrawals. There are no fees charged by VegasCasino for banking, and the minimum amount for a deposit is 1mBTC while the minimum allowable withdrawal is 2mBTC.

The welcome bonus at VegasCasino is less a single bonus and more a welcome package. It will award up to 5 BTC in bonus monies, however the bonus will span across your first four total deposits. This may seem like a great bonus, but the fact that it spans across four deposits coupled with the 45x playthrough requirement might mean that you are better off without it. There are other bonuses offered by the site, but this one is aimed specifically at new players. Casino.


Game Selection.

Software Providers.

BetOnline is the original legit online USA casino because it has been around longer than most others and has a sterling reputation to go along with it. The site is undeniably known for being a sportsbook, but in recent years it has established itself as a great online casino and one of the best US live dealer online casinos.

What BetOnline’s casino really does is cover all bases adequately. It does not stand out for offering a large number of any specific game, but because it offers a good variety and overall quantity of games. In recent years, BetOnline has become known for its live dealer casino, which is extensive. read more

The Hidden Dangers of Online Gambling.

Online gambling websites have made it more accessible for people to gamble and, as a result, problem gambling is a major issue across the UK. There is no longer the need to visit a casino or betting shop to gamble – it can be done from anywhere and at any time.

Online gambling websites are growing rapidly because the cost of setting up an online company is a fraction of what it would be to set up a traditional bricks and mortar establishment. There is no need for equipment such as betting machines and tables and staff numbers are, therefore, kept to a minimum.

Despite the fact that online gambling sites do not have the same overheads as, for example, a casino, they can still offer their customers the same gaming opportunities including poker, roulette, blackjack, and slot machines.

How Gambling Online Can be Dangerous.

The trouble with gambling online is that it can be kept secret. While a gambler would previously have had to visit a betting shop or casino, now it is possible to gamble while at work, on the bus, or in the home, and with more and more gambling sites creating smartphone apps, problem gamblers can access these sites no matter where they are.

When it comes to gambling online, bank accounts are easily accessible with just the click of a button, making it much more likely that gamblers will impulse bet and chase their losses.

One of the biggest problems with online gambling is the fact that many of these sites offer ‘free to play’ versions of their games, where members can play with pretend money. When playing with pretend money, the odds will be typically in the player’s favour, and they will assume that they can then win with real money. However, once playing with real money, the odds will change and be in favour of the house.

Even if players win money in the short-term, continued play will result in losses because the odds will always be in favour of the house.

Many online gamblers will be tempted to set up accounts because of the promise of free bets. A number of online gambling sites will triple first time deposits up to a certain amount; this is a tactic designed to tempt players.

When it comes to playing poker online, many gamblers assume they are playing against other online players but, in fact, they can be playing against ‘poker bots’ that have been designed for optimal play and which are difficult to beat.

It is easy to set up more than one account with an online gambling site. These sites cannot do much to prevent problem gamblers from accessing their games. Even if the player has voluntarily restricted their own access, they can simply set up another account by using a different debit or credit card. Alternatively, they can sign up at another gambling site instead.

Online gambling can be accessed at any time day or night. Players can access the sites from mobile devices or computers no matter where they are and, because they can bet in the privacy of their home, there is no scrutiny from others. Many gamblers will gamble at home while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which can result in them wagering more than they would normally do.

Gambling Addiction.

Gambling addiction is common among those who access online gambling websites. If you suspect that you may have an addiction, contact Rehab Helper to receive information on the various treatments options available as well as how to access these. Call today for more information.

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Our trained addiction counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day.

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If you are experiencing problems as a result of your alcohol or drug use, or if you are drinking or using drugs to cope with existing problems, our National Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Directory contains over 700 addiction treatment services that may be able to help you when you decide to do something about them.

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at.

UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step.

The GTA Online casino is open now – it’s time to lose some money.

The Diamond Casino & Resort has thrown open its doors after years of waiting.

For as long as most players can remember, the doors to the GTA Online casino were blocked with an alluring “Opening Soon” sign and we were all left to imagine what treats awaited us inside. Finally, everything changed in July 2019 and amid much fanfare the Diamond Casino & Resort in the downtown Vinewood area of GTA Online was open for business at last. Inside the GTA Online casino, you can convert your GTA$ cash into casino chips which can then be gambled on the slot machines, virtual horse races, and a selection of table games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette.

If gambling isn’t for you then there’s still plenty of other activities linked to the GTA Online casino to take part in, including a fresh series of story missions based on protecting the casino from a destructive gang of investors, lots of new GTA Online casino cars to add to your garages, a Penthouse suite that you can decorate as you see fit, plus an extensive casino heist to plan and carry out.

Players had been trying to get inside the GTA Online casino since the game first launched back in 2013, with many rumour, hoaxes, and fan theories circulating about what’s being going on inside, so it’s very exciting to see that perennial “Opening Soon” sign has finally been removed. Here’s everything we know about the GTA Online casino.

When did the GTA Online casino open.

The Diamond Casino & ResortGrand Opening next week July 23 in the heart of Los SantosVisit to see more details on what The Diamond has to offer, including Penthouse comforts, membership perks, and so much more. 18, 2019.

The GTA Online casino finally opened on July 23, 2019. Why has it taken so long to finally open the doors? There are a few theories out there, including Rockstar potentially wanting to avoid uproar about players gambling away their real cash on virtual games by introducing a second currency to GTA Online that can’t be bought with real money – Chips are used as currency within the casino, which can be obtained from the Cashier in limited quantities. It’s likely that the recent introduction of poker gambling to Red Dead Online was used to test the waters for GTA Online, but hopefully this provided the data they needed to make the casino work.

What games can you play in the GTA Online casino.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Unsurprisingly, you can play Roulette, Blackjack, and Three Card Poker in the GTA Online casino, going up against the house using the new Chips currency. There are also Slot Machines themed around various entertainment properties from the GTA world such as Twilight Knife and Impotent Rage, and the Inside Track where you can gamble on virtual horse racing. On top of all that, there’s the Lucky Wheel you can spin to win prizes including Chips, cash, clothing, or even a high-end supercar if you get really lucky.

What else is on offer at the GTA Online casino.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

By investing in a VIP membership to the GTA Online casino, you’ll unlock all sorts of perks including valet parking for your vehicle, an aircraft concierge on the rooftop helipad, a limo service to take you anywhere free of charge, access to the VIP lounge, plus high limit tables to really up the stakes if you’ve got Chips to burn. To obtain VIP membership, you’ll need to purchase a Master Penthouse suite at The Diamond, so let’s hope you’ve got enough GTA$ in the bank.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

These Penthouses above the GTA Online casino are the pinnacle of luxury, and are completely customisable to meet your partying needs. As well as an opulent master bedroom with access to the Roof Terrace, complete with breathtaking views and an infinity pool, you’ll be able to upgrade to install a private Spa complete with personal stylist, a Media Room to watch movies in comfort, and a Bar area that comes with a set of retro arcade machines to play on.

Perhaps more importantly though, purchasing a Master Penthouse gets you into the casino business, opening up a whole new set of missions to help the owner and staff protect your investment. You’ll receive a special award the first time you complete each of these missions, and finishing the entire story as host will unlock a much sought after vehicle for free. Additional work will be available via the casino’s Head of Operations, which will earn you Chips as well as cash.

You can also check out our predictions for GTA 6 in the video below:

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The Diamond Casino Heist is Now Available in GTA Online on Xbox One.

Pull off the most sophisticated and daring robbery the city of Los Santos has ever seen in The Diamond Casino Heist – now available in GTA Online .

The Diamond Casino & Resort might be under the questionable management of the Duggans, the ruthless Texan petrochemical magnates who stole control from Tao Cheng and the Triads, but business is still booming.

Now it’s time to act on that cryptic text you received from Cheng Family Holdings. Georgina Cheng – VP of Cheng Holdings and the more poised and polished younger sister to party boy, Tao – is on a mission to hit the Duggans where it hurts most: by breaking into the Diamond’s highly secure vault and stealing everything in it.

With Georgina now calling the shots, and socially awkward criminal mastermind Lester Crest and his vast network of nefarious resources ready to assist, it’s time to take on an ambitious job where the security is state-of-the-art, the preparation options are near-limitless, and the take is off the charts.

Cracking the Diamond.

Are you ready to carry out the ultimate heist? To plan a score this big you’ll need the right location, crew and gear. Fortunately for you, Lester has already sourced the perfect front. Meet up with Lester in Mirror Park, then tap into Maze Bank Foreclosures to acquire the new Arcade property.

Get the operation off the ground with a facelift by stocking it with some playable retro arcade cabinets and a little help from one of Lester’s family friends that’s looking to break into the ‘gaming’ industry. There are 12 new playable games, including:

Badlands Revenge II : The peaceful frontier has been invaded by marauders, road agents, thieves, and revenue men. Use your weapons wisely to rid the prairie of the desperados and outlaws that threaten your very way of life. The Wizard’s Ruin : An evil wizard has kidnapped Grog and stolen him away to a terrifying fortress. Now Thog must fight through enchanted forests, ghastly swamps, labyrinths of decay and battle terrifying enemies to rescue his brother with only his mighty sword and magical engorging potions found along the way. Monkey’s Paradise (Degenatron classic): This simian simulator took arcades by storm in the 80s. Swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey and show the world who is at the top of the food chain.

Once your Arcade is up and running, the basement planning area below is where the real work begins. The Hideout houses three planning boards and provides a place to store sourced getaway vehicles and heist prep equipment, as well as areas to stage rehearsals to practice cracking vaults and hacking doors with your crew. Gathering intel and preparing comprehensive reconnaissance with your crew will be crucial. As you take on preparatory missions you’ll have the option to go the extra mile by documenting various entry points, destroying supply shipments and gathering intel on security systems from an old associate and former Casino employee, all of which will reward you with more routes, approaches and options like getaway decoys when it comes to the big show.

You also need to make sure you have the right people at your disposal. Through Lester’s nefarious network of contacts you can hire support team members: bringing on the right driver, gunman and hacker are key – for the right price you’ll be able to hire some serious experts depending on how well connected you already are.

The Diamond Casino Heist gives you three distinct approaches to initially choose from, with multiple ways to execute your chosen approach. Choose Silent & Sneaky to enter undetected and try to make off with the haul before they even know what hit them. Engage in deception by going The Big Con route and masquerading as maintenance staff, pest control or other contractors. Or opt to go in guns blazing with the Aggressive approach – just be prepared to be met with increased resistance.

For each approach, you’ll have a series of choices for how you want to complete every step of the Heist. And if at any time your attempts at stealth or subterfuge somehow fail, you will still be able to complete the mission by dealing with any changing scenarios and pushing through to the end with your last remaining lives.

New Wheels.

Today’s update brings five new heist vehicles. Whether you prefer rolling high in luxury sports cars or going as low as you can go in a maxed-out hatchback, hit the streets in a diverse range of new vehicles, including five new Heist vehicles: the Karin Everon , Lampadati Komoda , Maxwell Asbo , Maxwell Vagrant and Vapid Retinue MKII . Plus, the latest luxury SUV from Übermacht, the Rebla GTS .

In addition, Warstock Cache & Carry’s commercial inventory gets a fleet of six vehicles, so if you enjoy living out your extravagant role-playing fantasies in a personal Fire Truck , Bugstars van or Gruppe Sechs Stockade – no judgement here.

New Tunes.

While you’re roaming the streets preparing to take down the Diamond, tune into iFruit Radio as host Danny Brown and special guest, UK rapper and producer Skepta cherry-pick the hottest music from around the world for you, featuring features previously-unreleased songs from Baauer x Channel Tres ft Danny Brown, Denzel Curry & YBN Cordae, Pop Smoke and slowthai in addition to favorites from DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Burna Boy, J Hus, Skepta, Travis Scott and more.

Destroying Signal Jammers.

There’s an old saying that it’s not really paranoia if they are out to get you. Look out for government signal jammers and destroy each one to earn yourself a reward. Doing so will get an expert hacker on your side, which might just come in handy…

Killer Clues.

Meanwhile, the Daily Globe is urging residents to stay indoors as the mystery of the Los Santos Slasher remains unsolved. Reports claim the killer is carrying out their bloody murders with an antique Navy Revolver, but while some clues leading to the location of the murderer have come to light, both killer and weapon are yet to be found.

New Twitch Prime Benefits.

Rockstar Games Social Club members who have linked their accounts with Twitch Prime by Sunday, December 8 will be able to buy the Pixel Pete’s Arcade Property in Paleto Bay for free. Any Twitch Prime members in good standing who buy this specific property at full price will be given a 100% rebate within 72 hours after purchasing it. For more details, or to claim your Social Club x Twitch Prime benefits, visit the official Twitch Prime page.

Today’s update also includes a significant number of improvements and tweaks to Freemode in GTA Online – including fixes in response to your direct feedback – like reducing the frequency of phone calls and text messages received on your iFruit phone, limits on how often and quickly players can call out the Oppressor MKII or trigger Easy Way Out and much, much more.

Keep an eye on the Newswire for more information about GTA Online and futures updates from The Diamond Casino Heist coming soon.

The Diamond Casino Heist is GTA Online’s most exhilarating score and an exercise in self-parody.

Diamond in the buff.

In one of the opening missions of GTA Online’s latest update, heist aficionado and lovable oaf Lester talks about how he was a good kid before he played Street Crimes Gang Wars, the in-universe version of Grand Theft Auto. As the bassline hums in the background, he starts to ramble about the gun-toting opportunists trying to lift your cargo, a set of arcade cabinets necessary to kickstart a run-down arcade business, a front for the game’s latest (and greatest) heist. “They must be gamers,” he says.

A walking parody of all things but especially itself, minutes later GTA Online treats me to a radio advert for Shark Cards, the game’s infamous microtransaction system that has made it the most profitable entertainment product of all time. Shutting my car door after a successful delivery, I get my usual daily text from Agent 14 about purchasing a million-dollar Mobile Operations Center to help with the efficiency of my Gunrunning business, one of many plates that need spinning if I’m to stay afloat in this demanding second life. I don’t even want the unnecessary vehicle but my brain, falling prey to the marketing machine, wonders whether completing this latest big score will afford me the currency necessary to get him to stop nagging me.

A packed-out patch for a six-year-old live service, The Diamond Casino Heist is designed to turn heads, all the way down to the balance tweaks that players have been begging for. The greatest issue addressed concerns the most hated (and loved) vehicle introduced in Online’s history, the Oppressor Mk 2.

Here I am posing with my very own Oppressor, which I definitely don’t use to blow up mortals when I’m navel-gazing.

For the uninitiated, the Oppressor is GTA Online’s forbidden fruit, a piece of powerful technology introduced to this virtual society without proper consideration, one that Rockstar can’t take back now that players have adopted it. A gateway to sin and loss of naivety, this flying motorbike can cross the map in minutes and has homing rockets bolted to the front, making it a virtual nihilist’s wet dream. It’s a four million dollar chrome-wrapped beacon of wealth and power that makes most of Online’s most difficult missions laughable.

Rockstar has stuck a five-minute timer on summoning this griefing machine, as well as supposedly reducing phone notifications (I haven’t really noticed) and limiting the ‘Kill Yourself’ command, making it harder to leave this late-capitalist dystopia on your own terms. This is for your own good though – it’s to address a common phenomenon where griefers would kill you and then shoot themselves to balance out their K/D and avoid punishment from Rockstar’s all-seeing eye of Sauron. At this point, it’s impossible for Rockstar to cut out the bad behavior at its root, but a few slaps on the wrist might refocus players into less trivial pursuits.

Speaking of which, now that the Arcade is set up I’m able to start preparing the heist, an innovative, multiple-phase ordeal that is nearly 20 missions long if you fulfill every optional detail. Crews will have to first scope the casino to see what information they can glean on a time limit. You can take photos of entry and exit points, security details and suspicious items, sending them to Lester who will respond with new methods of approach and optional side missions to make the final heist more creative.

This isn’t just the illusion of choice either – the number of security shipments you damage in one mission will directly affect the number of guards in the casino underbelly. Similarly, if you scope out the secret sewer exit you’ll be able to dart away from the cops through a series of subsurface tubes, Italian Job style.

You can choose, spray and upgrade which cars to use in the getaway, with low-brow vehicles equalling a smaller cut from your take.

As you may be able to tell, this latest heist is designed to be completely adaptable. One of the most infuriating aspects of previous heist missions is that if you fail a single objective you’ll have to start again, even if in reality it wouldn’t result in the end of the road. With The Diamond Casino Heist, you can switch tact on the fly and dip into three separate styles of approach if somebody drops the ball – disguised, sneaky or aggressive. This means all is not lost on a single missed headshot or dodgy pathing, you can just brandish a machine-gun and go guns blazing. It feels more reactive, the gameplay reflecting the tense, dynamic approach to heisting seen in Overkill’s Payday 2.

This adaptive style doesn’t transfer to the setup missions, however. What I liked was the space Rockstar allows for you to experiment and come up with your own canon, where I’d have my friends try and cut enemies off at certain map landmarks – one example involved heading to the airfield to steal a dodo to crash into an unruly helicopter that was leaving the mission area. Yet despite probing your imagination, almost all of the prep missions devolve into ‘Lose the Cops’, a crescendo that Rockstar loves to lean on.

There’s an economic angle to the bloat here in that Online enables those with more means to have far superior efficiency. If you’re lucky enough to own an Oppressor, some missions are a joke, asking you to simply race around the map, lock on to a set of targets and tap a button to win, whilst the mere mortals on terra firma have to suffer. The free arcade property you receive for having a Twitch Prime subscription is a welcome gift, especially given that it’s essential for starting the heist proceedings – but it’s also only available as a rebate, which means if you don’t have the million and change upfront you’re going to have to grind or buy a shark card. It’s also in Paleto Bay, a good six and a half miles from the casino.

It’s the litany of long drives to and from the property to the casino that takes the absolute Michael De Santa – even if they inevitably lead to moments of unpredictable candor. There are precious few games where a crew can cruise in a rental sedan and wail their way through the frisson bridge of “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys. Not even the rotting corpse in the trunk can dampen that kind of team spirit.

Danny Brown’s manic, likable character links with steroid-peddling Brucie from GTA 4 to chaotic effect.

We were on assignment to burn a rental car in exchange for disguised casino access from Yung Ancestor, a successful walking satire of a new-wave Soundcloud rapper played by living rap legend Danny Brown. Brown (as himself) also hosts iFruit Radio, a new radio station lampooning Apple Music’s Beats 1. This follows Frank Ocean’s very own Blonded Radio which launched in-game in 2017 – itself a designated radio show on Apple Music. Ain’t it funny how it happens?

Brown waxes about the healing power of Psilocybin with UK grime hero Skepta as a rogue’s gallery of modern musical talent call in to introduce their tracks. Kenny Beats, AJ Tracey, hell even Slowthai makes the cut, the fired-up Northampton rapper who brandished a decapitated bust of Boris Johnson’s head on-stage at this year’s Mercury Prize. By carefully tapping chart-storming artists like DaBaby, Shoreline Mafia and Headie One, the curation team has managed to cram an absurd amount of pop culture catharsis into a two-hour show – the cherry on top of this iFruit salad being a set of exclusive tracks from Denzel Curry and Bauuer that are only available in-game.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about how by completing a quest in GTA Online you could conduct some cross-game archaeology and excavate a revolver in Red Dead Online’s Moonshining update. Further study has revealed that there is even more bleed between the Old West and the new – you can purchase a fortune-telling game for the arcade property that bears Madam Nazar’s likeness and name, the mysterious herald of the Collector role in Red Dead Online.

A lot of her predictions are tongue-in-cheek allusions to community in-jokes, duplication glitches and unsolved Red Dead Redemption 2 mysteries (namely “Where’s Gavin” and the mysterious time-traveler Francis Sinclair) but it turns out there’s actually some feasible bait for the Chiliad Mystery masterminds hiding behind the riddles. If you keep filling it with coins, you’ll eventually hear Nazar make mention of three sets of numbers, which when combined give you a number to call her through time and space in GTA Online, where she responds in even more cryptic terms.

Once you pull on the Emoji masks and embark upon your custom caper, The Diamond Casino Heist quickly proves itself to be the most exciting experience available in GTA Online. Whether you’re using stolen trash to infest the casino with cockroaches or tranquilizing guards with drones, you’ll make it to the vault with your heart in your throat. I’ve always thought that half the magic of a good Rockstar mission is the pulsing score, and this is no different, elevating the tension to almost feverish nausea, where all you care about is getting your cut.

Once in the vault you’ll have to scramble to shove cash in your duffel before the room fills with nerve gas. Paying for a better skeleton crew increases this timer.

Once I finally overcame the heist I felt a mix of relief and pride. I spent my hard-earned money like a true mark – on retail therapy. I’m the proud owner of one of Rockstar’s ripoff A Bathing Ape hoodies and a fancy new livery for my death bike. Come to think of it, Agent 14’s Mobile Operations Center never even crossed my mind. Maybe I’m the problem.

GTA Online is a game that demands more of its players than most, with layers of loading screens, nagging notifications and Daedalian business management systems refusing to let your attention wander. This noise can act as a smokescreen for new players, obscuring the satisfying content available to those who are yet to fight through the game’s service jank. But if you’re on the fence and you have some friends on-call, I honestly urge you to jump back in. Whether you’re a veteran who took an extended vacation from Los Santos or a rookie with a set of Twitch Prime rewards it’s still the most dynamic and limitless multiplayer open-world on the market.

The Diamond Casino Heist.

This article or section refers to “enhanced version” content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online , that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions. For a complete list of the features of the “enhanced” version of Grand Theft Auto V , please see here.

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The Diamond Casino Heist is a heist introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in The Diamond Casino Heist update.


Similar to The Doomsday Heist, the Casino Heist can be completed with a minimum of two players, allowing a larger payout during the heist if played with fewer players. Each Crew Member has a minimum cut of 15% of the Heist’s earnings during the Finale.

Following the idea of the Doomsday Heist, Prep Jobs are featured in each approach of the Casino Heist: These are required in order to progress to the Finale. Prep Jobs are completed seamlessly in public Freemode sessions and players have the option to do the mission, steal the equipment from rival CEO/VIP Organizations and Motorcycle Clubs, or buy the equipment; however, these missions can be completed by the CEO/VIP/MC President themselves without any other member in the Organization/MC, though it is not recommended, as there could be PvP action.

Unlike previous heists, all setup and prep missions for the heist are done in Freemode, with mandatory and optional ones that can be completed to make the heist easier. Another big change is that Prep Jobs can now be performed in Invite Only/Friend/Crew sessions, eliminating the risk of any unwanted PvP action.

Similar to Grand Theft Auto V heists, support crew members take part during the preparations; some familiar faces and other new members that can help to the crew with the approaches, with a range of equipment that affects the progression of the heist.

Preliminary Setup.

In order to start the heist planning, the player has to first complete a setup mission from the Arcade property. Once this setup is done, the Arcade is operational and the player can begin the Casino Heist.


The first of the three stages of the heist is outlined on the Setup Board, where the player will be scoping out the casino and the vault.

The first task is scoping out the casino, where the player will need to take pictures of security features and send them to Lester. The minimum features are a security guard, door keypad, and security camera. Afterwards, the player may continue to scope out a total of 6 access points, or leave the area to quit. This mission may be replayed to scope any undiscovered features or access points in the future.

The second task is scoping out the vault contents. The player will need to go to the casino and hack into the security camera feed using the Sightseer app. Once the vault contents are found, the player may continue browsing the security cameras to discover up to 10 additional points of interest.

After discovering the contents of the vault, the player will be able to choose one of three approaches to the heist: Silent & Sneaky, The Big Con, or Aggressive.

On the Setup Board, the player may optionally purchase three extras to practice for the finale in the arcade. These are a casino model, door security, and vault door. The vault door is only available if the player discovered the vault blueprints on Ms. Baker’s desk when scoping the casino.


Preparations are Freemode jobs that can be completed at any time. These tasks contribute to preparing the equipment for the specific approach, ranging from standard equipments to getaway vehicles.

Support crew members have different choices and percentage cuts they receive at the end of the heist, so players have to select what suits better. Higher cuts usually means better effectiveness.

Casino Heist.

The Casino Heist can be completed in three different approaches, all with different equipments and methods. The host can make different choices to change the outcome of the approach and the getaway, as well as the payment by selecting the buyer (high level buyers can be far away, but the payout is bigger).

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The Definitive Guide to the Best Online Casinos in 2020.

There are hundreds of casino sites on the internet. So where do you find the very best online casinos? Easy – right here.

At VegasSlotsOnline, we are dedicated to helping you find your best online casino to play at. Our top sites offer huge bonuses, quality games, brilliant banking and all the other features you could want. These casinos are truly the best of the bunch.

Check out our best online casinos in Mexico for 2020:

We only recommend casinos that are 100% safe. We’ve picked our winners after reviewing thousands of sites. We’ve selected casinos that work great on all devices.

The Best Online Casinos in June, 2020:

Bet365 Casino – #1 for variety of bonuses and games.

Looking for a casino that has everything you’ll ever need in one place? Then Bet365 is the site for you. Grab a welcome bonus when signing up then enjoy regular promotions such as weekly prize pools. Aside from bonuses, Bet365 also has a massive variety of casino games. Spin top slots from world-renown providers or play against the dealer in real time at the live casino. In-between, you can also enjoy big jackpot games, card games and video poker. Join one of the best casino sites in the industry today for a superb gaming experience.

Accepts Players From Mexico Play at a licensed casino site Access live chat support 24/7 Play on mobile via a great app Win a huge amount of free spins in weekly prize pools Deposit with credit cards, eWallets, and bank transfer Take advantage of fast payouts and short processing times Claim a 100% bonus up to $2000 Play Now.

A state-of-the-art mobile lobby Claim a bonus whenever you deposit Try your luck on massive jackpots.

Truly dedicated to slot fanatics An incredible selection of bonuses A VIP program with exclusive rewards.

Enjoy bonus offers, VIP perks and more Optimized to excel on all devices A packed lobby to suit all your needs.

A casino where you’ll be spoiled for choice Play on mobile, desktop, and tablet Make minimum withdrawals of just £20.

Play over 3,000 slots and casino games Get help fast with 24/7 support Available on mobile devices and desktop.

Exciting new games added this month One of the best bonuses available now Join now, play all the year round.

Enjoy 300+ slots from top providers Get daily bonuses and VIP perks Deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin.

Our Vetting Process.

How can we be so confident that you’ll be safe by playing for real money at our recommended best online casinos? The secret lies in our stringent vetting process. We know that our recommendations can also impact our reputation, so we’re careful to ensure that each and every casino site we suggest is safe and trustworthy, and offers a quality gaming experience for players.

In order to be as certain as possible about our best casino sites, we take a look at numerous factors when evaluating each site. These generally break down into a few categories: items related to safety and ensuring the sites are legitimate, the quality of the games you can play, and the efforts made by operators to give players the best experience possible.

Of course, it’s a bit more complex than that. Read on to learn more about how we figure out which sites make it to our list of best rated online casinos, and which ones should be avoided at all costs.







Licensing and Regulation.

There’s still a perception by some politicians and gamblers alike that the internet gambling industry operates in a “Wild West” environment where there are no rules, restrictions or regulations. In reality, virtual casinos are quickly accepting oversight similar to their land-based counterparts. All reputable sites are regulated in at least one established jurisdiction that serves to provide oversight and consumer protection for players.

Increasingly, many countries, provinces, and states are requiring local licenses in order to operate. If you live in one of these areas, we’ll let you know which sites are approved by your local government – and others that might still operate there outside of that system.

The number of regulators around the world.

The year the first gambling license was issued by Kahnawake GC.

The current market-size of the iGaming industry.

The biggest fine ever given to a casino for non-compliance, issued by the UKGC.

Malta Gaming Authority.

Year established: 2001 Licensed operators: 450+ The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the most respected gambling commissions globally. Its mission objectives include creating a safe environment for online gamblers and keeping the iGaming industry free of criminal activities.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Year established: 2007 Licensed operators: 450+ The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) oversees the activities of all entities operating in the UK. It is famously the strictest gambling commission globally, which means that online casinos with a UKGC-license are some of the securest you’ll find.

Curaçao eGaming.

Year established: 1996 Licensed operators: 450+ When you see a casino licensed by Curaçao eGaming, you know that it has been given a seal of approval by one of the longest-standing commissions in the world. Its commitment to anti-fraud makes it one of most reputable names in the industry.


When it comes to online casinos, nothing will ever be as important as the security of a site. That should be any player’s first priority, even over the flashy games and bonuses. An online casino may have a track record of being trustworthy, but blind trust is never a good thing, especially when disclosing your personal and banking information. Learn what the safety signs are so that you can look out for them.

Having a legal and reputable license to operate is generally an indication of safety, but that’s only the starting point. We have a checklist that we go through before we can fully acknowledge that a casino excels at security. Only then do we feel comfortable recommending it to you as a top casino site.

Any casino site that takes itself seriously, will take security seriously. They know it’s not just a trophy to display on their site. It’s an ethos. Any best online casino in our list can’t ‘just’ be secure – it needs to be secure in everything it does. The below is our guide to evaluating whether that’s the case for any casino we review:

How to Determine if a Casino is Secure.

Licensed by a reputable gambling authority Payment methods utilize latest encryption technology Games tested by an independent agency for RNG verification The site is protected with SSL, TSL and https and similar measures The operator’s track record is favorable regarding its other brands Terms & Conditions that clearly state that the player is protected in various scenarios 24/7 Customer Support that can be reached several ways.

Not licensed, or licensed by a shady commission No indication of your payment information being encrypted No indication that the games have been independently-tested No clear indication that the site takes protective measures Negative reviews of brands owned by the same operator Terms & Conditions that are vague or indicate that the player would not be protected in key scenarios Limited contact details; lack of assurance that help is always available.

Our #1 Rated Online Casino for 2020:

Play the best online casino slots at our top rated casino – Bet365 Casino.

Game Selection.

Most people will tell you that the best online casinos should have hundreds of online slots of all kinds and varieties. This is mostly true. When a casino has a massive lobby, you can join it knowing that you’ll never run out of games to play. It’s also a guarantee that you’ll find games that you like, no matter what kind of player you are. However, there’s an even more important question we ask when evaluating a site for our best online casino list: what is the actual quality of the games offered?

Take slots, for example. There are thousands of online slots, and many of them are pretty bad. If we see subpar slot games at a casino, it does nothing to boost the experience of the site. That’s why our best online casinos only offer the crème de la crème of online slots. That means having a solid mix of modern, classic and jackpot slots, made by leading software providers. Naturally, the same goes for table games and live dealer games. Even if a casino has one kind of game as its main focus, we expect to see consistent quality throughout its lobby.

Live Dealer.

Playing at the best live dealer sites means having moments where you forget that you’re not actually playing at a brick-and-mortar casino.


Most online casinos are brimming with hundreds of real money slots. Quantity is a valid consideration to have when picking sites, but the quality of the slots available is way more important.

Video Poker.

The best video poker sites take the game you love and make it more dynamic – and despite being online, it’s still all about your skill and strategy.

Table Games.

A massive range of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, all with their own classic varieties and unique twists. That’s what you get at the best table games casinos.


When we review casinos, we really scrutinize the payment options available, because those determine how quickly and securely your money goes into and out of your account.

When it comes to payment options, there are two things a best online casino is bound to have. The first is a broad range of banking methods available to players. These include credit cards, eWallets like Paypal, bank transfer options, prepaid cards, and sometimes even cryptocurrency options. What you’ll also find at most top casinos are payment options included for the comfort of players in different areas. Visa and Mastercard are the most convenient options for American players, while players from other parts of the world rank eWallets in their top choices.

Other things we look out for in the best casino sites include low transaction fees and the convenience of being able to withdraw using the same deposit method used.

Above all else, the best online casinos will have withdrawals that are both speedy and secure. Deposits at most casinos you check out will generally be instant – no surprises there. That’s never the case with withdrawals. Before we recommend a casino, we ensure it has the proper encryption methods in place to protect your data while also processing your payout in a reasonable timeframe.

Promotions, Bonuses and Freebies.

No Deposit Bonuses.

No deposit bonuses generally mean free spins, but they can also take the form of live dealer tickets and similar tokens.

Not every casino will have a no deposit bonus for Newly Registered players, and that’s just fine – but they’re a great way of testing out a casino without playing any real cash.

What to Look out for.

Low wagering requirements A reasonable expiry-date No option to opt out of the bonus if desired Inability to cash winnings made from bonus.

Welcome Bonuses.

Odds are that the welcome bonus will be the first thing you’ll see on a casino site. We like a massive bonus like anyone else, but it’s important to not stop at the size of its match percentage. We check the underlying T&Cs to make sure players can genuinely enjoy it to the max.

What to Look out for.

Reasonable wagering requirements (30x-40x is the average amount) Your favorite games contributing towards the wagering requirements A max cap on the winnings you can withdraw Unfair maximum betting restrictions.

Free Spins.

Free spins can be given as part of a welcome bonus, but they can also be given out in dedicated weekly promotions. What we like to see is the chance to claim a relatively high number of free spins for a low deposit.

What to Look out for.

A fair amount of free spins for your deposit The chance to sample different games High wagering requirements Too quick of an expiration time.

Our Best Online Casinos for 2020 – Conclusion.

We hope that as you reach the end of this page, you have a clearer idea of why our best-rated online casinos are a cut above the rest. In the end, different people will gravitate towards different casinos. Each of us in the VegasSlotsOnline team has their own favorite best online casino from our list too.

The sites we feature for players in Mexico excel in every single way, so you can enjoy maximum entertainment with full security.

That being said, the sites that have made our best online casinos list would be a fine choice for anyone. They tick all our boxes, and we bet they’ll tick yours, too. After all, they’re some of the most popular online casinos around and millions of players use them with good reason. These casinos have conquered the internet and won’t be stepping down from their throne any time soon.

Our Cheat-Sheet for Finding the Best Online Casinos.

Step 1.

Check whether the casino is licensed by one or more of the most reputable gambling commissions.

Step 2.

Look out for all security measures that we mention above. Even not having a single one is a red flag.

Step 3.

Evaluate whether there are enough titles in your preferred genre, and that the games are supplied by leading software providers.

Step 4.

Research what other players say about that casino’s cashouts. Look out for the three big adjectives: consistent, fast and secure.

Step 5.

Look into the quality of the bonuses and promotions offered. Remember, it’s not just the size of the bonuses. The T&Cs concerning them matter more.

Don’t feel like doing the hard work yourself? Check out the casino our independent reviewers ranked #1 in Mexico.

Our #1 Rated Online Casino for 2020:

Play the best online casino slots at our top rated casino – Bet365 Casino.

Best Online Casinos FAQ.

The fact of the matter is that with hundreds of internet casinos alive and kicking, there just can’t be one singular best casino. We can, however, narrow it down to a few top online casinos that are truly a cut above the rest – and we can then distinguish between them by what they each specifically offer and how they might be right for certain kinds of players.

We’ve done the extensive research for you. We’ve reviewed literally every active casino on the web and compared the findings, so we can tell you about the best online casinos out there. We’re pretty confident about our results, as these are the casinos that excel in every single area we mention on this page. These are all trusted online casinos that millions of players from all over the world play at every day, so you don’t just need to take our word for it. If you want to learn more about them, you can check out the reviews we’ve written for them.

If you scroll up, you’ll find our Best Online Casinos table. It also features on various pages of our website.

As we’ve mentioned already, for a casino to hold its own among the very best, it really needs to be an A+ in every single category we mention here. That being said, if we have to rank the importance of these categories, we’d say that nothing can ever be as important as security. That covers licensing, safe cashouts and all the other security measures we list above.

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Mobile Slots.

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Our Favourite Casinos.

Claim Free Spins, Free Chips and Much More!

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The Costs of Starting an Online Casino.

The gambling business brings high incomes, but how big are its expenses? Obviously, if bookmakers, gambling rooms and casino games appear in every area of ​​the city, then such an activity should be profitable. However, the online casino business has its own laws, and the competition among casino owners is much higher here.

Table of Contents:

Start an online casino business.

Indeed, you can become the owner of a successful gambling club in various ways. Plus, if you want to understand which form of running an online casino suits you best, sign up for a consultation with your personal manager of the 2WinPower company — the leaders of the online gaming industry. An expert will help you understand the intricacies of the gambling business and acquire all the necessary software for an online casino for the best price.

Below, we will look at the costs of starting an online casino and how it can be done.

Below, we will look at the costs of starting a gambling website and a brief business plan.


One of the largest expenses, when you start an online gambling project, is obtaining a license. Essentially, this is a document that gives you the right to conduct online gaming business legally in one or several countries. Nevertheless, it brings more benefits.

Unobvious advantages of working with a license.

Suppliers of high-quality software (from a casino platform to a slot game) are not interested in that semi-legal casinos or scammers use their intellectual product since they value their reputation highly. For this reason, online casino software developers sell their products only to companies that are officially registered and licensed. Players trust registered online casinos that pay taxes . This is a kind of guarantee that the owner has come to the market to stay and will not deceive the customers. In addition, high rollers make deposits only on licensed sites.

Naturally, working without permission, you risk getting the attention of regulatory authorities and being held criminally responsible.

The main drawback of a license is its cost. A document is issued by offshore countries like Gibraltar, Curacao or Alderney will cost $15-$20 thousand. The states mentioned above are notable for their loyal taxation; therefore, they have become quite popular among gaming business owners.

However, if you need a more prestigious document, consider the UK, Germany or Switzerland as a licensor. Keep in mind that the licensing process in the mentioned countries is much more expensive, and taxes are higher. For example, in England, a permission to conduct activities requires about $40000 as the initial payment.

Casino website.

It is your hallmark, your storefront, your primary gaming business tool. It is all about the online casino site. The financial success of the whole enterprise largely depends on how well and quick it will look. A gambling website is an element that cannot be neglected.

The website creation consists of several stages.

The development of an idea and the general concept. The design. Front-end web development, programming. The integration of gaming software solution. Filling the website with the content. SEO promotion. Marketing promotion.

The hardest part is that it is almost impossible to create a website independently. You will have to master many professions, learn technical subtleties and creative trends. It is more logical to entrust the project to an external contractor.

Choose a company in which a whole team of specialists works so that your site looks harmonious in every aspect.

The cost of developing a website from A to Z ranges from $1000 to $5000 and depends on your wishes.

Another part of the costs will go to promotion. The work of an SEO specialist costs about $500 monthly. Additionally, about $200-$300 is spent on the work itself.

Gambling software.

The concept of “gaming software” is quite extensive.

It includes at least three categories of programs that you will definitely need on the site:

A gaming platform . The online casino software that is fundamental in the literal sense: all elements on online casinos are built upon it. A platform (system) is designed to help the owner manage the entire resource, fine-tune and administer player accounts. Slot machines . Those good old casino games we can find everywhere. As for the code: these games are separate scripts that integrate into the platform environment and run on request. Traditionally, slots are sold together as a package along with the software and game systems, although you can also buy them separately. Multiple payment options . Programs designed to quickly conduct transactions between you and casino visitors. Our advice is to install as many different payment systems as possible: players appreciate online casinos if they have several payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, etc. Let us not forget about cryptocurrencies as a way of accepting deposits: bitcoin payment systems as your payment methods will increase the popularity.

Typically, online casino software vendors provide customers with all the necessary gaming business elements together in one package. The price of such casino solution is starting from $5000 and higher, depending on the configurations, your wishes and the number of games.


You cannot advertise on Google. Facebook does not place ads. A few more large networks will refuse you as well. So, where can you promote your casino games?

It is not only about the internal rules of corporations, but also about the laws. Market regulators often place numerous restrictions on casino advertising, and every violation is punished.

To easily bypass all the pitfalls of the advertising world, you will need a specialist who perfectly knows the marketing tools and laws regarding advertising of gambling projects. You should know that in any country of the world, the fines for casinos and betting shops are huge (because the industry is profitable).

Professional monthly salaries start at $1500. Just as with SEO, an extra budget is needed for the advertisement itself. The sums depend exclusively on your capabilities and ambitions, and the marketer will always find a way to spend them profitably.

Technical support.

Last but not least without which it is difficult to imagine a successful online casino is a technical support service.

The requirements for it are the following:

Working 24/7 , i.e. a minimum of three work shifts. Answering in a chat, Skype, by mail and by telephone. A multilingual support. Being ready to provide qualified assistance and fraud detection . The staff must always be polite and attentive .

Where to get a team like that? You can organise the work of the support yourself: note that customer support employees earn around $400 monthly. A team must have at least one highly-qualified specialist. Their salaries are much higher and depend on the competency of a professional.

As an alternative, consider an option with an outsourced support service that will take payments for servicing each client. This is a great option to start as long as you do not have enough money to hire a large number of employees and train them.

Thus, your total starting capital should be from $20000 to $25000.

Now, you know the costs of starting an online casino. It is time to learn how to save!

The Most Profitable Way to Open Your Casino.

Each of the elements described above is crucial for the existence of a gaming club. The question is: is it possible to get all these parts for a different price?

In fact, it is. Some companies sell ready-made casinos based on the White Label model. This may be the best alternative to creating a business from scratch that the online gaming market can offer.

The advantages of a White Label casino.

You do not have to pay for the license . The seller of a ready-made online casino makes a new entry in the already existing license documents for your domain as a subsidiary, so you can work calmly and completely legally. No need to buy casino software : all the necessary software solutions are already included in the White Label casino package. After detailed adjustments are made, you can get to work. The same applies to the setting of payment channels. Unlike a franchise, you can work under your own brand and develop your business as a separate enterprise. Most importantly: it is much cheaper !

You can buy a turnkey casino from 2WinPower — the official representative of software developers with a worldwide reputation: Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt, Greentube, Playtech, and many others.

Contact a 2WinPower representative to purchase a fully operational casino , gaming software , or order related services. We take up the casino marketing promotion, technical support organisation, troubleshooting and every other aspect of work responsibly. All that you may need is at 2WinPower .

Write to us right now:

No reviews yet, be the first.

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Prospects and Challenges for the Development of E-Sports Betting During the Quarantine.

The Legalisation Prospects of The Brazilian Betting Market Amid the Pandemic.

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Does Germany Have a Chance of Success in the Online Space.

Retention of Sportsbook Audience on a Website with TV Games from 2WinPower.

Our experts are ready to illustrate how the newest software from 2WinPower will be a lifesaver for the barely survivable betting establishme.

Perspectives of the Mexican and Peruvian Gambling Markets.

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Is a business possible without an investment?

How to Buy Online Casino Software in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a promising area for the online gambling business development. Find out where to find reliable software providers for operating i.

How to Buy Online Casino Software in Japan.

Find out how to choose suitable casino software for running an online casino in Japan, known as a very promising area for the online gamblin.

The best online casinos in 2020: which ones can you use in the US?

By Adam Marshall 12 April 2020.

Choose an online casino that suits your needs from these options.

In this article, we’re going to count down the eight best online casinos which accept customers playing from the US.

You might’ve heard that it’s impossible to gamble online in the US, but that’s something of a misconception. Although the American statutory system certainly isn’t as friendly to online casinos as most other countries are, there are still plenty of states that regulate rather than forbid the activity.

Remember that because many betting sites operate in a legal grey area, scam sites and abuse are both fairly commonplace. By only playing with funds you can afford to lose and sticking to the reputable providers recommended below, you’ll be better off.

And if you’re still not sure about legality of online casinos and how they operate, drop down to the bottom of this page for more information on that front.

The 8 best online casinos 2020:

1. Intertops.

Reputable online casino with a wide variety of game styles.

Over the years Intertops has built up a solid reputation. Originally founded as a traditional brick-and-mortar casino in 1983, Intertops first launched as a website in 1998 and is now run from the small island country of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

With only a handful of exceptions for specific states, Intertops happily accepts players from the USA who can use the site to wager on sporting events, classic casino games, and exciting slot machines. But poker is probably the jewel in the Intertops crown, with different betting levels available beginning all the way down at 2-cent blinds and going all the way up to no-limit games for high rollers.

Intertops games are noted for their regularly-updated bonus offers which reward loyal customers as well as new ones.

2. BetOnline Poker.

US-friendly casino with major poker tournaments.

Looking for the best place to play poker online in the US? BetOnline Poker is an excellent option. There’s nothing quite like taking part in a live game with other players, and BetOnline has hundreds of no-limit ten-seater tables so you’re sure to find an exciting match.

Thanks to Bitcoin support and a fast deposit and withdrawal system, getting hold of your BetOnline winnings could hardly be easier. And, of course, poker isn’t all this online casino is good for. You can also use BetOnline to try your hand at other traditional casino games or sports wagering.

3. Vegas Casino Online.

US-friendly casino offering dozens of poker game styles.

Founded back in 1999, Vegas Casino Online has one of the longest track records of any online casino that accepts customers in the USA. Over the course of that long history, Vegas Casino Online has developed a reputation for doing business fairly, which is a big plus in an industry where scams and predatory sites cause major headaches for players.

Video poker aficionados are sure to appreciate Vegas Casino Online’s extensive selection of poker variants. Nearly 30 unique play options are available, including All American and Deuces Wild. If poker isn’t your thing, you can stick to other traditional table games such as craps and roulette or explore Vegas Casino Online’s selection of slot games.

Although Vegas Casino Online lacks cryptocurrency support, you can deposit using credit cards, wire transfers, and e-wallets. It’s worth noting that Vegas Casino Online isn’t particularly fast at processing withdrawals, with an advertised two-week maximum processing time.

4. Red Dog Casino.

Great online casino for playing on the go.

With support for all sorts of mobile devices including iPhones, tablets, and Android smartphones, Red Dog Casino is the ideal site to play on if you don’t want to be restricted to your computer while betting. You can choose between slot, poker, table, and specialty games. Not all of these are optimized for mobile play, but the majority will look just as good on your iPhone screen as they will on a desktop.

If you’re concerned about habitual gambling or losing too much of your time to online casinos, you can restrict your Red Dog Casino account through deposit limits and timeout counters. One major downside of this online casino is its high deposit minimums, which, for some payment methods, is as high as $150.

5. 888 Tiger Casino.

A casino with a wide range of different slot games.

Operating from the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao, 888 Tiger Casino is a straightforward online casino that happily accepts players from the USA. If you’re looking for a good place to wager on slot games, 888 Tiger Casino could be the right option for you as it offers hundreds of different slot options divided into 3D slots, video slots, and i-slots. Although 888 Tiger Casino is probably best known for its slot offerings, with this site you’ll also be able to access video poker and a range of traditional casino table game variations.

Even better, when you first sign up you can choose between several welcome bonuses including a 300% Bitcoin deposit bonus and 88 free spins on the “Catsino” slot game. But be warned, like other online sites, 888 Tiger Casino places strict wagering requirements on bonus funds so withdrawing them won’t be straightforward.

6. Wild Casino.

An exciting new venue where you can wager online.

Launched in 2017 and headquartered in Panama, Wild Casino accepts players from around the world, including the USA. It might not have been around quite as long as some of the other platforms in this list, but thanks to its big bonuses and diverse games list, Wild Casino is undoubtedly one of the most ‘fun’ casinos online today.

All the classic casino games you know and love are here such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. However, if you prefer a more human touch Wild Casino’s six live dealer games are certain to keep you entertained.

7. BetMGM Casino NJ.

A modern casino with great offerings for sports fans.

BetMGM’s broad selection of video slots, table games, and other exclusive wagering options are fun to play thanks to attractive design elements from the likes of developers IGT and lightningbox. If you’ve visited the Las Vegas strip before, you’re probably familiar with the MGM Grand. Well, BetMGM is the New Jersey offshoot of the MGM Resorts company, designed to take advantage of New Jersey’s efforts to deregulate online gaming.

The really cool thing about BetMGM Casino NJ is that you can use it to bet on thousands of different sporting events, as well as regular casino games. NBA, Premier League soccer, NFL, and other major leagues are covered in detail through the sportsbook section of the site and it could hardly be easier to make a combo bet on your favorite events, should you wish to.

Most of the casinos covered in this article are based offshore. BetMGM Casino NJ stands out because of its onshore designation, which means you can be confident of getting your money back, should you win big.

8. Win A Day.

A top-of-the-line casino with awesome crypto support.

Win A Day is brought to you by the same people who own Slotland and Cryptoslots, two of the better known US-friendly online casinos. Although these three casinos have a relatively low number of game types, they stand out for their support of cryptocurrencies. At Win A Day, you can pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin, which is ideal if you want to make transfers instantaneously or keep your identity protected.

Beside daily tournament prizes, Win A Day gives new customers the chance to access up to $500 in bonus bets through a 100% deposit matching promotion. Of course, although this is a fun pot of virtual money to play with, the 25x wagering requirement attached to it means there’s little chance you’ll be able to withdraw any bonus funds.

Are online casinos legal in the US?

The history of gambling in the USA is long and its status remains confusing thanks to numerous pieces of state and federal legislation that have been introduced over the years.

Before 2011, most online casinos fell foul of a 1960s Wire Act but, in 2011, the Department of Justice released a memo stating their view that only sports wagering services should be considered illegal under that law. That meant that individual states could pass legislation to permit online casinos as long as they didn’t offer sports betting.

Thus far, Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey have all passed such legislation and more states are expected to follow suit. And you can read our dedicated guide to see in what states it’s legal for online sports betting.

How do online casinos work?

Online casinos aren’t all that different from their brick-and-mortar counterparts. These are online platforms where you can wager money on sporting events or take part in traditional games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker.

When you gamble on a sporting event, the odds you accept will determine how much you get back if the outcome you bet on occurs, and advanced algorithms are used to ensure the house keeps an advantage. Digital versions of regular table games rely on random number generators which means the payout percentage stays constant in the long run.

What games can I play on online casinos?

The games on offer vary from casino to casino, but you’ll normally find a large variety of slot machines, traditional table games, digital table games, and scratch-card style lotteries.

The chances of breaking even or winning changes significantly depending on the type of game you go for, with slot machines typically having some of the lowest payout percentages.

Another option is to play a live-streamed table game through an online casino where you and other players bet on the outcome of a physical table game run by a normal dealer.

Can online casinos be rigged?

Frankly put, like any kind of gambling, the games run by online casinos can certainly be rigged.

However, as long as you stick to large regulated websites and bookmakers, the chances of getting caught out by a rigged game are very low. All the same, game manipulation can occur in many different ways. For example, digital slot machines can be set up so they never hit advertised jackpots no matter how many times they are run, and there have even been cases in the past of dealers intentionally rigging the card decks used during live-streamed table games.

It’s worth noting that there’s a difference between “rigging” and “house advantage”. Every online casino game is set up to favor the casino over you. That means, in the long term, almost every online casino player will lose money.

Gambling responsibly.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that any form of gambling comes with serious risks and should never be undertaken as a silver bullet to solve your financial troubles. It’s worth remembering the phrase. the house always wins!

If you suffer from a gambing problem or suspect somebody you know does, then we strongly suggest that you give the National Problem Gambling Hotline a call on 1-800-522-4700 to discuss it with a professional. It’s so important to make gambling safer for yourself and loved ones.

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The Best Online Casinos for US Players – Casino Guide 2020.

US Online Casino Bonus Payout Slots Legal in States: Site Rating Safe Casino Link Terms: 1. BetMGM $1,000 + $25 on the House 96.16% 415 NJ. Valid only for NJ players over 21 years of age. Opt-in required. Valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. Min. deposit $10. 100% Cash Match bonus up to $1000 freeplay expires 5 days after registration. 6x wagering requirements. $25 Freeplay bonus is valid for 7 days after registration. General terms and conditions apply. 2. Borgata $600 + $20 on the House 96.16% 415 NJ. Valid only for NJ players over 21 years of age. Opt-in required. Valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. 100% match up bonus up to $600 and $20 bonus expire 14 days after registration. 10x wagering requirements. Loyalty points credited on all wagerings. General terms and conditions apply. 3. 888casino $2,000 Premium Welcome Package 96.65% 330 NJ. New players only. One-time offer valid from 2/26/20 – 12/31/22, 19:00 EST. Bonus is only valid if claimed by communication within 48 hours. Bonus must be wagered 30 times within 60 days from granting. Wagering contributions apply and vary by game. Bonus is valid for Casino games only. Withdrawal restrictions and full terms & conditions apply. 4. Virgin Casino $100 Real Cash Back 96.00% 183 NJ. New players only. Deposit a minimum of $10 in cash and place a First Wager to be eligible to receive either one of the following: (1) if their Net Loss exceeds 90% of their First Deposit at any time within seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or (2) if their Net Loss does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the conclusion of the seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Loss, up to a maximum of $100 in cash. 5. Tropicana $100 Real Cash Back 96.00% 183 NJ. New players only. Deposit a minimum of $10 in cash and place a First Wager to be eligible to receive either one of the following: (1) if their Net Loss exceeds 90% of their First Deposit at any time within seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or (2) if their Net Loss does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the conclusion of the seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Loss, up to a maximum of $100 in cash. 6. Bet365 $200 New Player Bonus 97.20% 180 NJ. Valid for new eligible customers only. Min. deposit $20. Welcome bonus 100% up to $200 with 15x wagering requirements. Only qualified gаmes contribute towards wagering. 60 days validity after claiming the bonus. Full terms apply. 7. Unibet $500 code: UBCASINO500 97.87% 337 NJ & PA. New players only. $10 free play bonus after signup with promo code UBCASINO10. First deposit welcome bonus 100% up to $500 with promo code UBCASINO500. 25x wagering requirement on casino games only. Terms & consditions apply. 21+ 8. SugarHouse $250 code: 250MATCH 97.87% 874 NJ & PA. Deposit with code: 250MATCH for 100% up to $250 on your first deposit. Match bonus applied within 48 hours after claiming. Only one 250MATCH code may be utilized across all associated websites. Full terms & conditions apply. 9. Pala Casino $500 1st Deposit Bonus 95.60% 338 NJ. Valid for new eligible customers only. Min. deposit $10. Welcome bonus 100% up to $500 with 10x wagering requirements. Only qualified gmes contribute towards wagering. 15 days validity period. All general terms & conditions apply. 10. Caesars $300 First Deposit Bonus 97.00% 564 NJ. First Time Depositor only – 100% Bonus Match to $300 bonus valid from January 1, 2018 12:00am and is onging until further notice. All times are Eastern Time. $10 min. deposit and 30 days expiry period. Only invited players are eligible for this bonus. Full terms apply.

New Jersey Casino Site New Player Bonus RTP Slots Best For: Casino Rating Registration Link Terms: 1. BetMGM $1,000 + $25 on the House 96.16% 436 Sport, Casino, Poker. Valid only for NJ players over 21 years of age. Opt-in required. Valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. Min. deposit $10. 100% Cash Match bonus up to $1000 freeplay expires 5 days after registration. 6x wagering requirements. $25 Freeplay bonus is valid for 7 days after registration. General terms and conditions apply. 2. Borgata $600 + $20 on the House 96.16% 415 Sport, Casino, Poker. Valid only for NJ players over 21 years of age. Opt-in required. Valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020. 100% match up bonus up to $600 and $20 bonus expire 14 days after registration. 10x wagering requirements. Loyalty points credited on all wagerings. General terms and conditions apply. 3. 888casino $2,000 Premium Package 96.65% 330 Sport, Live Casino, Poker. New players only. One-time offer valid from 2/26/20 – 12/31/22, 19:00 EST. Bonus is only valid if claimed by communication within 48 hours. Bonus must be wagered 30 times within 60 days from granting. Wagering contributions apply and vary by game. Bonus is valid for Casino games only. Withdrawal restrictions and full terms & conditions apply. 4. Virgin Casino $100 Real Cash Back 96.00% 183 Slots, Bingo. New players only. Deposit a minimum of $10 in cash and place a First Wager to be eligible to receive either one of the following: (1) if their Net Loss exceeds 90% of their First Deposit at any time within seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or (2) if their Net Loss does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the conclusion of the seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Loss, up to a maximum of $100 in cash. 5. Tropicana $100 Real Cash Back 96.00% 183 Slots, Bingo. New players only. Deposit a minimum of $10 in cash and place a First Wager to be eligible to receive either one of the following: (1) if their Net Loss exceeds 90% of their First Deposit at any time within seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or (2) if their Net Loss does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the conclusion of the seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Loss, up to a maximum of $100 in cash. 6. Bet365 $200 New Player Bonus 97.20% 180 Sport, Slots, Arcade. Valid for new eligible customers only. Min. deposit $20. Welcome bonus 100% up to $200 with 15x wagering requirements. Only qualified gаmes contribute towards wagering. 60 days validity after claiming the bonus. Full terms apply. 7. Unibet $500 use code: UBCASINO500 97.87% 337 Live Dealer, Sport, Slots. New players only. $10 free play bonus after signup with promo code UBCASINO10. First deposit welcome bonus 100% up to $500 with promo code UBCASINO500. 25x wagering requirement on casino games only. Terms & consditions apply. 21+ 8. SugarHouse $250 use code: 250MATCH 97.87% 874 Sport, Slots. Deposit with code: 250MATCH for 100% up to $250 on your first deposit. Match bonus applied within 48 hours after claiming. Only one 250MATCH code may be utilized across all associated websites. Full terms & conditions apply. 9. Pala Casino $500 First Deposit Bonus 95.60% 338 Slots, Table Games. Valid for new eligible customers only. Min. deposit $10. Welcome bonus 100% up to $500 with 10x wagering requirements. Only qualified gmes contribute towards wagering. 15 days validity period. All general terms & conditions apply. 10. Caesars $300 First Deposit Bonus 97.00% 564 Sport, Slots, Video Poker. First Time Depositor only – 100% Bonus Match to $300 bonus valid from January 1, 2018 12:00am and is onging until further notice. All times are Eastern Time. $10 min. deposit and 30 days expiry period. Only invited players are eligible for this bonus. Full terms apply.

Pennsylvania Casino Site New Player Bonus RTP Slots Best For: Casino Rating Registration Link Terms: 1. BetRivers $250 use code: 250MATCH 96.50% 136 Sport, Casino. Deposit with code: 250MATCH for 100% up to $250 on your first deposit. Match bonus applied within 48 hours after claiming. Only one 250MATCH code may be utilized across all associated websites. Full terms & conditions apply. 2. Unibet $500 First Deposit Bonus 97.87% 75 Sport, Casino. New players only from the state of Pennsylvania. $10 free play bonus after signup. First deposit welcome bonus 100% up to $500 upon fist deposit of minimum $10. 20x wagering requirement on casino games and 10x on the sportsbook. Terms & consditions apply. 21+

Social Casino New Player Bonus Slots Mobile Games Best For: Site Rating Registration Link Terms: 1. Slotomania More Coins on your 1st purchase 160 118 Free Slots. 2. House of fun 100 Free Spins for New Players 240 224 Free Slots. 3. Caesars Games 100 Free Spins New Players Gift 120 82 Free Slots.

We are committed to bringing you safe and secure operators that you can trust. For that reason, we only feature legal online casino sites that are licensed in the USA. Laws and regulations for online gambling vary from state to state. As such, we thoroughly check the licensing credentials of casino sites to verify that they are legit and above board.

If you want to play real money casino games online in New Jersey, make sure you check out our best NJ online casinos guide. Players in Pennsylvania can find the best PA online casinos on our site. On this page, you will find the best online casinos that payout in the USA. So, read on for our complete USA online casinos guide.

Top 10 Online Casinos That Accept US Players.

BetMGM (Top-Ranked Online Casino That Accepts US Players) Borgata (Top Site for Playing Roulette and Blackjack with Real Money) 888casino (Best US Casino Site for Live Gaming) Virgin (Recommended Casino Site for Online Slots and Jackpots) Tropicana (Top Casino Site for Playing Bingo in the United States) Bet365 (Recommended US Gambling Site for Casino Games and Sports Betting) Unibet (Top-Rated USA Online Casino Real Money App) SugarHouse (Highest Payout Online Casino in the USA) Pala Casino (Best for Bonuses and Promotions) Caesars (Recommended US PayPal Casino Site)

How to Register and Deposit at Casino Sites.

If you are new to online casinos, you may be wondering how to get started. Rest assured that the sign-up process is quick and simple. You can create a new player account by providing just a few details. For your convenience we have created a step by step guide on how to register and play at a casino site.

1. Choose a casino site a) pick from our list of the top 10 casino sites for players in the USA b) or learn how to make your own research with the following casino guide c) read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus 2. Find the registration button a) prominently displayed at the top of the site b) usually called “Sign-up” or “Register” 3. Fill out the registration form with the required details: Names ZIP Code Phone Number Currency Password Date of Birth Address Email Username Security Question 4. Deposit and claim the bonus a) select your preferred payment method from the cashier b) deposit an amount that will activate the bonus 5. Start playing your favorite games instantly!

Once you have completed the registration form, your player account will be created right away. In order to start enjoying the games, you will need to make a deposit. Pick your preferred payment method from the banking cashier and make your deposit. With deposits processed instantly, you can start playing your favorite real money games right away.

Guide to US Online Casinos – How We Rank.

To find the best online casinos that accept US players, we review, test, and compare operators using a set of criteria. Your safety is priority, so we first check that the site is licensed and approved by the necessary authorities. We then rank operators according to game selection, payout rates, payment options, and other such factors. We will delve into the important criteria in the following sections of this guide.

Real Casino Games Online.

Game selection plays an important part in identifying the best US casino sites. After all, if you want to play casino games online for real money, you need to choose sites that offer a solid selection of the games that you want to play. All of our top operators offer a diverse selection of real money games , with something to cater to every player’s taste.

The Best Online Casino Games in the USA.

Slots (Best for Fast Bonus Playthrough and Huge Jackpots) Blackjack (Highest Payouts of All Real Money Casino Games) Roulette (Best Real Money Casino Game with Low-Risk Bets) Baccarat (Top Online Casino Game for High Rollers in the USA) Casino Hold’em (Most Popular Casino Poker Variant Online) Video Poker (Top Gaming Choice for Low-Risk Bets) Texas Hold’em (Poker Variant with Simple Strategy and High Payouts) Craps (Most Famous Vegas-Style Dice Gambling Game) Bingo (Top-Rated Social Game to Win Real Money in the United States) Pai Gow Poker (Slow-Paced Poker Game with High Payouts) Keno (Best Lottery-Style Gambling Game to Play Online) Hi-Lo (The Card Game with the Simplest Rules and Betting Strategy)

Best Casino for Online Slot Machines.

Slots are the most popular of all USA online casino games. As such, you will find that they have the biggest share of the game selection at any USA casino site. If slots are your game of choice, you will want to know how to find the best casinos for slot games.

Certain things make a casino stand out for its slot collection. We check for a diverse range of slot games, with exceptional graphics, a wide variety of themes, and exciting bonus features. We also rate online casinos that feature plenty of mobile-friendly games that you can enjoy on the go. Top slots sites also offer a solid selection of progressive jackpots that feature the biggest prizes you can win when you gamble online.

Slot Sites Slots Mobile Slots Jackpots Bonus Terms & Conditions PayPal Accepted 888casino 330 320 15 $2,000 New players only. One-time offer valid from 2/26/20 – 12/31/22, 19:00 EST. Bonus is only valid if claimed by communication within 48 hours. Bonus must be wagered 30 times within 60 days from granting. Wagering contributions apply and vary by game. Bonus is valid for Casino games only. Withdrawal restrictions and full terms & conditions apply. Yes Party Casino 271 223 10 $500 Must be 21 or older and playing in State of NJ. 1st-3rd deposits min. $10 with code WELCOMEBONUS. 100% match up bonuses as follow: up to $200 on 1st deposit, up to $150 on 2nd deposit, up to $150 on 3rd deposit. 30 days bonus validity with wagering requirements 20x. Full terms apply. Yes SugarHouse 1088 1032 31 $250 Deposit with code: 250MATCH for 100% up to $250 on your first deposit. Match bonus applied within 48 hours after claiming. Only one 250MATCH code may be utilized across all associated websites. Full terms & conditions apply. Yes Caesars 564 481 8 $300 First Time Depositor only – 100% Bonus Match to $300 bonus valid from January 1, 2018 12:00am and is onging until further notice. All times are Eastern Time. $10 min. deposit and 30 days expiry period. Only invited players are eligible for this bonus. Full terms apply. Yes.

There are many casino bonuses available for playing online slot machines , which is great news for slots players. You will find first deposit bonus offers, which match your deposit with bonus funds. You can also find free play offers or free spins. Whatever type of offer you take, you get extra value for your money, giving you more chances to play and win.

You should always check the conditions before you accept any bonus. There, you will find the wagering requirements and other key terms. Keep in mind that the biggest online casino bonus does not always offer you the best deal. You should seek offers with favorable playthrough conditions that can be achieved conveniently. In most cases, slots count entirely towards bonus playthrough. As such, you can play through your bonus on slots much more quickly than other types of games.

Top Rated Roulette Sites for US Players.

Roulette is an incredibly popular game and you will find it featured at all of the best online casinos for US players. It boasts simple rules, making it easily accessible to beginners. Whilst the variety of betting options and potential for big payouts also make it a hit with experienced players.

Most casinos online will offer at least a few versions of the classic game. The best roulette sites offer traditional variants of European, French, and American Roulette with wide-ranging table limits. You can also find innovative variants of the game online that tweak the traditional rules to create exciting gameplay. Good roulette sites also offer bonuses that you can use to play the game.

Roulette Sites Roulette Games Live Roulette Mobile Roulette Bonus Terms & Conditions PayPal Accepted Party Casino 4 1 4 $500 Must be 21 or older and playing in State of NJ. 1st-3rd deposits min. $10 with code WELCOMEBONUS. 100% match up bonuses as follow: up to $200 on 1st deposit, up to $150 on 2nd deposit, up to $150 on 3rd deposit. 30 days bonus validity with wagering requirements 20x. Full terms apply. Yes Unibet 8 2 5 $500 New players only. $10 free play bonus after signup with promo code UBCASINO10. First deposit welcome bonus 100% up to $500 with promo code UBCASINO500. 25x wagering requirement on casino games only. Terms & consditions apply. 21+ Yes BetRivers 4 – 3 $250 Deposit with code: 250MATCH for 100% up to $250 on your first deposit. Match bonus applied within 48 hours after claiming. Only one 250MATCH code may be utilized across all associated websites. Full terms & conditions apply. No Caesars 10 – 7 $300 First Time Depositor only – 100% Bonus Match to $300 bonus valid from January 1, 2018 12:00am and is onging until further notice. All times are Eastern Time. $10 min. deposit and 30 days expiry period. Only invited players are eligible for this bonus. Full terms apply. Yes.

All US online casinos offer a welcome bonus, but not all are suitable for playing roulette. As roulette has a small house edge , some operators choose not to accept roulette bets using a bonus. When roulette is not excluded from an offer, you will usually find that bets on the game do not contribute entirely towards wagering requirements.

Roulette weighting has a big impact on how easily you will be able to clear the wagering requirements. For instance, if roulette has a 0% weighting, you cannot fulfil the bonus conditions playing the game. And if you accept a bonus with a 10% roulette weighting, you would need to place twice as many bets to clear the playthrough requirements compared to an offer with a 20% roulette contribution. So, if you want to play roulette with a bonus, it is vital that you read the bonus conditions.

Top Online Blackjack Sites in the United States.

As the best-loved casino card game, blackjack is offered at many casino sites in the USA. What makes blackjack so popular is that it is not simply a game of chance. You can use skill and strategy to improve your odds of winning. What’s more, it features the highest payout rate of all casino games.

Good blackjack sites offer a range of variants. You can play Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, and many more besides. The best online blackjack casinos for players from the United States offer mobile-friendly games that you can play on your phone or tablet. They also offer wide-reaching table limits that are suitable for both beginners and experienced high rollers alike. read more

The Best Online Casinos for 2020.

Recommended for you: 568 casinos.

Select one of casinos recommended by Casino Guru . This list contains a mix of casinos recommended for various reasons, including big brands , smaller casinos with great bonuses and customer care, casinos with official MX license and other carefully selected alternatives. Better options, of course, appear first.

Casino Guru.

We want players to understand gambling.

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Europa Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.8/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Europa Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.8/10 .

Europa Casino Perfect Casino reputation.

Big casino targeting South Africa One exclusive bonus per player rule Good selection of games 24/7 Customer support.

Spanish website English live chat.

Spanish website English live chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (37)

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Codere Casino MX got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.7/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Codere Casino MX got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.7/10 .

Codere Casino MX Perfect Casino reputation.

Big casino targeting Mexico Mobile casino app for Android and iOS Unlimited withdrawals Company focuses on sports betting rather than the casino.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (8)

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Very Good ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Jambo Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.7/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Very Good ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Jambo Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.7/10 .

Jambo Casino Very Good Casino reputation.

Casino is part of the Aspire Global group of casinos Good selection of game providers Very friendly support Huge selection of games.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (33)

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Zodiac Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.7/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Zodiac Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.7/10 .

Zodiac Casino Perfect Casino reputation.

Weekly withdrawal limit for players who withdraw a sum of money equal to or greater than 5 times their lifetime deposits across the casino group is €4,000 Average monthly withdrawal limit Casino is online since 2002 Live dealer games are available.

English website English live chat.

English website English live chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (10)

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, 888 Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.6/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, 888 Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.6/10 .

888 Casino Perfect Casino reputation.

Casino is part of the 888 Holdings group Wide variety of live dealer games Good selection of game providers Popular progressive jackpot slots.

Spanish website English customer support Live Chat.

Spanish website English customer support Live Chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (35)

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Very Good ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Cashmio Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.6/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Very Good ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Cashmio Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.6/10 .

Cashmio Casino Very Good Casino reputation.

Medium sized casino popular in Europe Monthly special events with exclusive offers & rewards Excellent reputation since it was established in 2015 Wide variety of live dealer games.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (14)

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Pinnacle Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.6/10 .

This rating consists of our overall reputation rating for this casino (which is Perfect ) and local factors for players from Mexico, such as the support of their preferred payment methods, supported languages, ease of use, feedback from our local testers, etc. You can learn more about our local rating here.

Taking all of these into account, Pinnacle Casino got a rating for players from Mexico of 9.6/10 .

Pinnacle Casino Perfect Casino reputation.

The most respectful company in sports betting industry Huge casino popular worldwide Good selection of games Wide variety of live dealer games.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Spanish website Spanish live chat.

Available games.

Slots Roulette Video Poker Blackjack.

Payment Methods (30)

Why using this list is a smart choice.

Up-to-date database of ALL casinos.

We didn’t just choose some casinos and decided that they were the best. We regularly go over all active online casinos and pick the best options for our visitors to choose from.

Independent team of 14 reviewers.

All casinos in our database have been reviewed and are regularly re-checked by an independent team which doesn’t handle anything else but reviews and complaints.

Data-driven review methodology.

Each review is conducted in the same way, following our exact methodology, to make sure that they are not biased or influenced by anything else but the casinos’ actual qualities.

50+ testers from 20+ countries.

Our casino lists are used by players all over the world, and we want to make sure that everybody gets the best possible recommendations. Our testers help us with that.

Fair gambling as a priority.

We treasure fair gambling and want to recommend only casinos which share this value. That’s why the top positions in this list are reserved for honest online casinos.

Results validated by 2+ million annual visitors.

We listen to the feedback of our visitors from all around the world and use it to make our website, including this list of casinos, as good as it possibly can be.

35810 hours.

already spent by our review team to create this casino database.

Which casinos are listed first and why?

A casino can be great for players from one part of the world and terrible for other players. That’s why we’ve created a custom casino rating relevant for players from Mexico , which consists of our evaluation of each casino on a global level, as well as custom factors important for players in Mexico.

Overall reputation.

Local factors for Mexico.

Do players complain about this casino?

Complaints tell us how each casino treats its players. If many players complain about unfair practices, we know that something is most likely wrong.

How big are the casino’s revenues?

Casinos with more active players and higher revenues will not struggle to pay out big wins, so we generally consider them to be a safer choice.

Does the casino have fair T&Cs?

We carefully read the Terms and Conditions of each casino to determine if they are fair towards players and don’t contain deceitful or potentially harmful clauses.

Does the casino appear on some blacklists?

If we find a casino on some blacklists, we warn our visitors and consider each of them separately to determine how we should alter our reputation rating.

What about other casinos related to this one?

Not all casinos operate individually. Many of them are a part of a bigger group of related casinos. For these, we also reflect the related casinos in our reputation rating.

Does the casino welcome players from Mexico?

It only makes sense for us to recommend you casinos which accept players from Mexico. That’s why this is the most important local factor that goes into the rating.

Can players from Mexico easily deposit and withdraw money?

Not all payment methods are available and popular in all countries. We know which methods are used by players from Mexico and favor casinos which support them.

Is Spanish language supported?

It’s no surprise that people prefer playing in the language they understand most. That’s why the support of Spanish language is an important factor we consider.

Is it easy for players from Mexico to start playing at this casino?

The registration and first deposit can be very tiring at some casinos and for players from some countries. This also influences our rating for Mexico.

What did our testers say?

We work with testers from all over the world to make sure that we are able to recommend great casinos to players from all countries, including Mexico.

5 things to know before playing in online casinos.

Pay close attention when choosing an online casino.

Choosing a good online casino is one of the most important steps when you want to start playing casino games for real money online. There are reputable casinos which treat players well, but there are also casinos which do everything they can to exploit them. It’s crucial that you pick a good one, which is exactly where our list of best online casinos comes in helpful.

All online casinos have a mathematical advantage against players. Casinos rely on this advantage to make a profit, but some of them go even further and use unfair practices to increase this advantage beyond the one provided by the house edge. We inspect each casino in detail, so that we can recommend casinos which behave fairly towards players.

There are also other factors which go into determining whether a casino is a good choice for you. You can read more about this in our article about how to choose an online casino.

Use your own details to create an account.

It’s also crucial for you to use your own personal information and make sure that everything you enter when creating an account is correct and truthful . Casinos always check the identity of players when they want to make their first withdrawal (at latest), so you won’t be able to withdraw money from a casino if you use incorrect details.

The vast majority of casinos trigger a so-called KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure when a player wants to make their first withdrawal. This involves checking players’ identity cards, passports, or other documents, so there really isn’t any sensible way to go around having to use your own personal details to gamble online.

Consider whether taking a bonus is a good choice for you.

Although casino bonuses are tempting as they give you more money to play with, they are not always the best choice. There are always rules you have to follow when playing with bonus money, which can be quite restrictive and often make it very difficult to actually withdraw money after taking a bonus. We believe that players are sometimes better off playing without a bonus than with it .

Here are some examples of rules commonly associated with bonus play:

Wagering requirements – You have to play with bonus money and wager a predetermined amount of money before you can withdraw your winnings from bonus play. These are generally so high, that you are very likely to lose everything before you meet them, which is what casinos rely on to stay profitable. Maximum conversion – Even if you manage to meet the wagering requirements, there might be a ‘maximum conversion’ rule in place, which limits how much you can actually win from a bonus. This rule is most commonly used with no deposit bonuses, where we understand and tolerate its use, but we are against using the maximum conversion rule with deposit bonuses (at least some of them, depending on other bonus conditions). Maximum bet – When playing with bonus money, you can’t place any bets you want to. You are required to follow the maximum bet rule and never place higher-than-allowed bets. Restricted games – You also can’t just play any games you want. Some games are restricted, and you need to stay away from them when playing with bonus money.

We’re not saying casino bonuses are always bad. That just wouldn’t be true. We just want you to be aware of all conditions which are in place for each specific bonus before deciding whether taking it a good choice for you or not.

Deposit money only using payment methods held in your own name.

The payment methods (bank accounts, cards, internet wallets) you use to deposit money into your casino account should be yours and held in your own name. Using someone else’s card, bank account, or wallet can lead to a permanent account closure and can be used as a reason for not paying out winnings.

Play wisely and know when to stop and withdraw money if you win.

It’s important you understand that gambling is not a way to make money . You can get lucky and win in the short term, but don’t expect to systematically win money by playing casino games. If you get lucky and hit a nice win, withdraw your money, because you will lose it sooner or later if you keep playing. Also, remember that gambling addiction is a serious issue, so play safely and seek help if your gambling starts getting out of hand .

Casinos always have an advantage, but you can play in a smart way to minimize it and give the house as little edge as possible. Some games are better than others from the mathematical point of view, but you should always remember that you will be playing at a disadvantage regardless of what you do. You can explore this further by reading our article about games of chance.

From the perspective of safe and responsible gambling, it’s important to remember that gambling addiction has the power to destroy lives, so you should approach gambling as something that is potentially harmful . Read our article with tips on how to gamble safely and explore our problem gambling section for more information about gambling addiction, how to diagnose it and how to overcome it in case it develops.

Most important factor: your country of residence.

As mentioned above, the list of casinos you can see on this page has already been optimized for your country , which is based on the IP address from which you are accessing our website. To view online casinos that accept players from another country, you can use the ‘For players from’ filter above or change your country preferences .

You can find selected countries with some information about each of them below, allowing you to easily discover good online casinos if you happen to be from one of the listed countries.

United Kingdom.

Players from the United Kingdom can choose from a big number of great casinos, with one of the best gambling licensing authorities (UK Gambling Commission) governs all gambling activities in the country. You can check out our list of UK online casinos, or dedicated websites like which specializes in casino bonuses for UK players, but also has a list of best casinos for players from the UK.


Gambling in Italy is legal and regulated from 2011, when a new gambling law has been introduced. Italian players can browse online casinos and casino bonuses right here on Casino Guru, either in English, or by visiting the version of our website localised for the Italian market available at


The Greek gambling market is strongly influenced by the country’s intention to keep the state-run OPAP a monopoly, which, however, violates EU laws. Greece’s gambling laws are being amended and it’s expected that other online casinos will be able to get official Greek licenses again. Greek players can find relevant online casinos on

Czech Republic.

Czech Republic has introduced a new Gambling Act back in 2017, which governs all online gambling operators who wish to legally target Czech players. Players from Czech Republic can find relevant online casinos on the Czech version on Casino Guru available at

Learn how to play the smart and safe way.

How to choose a casino.

Games of chance: RTP and variance.

Bonuses and promotions.

Responsible gambling and help for problem gamblers.

Slot machines.



Video Poker.

Online scratchcards.

No deposit bonuses for players from Mexico.

Top recommended no deposit bonuses for players from Mexico.

Latest no deposit bonuses for players from Mexico.

Frequently asked questions.

It’s impossible to pick one casino as the best choice for everyone. As each player has different needs and preferences, the best online casino for one player might be a terrible choice for someone else.

That said, we’ve reviewed thousands of casinos to find out how they treat their players, and then considered local factors for each country with the help of local testers. Casinos are then ordered from best to worst based on our findings, so you should be able to find your best pick near the top of this list . read more

The Best Online Casino Sites in The Philippines – Legal Gambling Guide 2020.

In our complete online casino Philippines guide, you’ll find a detailed review of online gambling laws in the country. We will show you how to find legal and legit online casinos that you can trust. We have tested and compared operators. By assessing all important factors, we have created a detailed ranking based on our in-depth knowledge and experience. Let’s start this guide with the best online casino sites in the Philippines for 2020:

Philippines Online Casino Rating Bonus Amount Casino Site Highlight Secure Link 22Bet 5.0 /5 18,000 PHP.

Visit 888casino 4.9 /5 $200.

Visit Dream Vegas 4.8 /5 2500€

Visit Intertops 4.8 /5 $1000.

Visit Jack Million 4.7 /5 $1500.

Visit 777casino 4.6 /5 $200.

Visit Casino Room 4.6 /5 $1500.

Visit ComeOn 4.5 /5 25€

Visit Casino Midas 4.4 /5 $3000.

Visit 1xbet 4.4 /5 1500€

The operators listed above are the overall best online casinos in the Philippines. We reviewed operators according to a set of criteria. In the following sections of this guide, we will explain in detail the various factors we checked to rank the best online gambling Philippines sites. Read on for the full guide or click on any of the topics that spark your interest below. Alternatively, you can head directly to the full list of approved Philippines online casino sites .

Philippines Casino Guide – The Results of Our Latest Check for 2020.

As already mentioned, our rankings are based on a number of criteria. Your safety is of paramount importance, so we start by performing detailed security checks. You will only find legit online casino Philippines sites listed on this page. We then go on to review all other factors, including game selection, bonus offers, and mobile performance.

Our top 10 Philippines online casino sites scored best overall. Yet most operators excelled in certain areas. Given that different players look for different things from a casino site, we have listed the best performers in each category below.

Editor’s Top Philippines Casino 22Bet Total Sites Checked 75 Top Philippines Casino Bonus 888casino Best Casino Payout 96.75% at 1xbet Best Slot Casino ComeOn Best Skrill Casino 777 Casino Philippines Casino Games 15+ Players’ Software Pick Microgaming Biggest Jackpot $17,207,534 Licensing Authority PAGCOR Legal Body Philippine Government Other Legal Gambling Online Sports Betting.

Safe Online Gambling in the Philippines.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, safety is the most important factor in identifying the best casino sites for Filipino players. You need to be completely confident that the site you choose is legal, secure, and offers fair games. Online gambling in the Philippines is overseen by PAGCOR. Yet Philippine gambling laws prohibit residents from playing at casino sites licensed within the country.

However, you can legally play at online casinos based offshore. As such, you need to know how to spot the trusted and reliable international operators from the rogues. There is no shortage of online casinos that accept players from the Philippines. Yet not all are legit and above board. We only list verified casinos that have passed the necessary inspections.

We check for a license from a trusted gambling jurisdiction. A license certifies that an operator adheres to strict security standards and promotes responsible gambling. Some of the most trusted licensing and regulatory authorities include the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). We analyze the technical security standards a Philippines casino site uses to protect your payments and personal data. We check for SSL encryption certified by reputable providers . We also check for independent audits of games and payouts from approved testing agencies, such as eCOGRA and GLI. We keep up with the latest developments affecting the online gambling industry. We track the latest news worldwide and the trends in the Philippines. We use trusted sources including the Philippine News Agency for official updates from the Philippine government on gambling laws at a national and provincial level.

Casino Game Selection – What Can You Play Legally in The Philippines?

Game selection is a major factor in ranking online casinos. The best Philippines online casinos feature a rich variety of exciting games. They should offer something to cater to every player’s taste. As the most popular of all casino games, you will find slots dominate the game selection at all sites.

Yet the top operators also offer a diverse selection of popular table and card games. Want to know which games you can play at an online casino in the Philippines? Then we can help. In the following list, you can find all Philippine casino games that you can play legally:

Slots Roulette Blackjack Texas Hold’em Casino Hold’em Three Card Poker Caribbean Stud Poker Pai Gow Poker Craps Sic Bo Video Poker Scratch Cards Baccarat Live Games Keno.

As you can see, there is no shortage of choice when you play casino games online in the Philippines. In fact, the only games which are illegal under gambling laws in the Philippines are Jueteng and Masiao. As such, you can take your pick from all available titles featured at our top casino sites.

According to our research, slots are preferred by players in the Philippines. Live dealer casino games are also incredibly popular, thanks to the real-casino gaming experience they offer. Whatever your favorite game, you can be sure to find it at our recommended sites.

Philippines Slots: Top Sites & Games.

Slots are the most popular online casino games throughout the world. And as already mentioned, they have the lion’s share of the game selection at all casino sites. Given their popularity, we checked for a solid selection of online slot games to find the best online casinos for Filipino players.

You can find the top games at ComeOn, the best slot site for the Philippines. You can also play a rich selection of slots at all of our featured operators. We researched what slot games are a hit in the country. According to our research, here are the most popular slots for players in the Philippines:

So, what makes these slots player favorites? Well, for starters, each one features exceptional graphical quality and captivating sound effects that are a treat for the senses. Plus, each has its own unique features and bonus rounds , that make for exciting gameplay. They come with a variety of popular themes, and some even offer life-changing jackpot prizes. It is also no coincidence that many feature a high RTP, offering the chance of good returns.

Casino Jackpots – How to Win Big in the Philippines?

If you play casino games online with the hope of winning big money, then you will be interested to know which casino jackpots you can play for in the Philippines. The biggest jackpots you can win are usually offered on slots. And they are not only available in the Philippines either.

The slots with the biggest progressive jackpot prizes are available at online casinos worldwide. With so many players contributing towards the jackpots, they quickly build to staggering amounts. Crack a slot jackpot, and it could change your life. Want to play for a shot at the big money? Then here are the biggest jackpots available for Filipino players:

Mega Moolah – $17,207,534 King Cashalot – $15,5,18,153 Major Millions – $1,409,789 Millionaire Genie – $1,091,833 Mermaid’s Millions – $2,571,117 Irish Riches – $1,221,970.

These are the jackpot prizes at the time of writing. Although, you should keep in mind that they change all the time. With every single spin on the slot, a percentage is added to the prize pool. And once a lucky player hits the jackpot, it will reset then start to build again. You can play for the current biggest slot jackpots in the world at the best online casinos in the Philippines.

Roulette, Blackjack & Other Real Money Games.

When you play at legit online gambling Philippines casino sites, you will find a rich variety of table games. All good online casinos feature blackjack and roulette . You will find traditional versions of the games, as well as some unique spin-offs with their own unique rules and betting options.

Other popular table games include baccarat, dice games such as Sic Bo and Craps, as well as a range of casino poker variants . Games such as Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker are featured at the best sites. Some operators also offer bingo, keno and arcade games. By partnering with trusted software developers, online casinos in the Philippines are able to offer a diverse range of games with wide-reaching betting limits.

The Best Casino Bonuses for Filipino Players.

When you join an online casino in the Philippines, you can take advantage of a welcome bonus. Most operators offer a bonus to encourage new players to join. They offer various benefits to players. Your bankroll is given a boost, giving you more chances to play and win. Whilst most casinos offer a bonus, you need to check the details carefully to see if you are eligible to claim it. You should also keep in mind that there are few casino bonuses available in Philippine Peso. Your bonus will usually be awarded in dollars or euro.

Bonuses are an important factor that we check when ranking the best online casinos for Filipino players. Finding the best bonuses is not simply a case of looking for the biggest offer. Just as important are convenient conditions. A smaller bonus with low wagering requirements can offer a much better deal than a huge bonus with a high turnover. We have delved into the bonuses on offer, and here is the best casino bonus currently available for players in the Philippines:

Casino Site 888casino Bonus Rating 5.0/5 Philippines Casino Bonus Offer $200 Highlights Rich Game Selection , Mobile-Friendly Secure Link Get Bonus.

All of our top-ranked Philippine online casino sites offer a bonus to new players. The casino bonus featured above is the best of the bunch. But why? Well for starters, you get a generous match when you make your first deposit. It also comes with the most convenient terms .

The wagering requirements are relatively low . What’s more, it can be used to play every game at the casino, with no exclusions. Table games have a generous weighting too compared to many other offers. Furthermore, the long validity gives you plenty of time to play through the bonus with ease.

The Best Philippines Casino Payouts – Data for 2020.

Savvy players know that playing games with a high RTP is the best way to boost your odds of payouts. RTP stands for return to player. It is a theoretical figure which expresses how much a game pays out. For instance, if a game has a 96% RTP, on average, for every $100 wagered, $96 will be paid out as winnings. These figures are calculated over many thousands of game rounds, yet it gives you a good indication of how profitable a game is to play.

You may also hear the term “house edge”, which is used to refer to the proportion of bets that are kept by the operator. Legit online casino Philippines sites list the RTP of their games within the rules. Furthermore, they invite independent testing of their payouts to verify how well their games pay out overall. We have thoroughly researched game RTPs at online casinos in the Philippines. And here are the Philippines casinos with the best payouts:

ComeOn (Best Slot Payouts) – 97.87% 777casino (Best Roulette Payouts) – 98.65% Dream Vegas (Best Blackjack Payouts) – 99.65% 888casino (Best Live Payouts) – 99.28% 888casino (Top Jackpot RTP) – 95.00%

If you want to play games with the best odds of winning, then blackjack has the highest RTP of all casino games . The RTP varies from one version of the game to another but is generally above 99% . For instance, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold by Microgaming has a 99.65% RTP. Whilst live game payouts vary from one game to another, live blackjack offers the best odds.

If you enjoy roulette, we recommend playing French Roulette , which has the highest payout rate of 98.65% . The RTP of slots can range from around 80% – 98%. So, checking the slot RTP is essential to find games with good odds. Why play a slot with low payout rates, when you can play games such as Starmania with a player-friendly 97.87% RTP.

Philippines Online Casino Software and Platform – Players’ Top Pick.

Online casino operators partner with various software providers to power their sites and provide their games. As such, the software has a big impact on your overall experience at a casino site. The best online casinos in the Philippines partner with leading software providers. As such, they offer stable and reliable gaming platforms , that are compatible across multiple channels.

Our recommended online casinos in the Philippines offer games from world-renowned developers. These include Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Genesis Gaming, Play’n GO, Quickspin, and Red Tiger, to name just a few. According to our research, the most popular casino software in the Philippines is Microgaming. The world’s leading software provider boasts the largest game portfolio in the industry. Some of their most popular games include Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II, and Mega Moolah.

Live Casino – Play with Real Dealers Online.

Live gaming is a trend that has gone from strength to strength at online casinos around the world. Live dealer games have an edge over RNG games and are hugely popular with fans of table games. At the best live casinos, you will find a wide selection of popular games. Thanks to their high-quality streaming and interactive gameplay, they offer the most authentic real-casino playing experience you can get online.

Some online casinos that accept Filipino players may restrict access to their live games. However, our recommended online casino Philippines sites apply no such restrictions. You can play roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and other fun games with a real dealer. Want to play real dealer games on the internet? Then here is the best live online casino available to players in the Philippines:

Live Casino 777casino Live Casino Rating 5.0/5 Philippines Casino Welcome Bonus $200 100% Match Bonus Highlights Live Games: 132 , Software: Evolution Gaming Secure Link Play Live!

Our recommended live casino site offers a full suite of live dealer games, with many tables and variants. The live casino is powered by Evolution Gaming , who is widely regarded as the best provider of live gaming software. You will find over 100 tables to choose from, with most games available 24/7. So, whilst the games are streamed from European studios, you do not need to worry about the time difference in the Philippines impacting your opportunities to play live casino games online.

Mobile Casinos – Play on the Go.

Most players prefer to play casino games on their mobile phone. As such, mobile compatibility is essential to be considered one of the best online casino sites for Filipino players. Operators have responded to the challenge, and most casinos offer a mobile responsive version of their casino site that is compatible with most phone brands running on iOS or Android operating systems.

So, regardless of whether you have a Vivo, OPPO, Samsung, Realme, or Huawei smartphone, you can play on the go at the top online casinos in the Philippines. Simply grab your phone and play your favorite real money games directly in the browser.

Casino Payments – How to Make Secure Deposits and Withdrawals.

Payments are an important factor to consider when choosing a casino site to play at. If you are looking for a casino that accepts PayPal in the Philippines, you will struggle to find a legit operator. The preferred casino payment method in the Philippines is Skrill. And the good news is that all of our top 10 Philippines online casino sites accept Skrill.

Our recommended sites also support a wide range of alternative payment methods. Among the accepted payment options, you will find Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, and bank transfer. There are also trusted Bitcoin casino sites in our top 10. You can see a full list of the Philippines casino payment methods here:

VISA Mastercard Skrill Neteller Bitcoin Trustly MuchBetter Paysafecard EcoPayz WebMoney Online Banking.

At a legit online casino in the Philippines, payments are secured with SSL encryption. Deposits are processed instantly , allowing you to instantly start playing real money casino games. Withdrawals generally take longer. The operator will carry out checks to verify your identity and to confirm that bonus wagering requirements have been completed before they authorize the request.

Cashout timescales also vary depending on the payment method used. Casino withdrawals with e-wallets offer the fastest withdrawal times. They can range from a few hours to a few days. Withdrawals with bank cards, on the other hand, can take up to a week in some cases. This is one of the main reasons that players prefer to use Skrill for online gambling in the Philippines.

Are Online Casinos Legal in the Philippines? – Gambling Law Guide for 2020.

Philippines Legal Gambling Guide Licensing Authority PAGCOR Legal Gambling Age 21 Gambling Law Presidential Decree 1067-A.

Gambling, both land-based and online is legal and regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). The government organization was created under a Presidential Decree (PD1067-A) by President Ferdinand Marcos. Subsequent amendments to gambling laws were consolidated under PD 1896. The role of PAGCOR is to oversee the gambling industry in the Philippines and curb illegal gambling. To operate legally in the Philippines, a gambling operator must hold a license from PAGCOR.

The Philippines is home to a wide range of prestigious casino resorts, with the largest share based in Metro Manila. Resorts World Manila, for instance, is one of the world’s biggest casinos. PAGCOR has also issued licenses to around 70 online gambling operators within the country. However, under Philippine gambling laws, licensed operators are not permitted to offer their services to residents of the country. Whilst Philippine residents are prohibited from playing at online casinos located within the country, it is legal for Filipinos to play at online casinos located offshore.

So, to gamble online legally in the Philippines, you should play at licensed and regulated offshore gambling sites. Each of our recommended online casino sites in the Philippines complies with the legal regime. Furthermore, each one is licensed and regulated by leading authorities, ensuring that they are safe and legit.

The most recent changes to Philippine gambling laws were enacted under Executive Order No. 13 in February 2017. The focus of the order was to strengthen the fight against illegal gambling in the country. As the government is focused on curbing illegal gambling , we urge you to avoid playing at state-licensed online casinos (which is illegal) and play only at trusted offshore sites (which is legal).

Gambling in the majority of the Philippines is regulated by PAGCOR. But there are variations on gambling regulations at a national level. Cagayan Valley is governed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). Both organizations follow the same general gambling laws in the country. Both regulate online casinos in their region. However, each has control to manage their respective regions as they decide, provided they abide by national laws.

List of Philippines Casino Sites – All Approved & Legal Operators for 2020.

In this guide, we have explained how we ranked the best online casino sites in the Philippines. Each site we feature has passed strict tests to ensure that they are safe and legit. As such, when you play at any of our recommended sites, you can be confident that you are protected. Here is our full list of approved Philippines online casinos:

FAQ – All Your Questions Answered. read more

The #1 Trusted Guide to Australian Online Casino Sites.

Australian Casino Sites is the #1 trusted guide to online casinos for players seeking the best real money gaming options. We are the 2020 premier source of AU online gambling info.

Our dedicated team of experts has delivered trustworthy reviews of the top online casinos available to Aussies. As a result, both top-rated and newly added online casinos featured on this site are vetted and monitored. This allows us to ensure that the sites we feature offer the highest level of quality. Below are some popular pages to help you get started.

Each of the below have been fully tested and are Australian online casinos that we’re more than happy to recommend to our Aussie visitors seeking real money sites to play online pokies, video poker, blackjack and similar casino games.

Best Australian Online Casinos.

The list below represents the top Australian online casinos that we have reviewed and recommended. We have tested each of these online casinos which is why these are our top 6 best Australian online casinos.

Top Rated Australian Online Casino Games.

How Our Australian Online Casino Reviews Work.

We aim to find all the best online Australian casinos so that we can recommend them to our players. This means that providing our players with trustworthy Australian online casino reviews. This means putting each online casino through a vetting process that covers:

Player Safety Customer Service Casino Bonuses and Promotions Online Casino Game Library Payouts Mobile Casinos.

New Online Casinos Australia 2020.

The list below represents fresh and new Australian online casino pages we’ve added. The operators receive great reviews in other markets. Now they are focusing on adding their service and experience to the Australian online casino market.

These newly added approved AU sites will provide an excellent user experience to Australian players. This includes the ease of depositing with your credit cards, AU based support, and all the great games and bonuses you’d expect to find in quality brands.

Top-Ranked Online Casino Games In Australia.

The following online casino games have proven to be the most popular at top Australian online casinos.

Best Australian Casino Guides Online.

New to Australian gambling online? In these guides, you’ll find content created by our Australian online casino experts. They were created to help our visitors better understand key aspects of responsible gaming before playing for real money.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Australia.

While there are several Australian online casinos available to Aussie players. The following have proven to be some of the best online casino sites in Australia. The top 5 Australian online casinos are as follows:

Australia Online Casino Banking Options.

Due to recent changes in legislation in Australia players have limited deposit options. POLi, NETELLER, and Skrill, for example, are no longer available to Australians. Below are currently the most popular options used for depositing funds at the top Australian online casinos.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the Australian online casino list of banking methods. Be sure to check out our online casino banking page. There you will find all the information you need to know about the most popular banking methods.

Mobile Casino Australia Online.

More than ever Australian players are playing games on their iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices. Casino games such as online pokies, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and similar games. Playing in mobile casinos has become more popular than playing on desktop & laptops.

There are two main advantages to playing your favourite online casino games in a mobile casino. The first is easy: convenience. Aussie gamblers who make use of the mobile version of the top online casinos get access from anywhere. All they need is a stable internet connection.

The second is an amazing online casino welcome bonus. Most of Australias best online casinos offer their mobile players exclusive bonuses. If you’re lucky, you may even encounter an online mobile casino with a no deposit bonus option.

Safe Online Gambling Australia.

Before September 2017 the landscape for Australian players online gambling was very different. There were many operators providing service and committed to the Aussie market. Now, unfortunately, changes in laws have changed and options are not as plentiful.

Consequently, there are no more Microgaming, Net Entertainment or Playtech online pokie games and casino games available to Aussie players.

As a result, Australian online casino players are far more vulnerable to rogue operators. Many shady operators have surfaced to exploit players who have nowhere else to play. Although before it was important to be careful of where you play and choose wisely it’s now it’s become essential. All online casinos are more than happy to take your deposits and money, but will they pay out winnings.

Australian Casino Sites is aware of rogue operators. We would never do our visitors a disservice by listing these on our site other than to point out that they’re rogue. Our goal is to provide you with the best options available. All Australian online casinos you’ll find featured on our site are trustworthy. These hand-picked options we list offer you a safe and secure environment.

We’re an independent guide and our motives are to provide accurate information. Because we’re independent our reviews remain honest. Our casino reviews check the critical factors to decide whether an online casino worthy meets the criteria to be listed on our site. We also re-test to ensure that these Australian online casinos are still acceptable to us.

Why Play at the Best Online Casino Sites for Real Money?

Players from Australia need to be aware of the fact that although many online casino websites may accept Australians. They may not cater to them as well as others. Most online gambling websites operate across many countries.

We all know how annoying currency exchange can be and getting hit with unnecessary bank fees is. Finding an Australian online casino that offers AUD should be a priority. The ability to deposit and withdrawal in AUD will be a huge benefit. Transferring to USD or EUR and then having the casino convert it into AUD is a mistake and should be avoided. All online casinos we feature offer players the benefit of depositing and withdrawing in AUD funds.

Access to customer service during Aussie hours is another biggie. Many sites will only offer customer support during Eastern Standard Time or other time-zones. Which doesn’t help if you’re living in Australia. Choosing a site that offers toll-free customer support, e-mail support and live chat that is available during Aussie hours is a perk. All sites we feature are the highest rated online casinos and offer customer service during regular Australian hours.

Like many Australian players who enjoy gambling on online pokie games and similar games. The quality and familiarity of the games need to be a good match. That’s why the top Australian online casino sites we feature provide a large base of online games. With many that are similar to what you’d find at land-based casinos.

The last thing to mention is the fact that depositing your funds and withdrawing should be easy. All sites at offer quick and secure banking options. You’ll be able to deposit and make withdrawals using Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and various eWallets to name a few.

Casinos Online Australia FAQs.

What is the best online casino in Australia?

It is very difficult to say which online casino site should be awarded this title. This is a question whose answer is dependent on personal opinion. Some players may prefer online pokies and therefore are somewhat inclined to say one of many online pokie game sites is the finest. The same goes for a table game fan.

We can say that on our site we provide several reviews for the top casino sites in Australia. These sites cover all their bases and are likely to provide Aussie players with an amazing online casino experience.

Which casino games can I play at the best online gambling sites in Australia?

The top online casinos offer players access to some of the all-time highest-rated games. Aussie players can look forward to playing a range of the best online slots. As well as, the most popular table games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and many more.

Are Australia online casino sites safe to use?

It is completely safe to gamble online as long as you use a regulated and accredited online casino site. Players do not have to fear using any of the sites we approve of. Each online casino site is put through our vetting process to determine whether it is one of the best. One of the core factors we focus on is safety, meaning that our casino reviews check that they are accredited. It is, for this reason, we will never tell our players to use unsafe Australian gambling sites.

Are free games available at Australian online casino sites?

Most online casinos for Australian players offer the chance to try out new games for free. We recommend that all new players make use of this function before playing for real money. As it is a safe way to get used to the online gaming environment.

What is a casino bonus?

Upon opening one of the best online casino sites, players will be confronted by a welcome bonus offer. Many players may not know what this is or any other casino bonuses are as they are not available at land-based casinos. To make online more attractive, most online casinos will offer some type of bonus to new players. This can range from free spins for pokies or deposit bonuses or bonus codes.

While some sites may limit this offer to being a welcome bonus, others extend this to include multiple promotions. Some of the other bonuses available include free spins, no deposit, and cashback bonuses. For a list of the biggest online casino bonuses, be sure to check out our bonus page.

Do Australian players get taxed on their winnings?

No, you don’t have to pay a cent! Gamblers can play at the best online casinos in Australia all they like without ever having to worry about owing taxes on their winnings.

What are online casino payout percentages like?

Most of the top online casinos post monthly RTP percentages that exceed 90%. This is much higher than what is generally seen at land-based casinos, which is usually somewhere around 60% and 75%. The reason for this massive difference is that online casinos have fewer overheads, meaning they can afford to be more generous with the house edge.

Temas no resueltos en TAVI.

Dr. Rodrigo Bagur.

Bienvenidos a un nuevo Boletín ProEducar, en esta oportunidad, nos focalizamos en temas no resueltos en implante de válvula aórtica por catéter (TAVI).

La prevalencia de enfermedad coronaria significativa en pacientes con estenosis aórtica severa varía entre 50 y 70%. En el capítulo inicial del boletín, los Dres. Sergio Pérez y Mauricio Cohen (Miami School of Medicine, Miami, USA) comparten una revisión que es motivo de discusión y controversia acerca de si debemos revascularizar pacientes con enfermedad coronaria significativa antes de un procedimiento TAVI.

Como todos saben, la valvuloplastia aórtica fue durante mucho tiempo el tratamiento alternativo para determinados pacientes con estenosis aórtica severa sintomática, y que no podían recibir cirugía de reemplazo valvular debido a un alto riesgo quirúrgico. En la era TAVI, la valvuloplastia aórtica es considerada parte rutinaria en el pre-implante de TAVI. Sin embargo, data emergente sugiere que es seguro y eficaz hacer TAVI obviando la valvuloplastia, al menos, de forma rutinaria. En su artículo de revisión, el Dr. Miguel Ballarino (Hospital Privado de Córdoba) hace una puesta al día del rol de la valvuloplastia aórtica pre-implante de TAVI.

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Con el correr del tiempo y el avance de la tecnología, actualmente tratamos pacientes más jóvenes y con menos enfermedades en comparación a 10 o 15 años atrás. Sin embargo, un tema que es de debate cotidiano al momento de elegir el tipo de bioprótesis en estos pacientes, es la durabilidad de las TAVI. Para cerrar, entonces, con la Dra. Lucía Vera-Pernasetti hacemos un sumario de la data sobre durabilidad a largo plazo de las TAVI y la incidencia de degeneración valvular.

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Espero que encuentren útil la información del presente boletín.

Rodrigo Bagur Cardiólogo Intervencionista London Health Sciences Centre, Western University London, Ontario, Canada Director Asociado del Boletín 111 de ProEducar: “Temas no Resueltos en TAVI”

En esta edición.

Temas no resueltos en TAVI.

Revascularización Coronaria en Anticipación de Implante de Válvula Aórtica por Catéter (TAVI)

Rol de la Valvuloplastia Aórtica en TAVI.

Sistemas de protección cerebral en TAVI.

Degeneración de prótesis valvular percutánea y durabilidad.

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Sugar Pop Slotmachine.

Sugar Pop is a candy-based online slot by BetSoft that uses a five-by-five grid with a symbol-matching style of play. You can level up several times to get new potential features in the form of special candy, and multiple wins can happen with the pop feature and other goodies.

One of BetSoft’s most popular titles from their whole portfolio is the Sugar Pop video slot. It is styled a bit differently than most games and uses a cluster-based approach, but it looks excellent from a visual appeal standpoint. On top of that, it uses its format and them together to give players a tremendous amount of action, which also sets up a whole lot of replay value. While there’s a lot that stands out as being different here, the action is similar to what a lot of other video slots with more typical formats have to offer, and so you aren’t going to feel too far “outside of the box” when you play this game.

Play Sugar Pop Slot for Free.

Play Sugar Pop for Real Money.

Spartan Slots.

BetOnline Casino.

Sportsbetting Casino.

Reels 5 Rows 5 Paylines Clusters Bet Sizes $0.50 – $250 Theme Candy Volatility Low Features Bonus Pattern, Pop Feature, Level Up FeatureColor Bomb, Super Color.

Format and Layout of the Sugar Pop Slot.

When you get your initial look at this game, you will be able to tell that it’s not going to be the typical video slot affair. While there are five vertical columns and five horizontal rows, the columns aren’t exactly reels. Instead, they allow symbols to fall down into place from up above. Paylines don’t happen in this game either. Instead, you’ll be able to line up clusters of matching symbols horizontally, vertically or both, and you’ll need at least three symbols in a cluster to get a payout.

Betting centers itself around 50 coins per spin. You can wager with coins that go from $0.01 to $1, making the minimum bet size $0.50 per turn. That might be a little high for some players, but with the low volatility, the swings won’t be nearly as bad as you might think. Players can wager up to 250 coins per turn in increments of 50, and with the maximum coin size being $1 apiece, you can wager as much as $250 per turn in this game.

Pop Avalanche Feature.

The Sugar Pop online slot has an avalanche-style feature called the pop feature in this game, and it’s one of the main keys to the hit-rate being so high. The way this works is that all winning combinations are paid out before exploding in a big, candy-fueled popping motion. This makes space for extra symbols to fall down into place, which in turn gives you new opportunities to get paid. What’s really cool is that this can happen over and over again to give you several chances to win with a number of combinations on any given spin. The winnings can rack up very quickly with this feature as a result.

Level Up and Bonus Pattern.

You’ll notice in the top-left corner of the screen that you have a meter that’s listing your level. You can earn points that will increase your level, and in turn, you’ll gain access to new special candy features. You get points by hitting winning combinations, and there are a total of five different worlds with 30 total levels of gameplay available as you proceed through these levels. Different worlds offer more ways to win in a variety of ways to give players a whole lot of replay value.

Along with this is the bonus pattern shown on the left-hand side of the game underneath the level listing. Whenever you get a set of winning combinations that covers the whole pattern (it doesn’t have to be just one winning combination), then you’ll complete it and have 600 total points added to your score. This makes it much easier to progress through the levels. However, the bonus pattern does not give you any additional payouts, which is something we would have liked to see. With that having been said, you’ll have to hit several wins to get it in the first place, which is plenty of a reward in and of itself.

Special Candy Bonus Features.

There are several different special candies available in this game, and you start with some of them. The Super Color symbol appears when you get at least four of a kind, and it basically adds a multiplier to your next round of wins from the pop feature for the same color. If you get five of a kind or more, then a Color Bomb appears, and if it combines with other matching colors, it will blow up all of the matching symbols on the entire board to make it much easier to get more wins with the pop feature.

On top of that, there are several special candies you get from leveling up. They give a very wide range of features, and some of that includes things like the lollipop symbol that you start with at level 1, which gives you the ability to get a free chance at wins when none appear by having the symbols on the game board shift around for a chance to form new winning combinations that you would have missed out on otherwise in the Sugar Pop online slot.

Calculating Winning Combinations.

To calculate the values of wins in the Sugar Pop video slot, you’ll need to know the base values for each of the seven symbols. Those base values are as follows. The red candy is worth 20x, and the blue one earns you 15x. The green hexagon pays 12x, and it’s 10x for the yellow teardrop. With the orange square and pink heart candies, you’ll be paid 8x and 4x, respectively. Finally, the purple triangle gets you 6x. These are not the payouts for combinations of these symbols, however.

Instead, you’ll get paid these values each time a candy pops. For example, if you made a winning combination in the form of a six-candy cluster with the red candy (which is worth 20x), then you’ll win six times that amount for a total payout of 120x. This is a simple and straghtforward way of handling the payouts in this game, and it works out really well for players who like to verify that they are getting paid what they’re supposed to.


The game concept stands out on its own for being very different from anything else available. The pop feature increases the hit-rate and the action by making it much easier to get several wins on the same paid spin. The leveling system increases the repay value of this slot substantially.


The capacity for winning large jackpots is greatly lowered with the payout style and approach. Not everyone will want to stare at candy for a prolonged period of time because it may make them hungry.

In Summary.

The really cool thing about the Sugar Pop online slot is that it takes the symbol-matching style of gameplay to another level with the leveling system. It also incorporates some extra features with the special symbols that give you a variety of ways to get paid while also keeping things fresh and exciting with the pop feature that comes after every regular win. There’s a whole lot of depth with multiple worlds to work your way through, and so the replay value is higher than the vast majority of other games that you’ll find anywhere.

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Sugar Pop Slot Review.

Sugar Pop Slot Features.

Based on the attractive candy theme Unusual gameplay and theme Multi-level slot game with multiple special features Could be confusing for beginners Game design and graphics are not that attractive Our rating:

Sugar Pop Slot Basics.

About Sugar Pop Slots.

Sugar Pop is one of the favorite online video slots of candy lovers. Developed entirely in honor of candies, it is one of Betsoft’s earlier slots, having been released in November 2013. Like most Betsoft slots, Sugar Pop comes with some innovative features such as the Popping Candy and the Special Candies feature. Since it is a multi-level slot, you can have a great time achieving higher levels and newer worlds and winning bigger rewards. Sugar Pop is an unusual slot as there are no regular spinning reels. When you hit the spin button, the colorful candies disappear from the screen and new candies drop from above. You get paid for getting three matching candies along a payline.

Game in Action.

Sugar Pop Slot in action.

You are going to love the game’s color scheme and candies. You may feel that the slot is designed with female players in mind, but its special features are lucrative enough to attract players of both genders. There is no traditional spinning of the reels although the game is designed like any other online video slot. The Autoplay option and the Spin button are easily visible, and you will not find it difficult to adjust the bet size. It cannot be denied that the game stands apart from the rest of the slots in the industry, but it will remind you of popular games such as Candy Crush and Bejeweled.


Sugar Pop is loaded with special features that you will not find in any other online video slot. You get paid whenever three or more matching candies appear clustered together. For example, if you create a combination of red candies, you will win 100 coins. These matching candies will then burst and candies from above will fall into the spaces created, leading to more wins and more cascades.

The most exciting feature of Sugar Pop is that all ways pay. The game comprises up to 20 levels, creating one of the most interactive slot gaming experiences in the industry. Each level is associated with some special candy feature. For example, you can watch out for the Lollipop when you are just getting started with the game. It appears if you haven’t won any prizes and gives you a chance to win by swirling the symbols all over the reels.

You can also watch out for the Super Color and the Color Bomb. The former appears whenever you create a combination of four same-color candies. They combine to create a Super Color symbol of the same color, which combines with matching colors and multiplies combinations. The latter is created when you create a combination of five candies of the same color. The Color Bomb will then combine with matching colors, causing all the symbols in the combination to explode.

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If you are looking for something unusual in the slot gaming industry, BetSoft’s Sugar Pop is what you are looking for. It has nothing of the traditional about it. There are no traditional wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, or scatter wins. But it guarantees an interactive, multi-level gaming experience with plenty of wins. In addition, there is that delicious sugary theme that you will not be able to resist.

Sugar Pop Slot Machine Review.

Created by the masters of 3D cinematic reels Sugar Pop Slot offers winnings as sweet as colorful rainbow decorated cupcakes. BetSoft Gaming targets player’s addiction to candy themed play and sugar coated winnings can be achieved in an excitingly new way against a backdrop of marshmallow clouds. In cotton candy forest leveling up unlocks higher rewards.

Sugar Pop offers online sweetie lovers a whole new way of winning across five reels, and with heaps of brilliant bonus features, arcade style play becomes even more addictive. Candy combinations can be formed by combining three or more symbols vertically, horizontally and once a successful combination is achieved its pops to allow new candies to fall into place and increase chances of winning endless rewards.

Play Sugar Pop for Real Money at BetSoft Gaming Online Casinos.

Box24 Casino.

SpartanSlots Casino.

BlackDiamond Casino.

SlotsMillion Casino.

More Online Slots.

Sugar Pop Slot Bonus Features & Leveling Up.

Sugar-popping good winnings are triggered by different bonus empowered candies. Leveling up through the 20 levels is automatic, the level-up meter on the right side of the reels shows progress achieved by winnings.

Super Color : A combination consisting of four or more transforms the winning candy into super color, and by matching the color, a multiplier is rewarded. Color Bomb : Color bombs shatter the entire screen and to enjoy this blast of sweet winning a combination of five or more are required. Candy Cane : By reaching level 10 or higher player gain access to the candy cane that explodes once if appears on any reels and blasts away all candies in the same row and column. Cotton Candy : Access to the exceptionally rewarding cotton candy is granted once players reach lever 20 or higher. Once a cotton candy becomes visible it causes a tornado sweeping away symbol to create a winning combination sensation. Jelly Beans : From level 12 upwards the jelly bean makes a crash landing, explodes, and any candy near this spot explodes. Caramel Chew : The caramel chews anything in its way during the bonus round that becomes available once players reach level two or higher. Gum Drop : Reaching the sixth level unlocks the gum drop feature, and once the gums drop onto the reels, it sucks up various candies before exploding. Lollipop : Available to all levels the lollipop swirls and twirls to provide players with an opportunity to strike rich rewards. Chocolate : It only takes a piece of chocolate to melt candy into a magnificent pool of winning opportunities. Jawbreaker : Only from level 8 players are experienced enough to handle the jawbreaker’s power in candy crushing. White Chocolate : White chocolate delights appear from the 4th level, and once players get their hands on these, it is possible to achieve more combinations by launching almond missiles.


Candy Pop Slot is a brilliantly created video slot that becomes super addictive once tornados, twirling lollipops, chocolate pools and jaw-breaking crunches come into play. Leveling up is what keeps playing entertaining, and each new level unlocks, even more, win popping winning opportunities.

Sugar Pop Slot Free Play and Review.

Play free Sugar Pop slot from Betsoft and read our review and rating here at Try Sugar Pop online slot free play demo just for fun or learn how to play the game. Find the best Betsoft casinos and Sugar Pop casinos with the best sign up bonuses and play this 100 paylines/ways to win casino slot with real money.

Sugar Pop Slot Features & Rating.

5 reels with 100 paylines Free spins bonus game.

This is our own slot rating based on how popular the slot is, RTP (Return To Player) and Big Win potential.

You have to be 18 years or older to access our demo games. Please confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

Sugar Pop Review.

11/2/2013 by Casinogamesonnet.

Sugar Pop is a video slot from the game provider Betsoft. In this review you can read more about the features of the game.

Gameplay and Atmosphere.

The game format offers 5 reels with 100 paylines.

Sugar Pop Slot Features.

The features of this slot has not been updated yet.

This is our own slot rating based on how popular the slot is, RTP (Return To Player) and Big Win potential.

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Sugar Pop Slot by Betsoft review.

The Sugar Pop slot machine was designed by Betsoft. It does not have the usual reels, instead, 25 boxes are filled with different symbols according to the cascade principle. The essence of the game is to create winning combinations which allow you to move to the next levels. There are 12 bonuses that have special symbols and the game has a total of 30 levels.

5 1 2 3 4 5.

Sugar Pop Game Bonuses.

The Sugar Pop online slot developed by Betsoft comes with 12 types of bonuses. All of them are special symbols which have additional functions that allow you to get a bigger win when appearing on the game screen.

Two bonuses are available from the start of the game:

Super Color – this symbol appears if you create a combination of 4 identical symbols. When the symbols explode one will remain and if during additional cascades it is involved in creating another combo then it will award an additional multiplier to the winnings. Color Bomb – this symbol is awarded if a combination of 5 identical symbols is created. It will be the same colour as the symbols that created it and if it is used to create a combination it will explode all of the symbols of that colour that are on the game screen.

The other bonus symbols become available as you progress through the levels of the game. They all appear on the screen in the same way as regular symbols and become active after any winning combos have finished cascading:

Level 1 – The Spiral Lollipop symbol will spin the symbols on the game screen in a spiral pattern, changing their colour and positions Level 2 – The Caramel Chew symbol moves in a random pattern and explodes the symbols in its path Level 4 – The White Chocolate symbol will blow up a few random regular boxes Level 6 – The Gumdrop symbol explodes along with several nearby sweets Level 8 – The Jawbreaker symbol will fly out of the game screen blowing up the neighbouring symbols Level 10 – The Candy Cane symbol blows up all the symbols that are on the same horizontal and vertical lines Level 12 – The Jelly Beans symbol will randomly place from 1 to 5 scatter symbols around the game screen which blow up the symbols that they land on Level 15 – The Chocolate symbol will explode the 9 symbols that are around it Level 20 – The Cotton Candy (candy floss) symbol creates a tornado that tears through reguar symbols Level 21 – The Peanut Butter Cup symbol will mix up all of the symbols on the screen.

Sugar Pop Game Levels.

To progress through the 30 levels of the game you need to accumulate points by creating winning combos. The number of points grows in two ways, the first is by creating winning combinations and the second is to collect combinations that correspond to the pattern shown on the left of the screen. Once all the necessary boxes have participated in a winning combo, you get extra points the amount of which depends on your current level and will not exceed 600 points.

On the left side of the screen you will be able to see which level you are currently playing and to the right is a vessel which is filled as you gain points. When it becomes full, you progress to the next level. The higher the level, the more bonuses there are available.

At NeonSlots we have prepared a large collecion of free slot games with unique gameplay and different bonuses that you can play online for fun with no download required.

Symbols and Payouts.

There are a total of 7 regular symbols which are designed as sweets of different colours and shapes.

A winning combination is created by a minimum of 3 identical symbols that are in adjacent boxes vertically or horizontally. The symbols that form a winning combination disappear from the game screen and are replaced by other pictures according to the cascade principle, which can create additional winning combinations. To see diagrams of the patterns, open the paytable of the game using the view pays button in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will also be able to see the payouts per symbol, as you are paid the stated amount for every symbol that is involved in the combination. The symbols are:

Pink heart Purple triangle Orange square Yellow tear drop Green hexagonal Blue oblong Red circle.

Play for free our wide range of online slots themed to Sweets.

How to Play the Sugar Pop Game.

At the start of the Sugarpop online game, you need to choose the value of a coin and the bet size using the arrows. The number of credits in your balance is shown in the Credits bar and the Balance section shows your account in game units. You can also use the Max Bet button to spin the reels once with the maximum bet amount.

To start a regular spin, you need to hit the large green circular button, however, you can also choose to use the auto spins mode. To do this, click Auto Play, select the number of autospins, make any changes to the bet amount and press OK. To return to regular spins, click Cancel. To turn off the auto mode during a series of spins, you need to use the Stop Auto button.

You will be able to see the amount of your previous winnings in the Win window below the reels and to the left of the screen you can see your score for the level as well as for the total game.

Clicking the Options button in the top right corner of the screen opens a window with additional settings. You can choose whether the graphics are low, medium or high, turn on or off the game sounds and splash screen and activate the accelerated spins mode. To close the settings window click Okay.

Sugar Pop Slot – Play for Fun & Payout Info.

Game will launch in a new tab.

By clicking I confirm that I am 18+.

SugarPop Introduction.

SugarPop is an online pokie from BetSoft, which introduces players to an entirely new type of casino gaming. This title offers up a wide range of bonuses features that most pokie fans will have never seen before – making it one of the most innovative games in the online casino world today.

Delicious Theme.

With a candy theme, SugarPop pokies builds on the success of hugely popular social games like Candy Crush. There are lollipops, jelly beans, candy floss and more – each one looking incredibly delicious. You can tell that the BetSoft team spent a great deal of time on the design of this online pokie, as the 3D graphics are very impressive.

If you like the unique 3D twist of Betsoft pokies, then you’re certainly enjoy titles like Great 88 and 4 Seasons – which you can play in our free pokies catalogue from both mobile and desktop devices.


SugarPop features an All Ways format, which means that there are no paylines. Instead of making combinations based on symbols that appear on the same payline, the game determines winning combinations by which symbols appear in groups. As winning combinations are made, the symbols involved in the win disappear and new symbols take their places.

This encourages a chain reaction, and players can hit multiple winning combinations in a single spin. This format is becoming very popular in the online pokie world. You will find games like SugarPop that feature Tumbling Reels from a wide range of developers. Titles like DaVinci Diamonds feature these types of reels, helping players win very generous cash prizes.

Level Up for Bigger Wins and Better Bonuses.

Another new feature introduced by SugarPop is the Levelling Up capability. As players hit winning combinations, they will level up. As they level up, they will unlock new special candies that trigger additional bonus features. They offer the following bonuses:

Candy Cane: Explodes all candies on the same reel Caramel Chew: Leads a path around the reels, crushing other candies Lollipop: Adds new candies to the screen to create new winning combinations Gumdrop: Explodes candies Chocolate: Explodes a 3×3 grid of candies Peanut Butter Cup: Rearranges symbols into new positions Jawbreaker: Crushes nearby candies.

If you don’t have a great deal of time, don’t worry about losing your progress. The game remembers where you left off, so you don’t have to start over at Level 1 the next time you play. All of your special candies will be right there waiting for you!

About BetSoft.

SugarPop is a great example of what makes BetSoft online pokies so great. As one of the newer online pokie developers in the market, BetSoft has a very modern perspective on gaming – so, you will always find innovative bonus features and impressive graphics in titles from this developer. SugarPop is one of many fantastic games from BetSoft, which offer players the chance to win fantastic prizes while taking part in very engaging gameplay.

Sugar Pop Slot.

Play Sugar Pop Slots Free.

200% Deposit Bonus.

Editors Choice – Top Recommended Casino.

US & Canadian Friendly.

Slots Like Sugar Pop.

Slot Game Bonus & Features.

Game Feature Details Software Betsoft Type 3D Slots Reels 5 Auto Spin Yes Lines All Pays Horizontal and Vertical Levels 20 Levels Bonus Symbols 11 types of Bonus Symbols Bonus Pattern Get Exploding candies to Complete the Bonus Pattern Collapsing Wins Get 3 symbols or more and watch them Pop and Collapse.

Sugar Pop.


Sugar Pop Slots by Betsoft if a unique slots game with a ton of bonus features. It is a 5 line by 5 reel all pays slot game which pays you for 3 connecting symbols in any combination of vertical and horizontal direct connections. Play through the 20 levels of games which each level adding a new bonus feature and get bonus points for completing bonus patterns which lead to additional 600 points on level completion.

Similar Slots.

Slot Games like Sugar Pop include Boomanji by Betsoft, Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 by IGT’s Wagerworks, and the popular Candy Crush Saga Slots on Facebook and Willy Wonka Slots in Las Vegas.

Penny Slot.

Sugar Pop is a great online penny slot machine that pays all ways and has a minimum bet of just 2 pennies. From there you can up your bets in coin increments by betting 5 coins at 2 pennies for a total wager of a dime up to $2.50 per spin using 50 cent coins. Its not a high limit slot machine for high rollers.

Bonus Features.

There is a ton of bonus round features in Sugar pop casino slots. They include super colors, color bombs and 9 special wild candies that each give you a new bonus feature as you climb up though the levels.

Levels and Bonus Symbols.

There are 20 levels to this slot game and as the levels progress you get additional bonus symbols. These bonus symbols include: Lolypop, Gumdrop, Candy Cane, Cotton Candy, Jelly Beans, Caramel Chew, Chocolate, White Chocolate and Jawbreaker. Each one of these bonus symbols will affect your spin by changing symbols to wild and making strange things happen. Every symbol also varies the degree of the bonus you receive so sometimes its a small bonus and sometimes it is large.

To progress from one level to the next there is a giant liquid candy filled meter on the right of the slot machine. As you win, the popping candies go into the level up meter and once it is full you have completed the level and move on to the next.

Bonus Multipliers.

When you get 4 candies in a row they collapse into one super color symbol with a 2X multiplier. So if one of the candies of that type makes a win on the collapsing symbols you win double for that win.

5 or more symbols collapse into a 5X color bomb bonus multiplier.

Bonus Patterns.

Bonus patterns get you up to 600 additional points for each level as you complete them. Bonus patterns are in the shape of letters in behind the symbols of the reel. To complete a bonus pattern you need to receive winning “pops” on the symbol in front of the square. Complete the symbol and the bonus is added to the level.

Play Sugar Pop for Real Money.

Slot Machines Online.

Online slot machines are available to play Sugar Pop Slots online for real money in the USA, Canada and the UK. Slot machines have payouts that are higher than those in Las Vegas by 5 to 8 percentage points.

Real Money Deposits.

To start playing for real money make your first deposit easy with a credit card like VISA, VISA Pre Paid, or MasterCard for the fastest results. Papal is available at some UK online Casinos but not in the United States or In Canada. Your personal information is kept 100% safe and Secure by all online casinos listed in this site.

No Download Instant Play Slots.

Play no download slots games for your PC or Mac or right on your mobile ios or Android devices. Free no download slot games allow you to play for money and keeping the software off of your device so you can use the space for more important things like pictures of cats or cars.

Android and Apple Apps.

That new iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note are two examples of apple and android mobile devices that you can play online slots games like sugar pop on. The app size is small so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Casino Slots Bonus.

Play real money slots online and grab a big bonus to start you off right. Triple your first deposit up to $1000 and have a 3X bonus multiplier before you even take your first spin. With this great offer available right now there has never been a better time to get started and play Sugar Pop slots online for real money now .

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot RTP, Review and Recommended Slot Sites.

A cluster-pays candy crush style extravaganza of a slot with low-ish variance, a 96.42% RTP and a top jackpot of 28,305 coins. Comes with level-ups with extra candies, and lots of sweet features including Candy Bombs and infinite Free Spins.

Where to Play Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped.


This is the follow up to the original Candy Dip slot from Betsoft . If you enjoyed the first version then you’ll love this one. It still reminds us of Candy Crush Saga , and it packs a punch with plenty of features.

In fact, in many ways this one is more like one of those Facebook social games with all the level-ups and rewards that come with them. Fair play to Betsoft they have mixed the two styles together nicely and at a low to medium variance this one will appeal to slots players of all shapes and sizes.

The main game mechanic is slightly different to a traditional slot because it uses Clusters rather than paylines to define winning spins , and if you can create five or more clusters in one spin you can set off a Candy Bomb that explodes across the reels.

As in all cluster games, when you create a winning cluster, those symbols explode and are replaced with new ones which can create further clusters and lead to successive wins from one spin.

Let’s find out more …

Some Key Facts About Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped.

The reel layout is 7×7 and this is a Cluster Pays slot – to complete a winning spin you must create a cluster of identical symbols to drive wins. This is a candy-fuelled slot if ever there was one – the symbols are made up of different colored and flavoured sweets of all shapes and sizes, from Gumdrops, Caramel Chews, Candy Canes and lollipops to Fizzypop candy and Jellybeans! The coin range is 0.01 to 1.00. Up to 27 Free Spins can be awarded for the bonus round and they are re-triggerable an unlimited number of times. There is a wild that appears when five or more symbols land in cluster – it substitutes for all others except the Level-Up and Scatter. The RTP for this game is a respectable 96.42% Level-ups are triggered by the Level Up symbols and show up in the meter to the right of the game screen. With each new level-up you gain more candy symbols for bigger potential wins.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped – How It Works.

This game can feel slightly complicated at times and it does take a bit of time to work out, simply because there is a lot going on.

The basics are easy enough though – you need to form clusters of symbols to create winning spins. When a cluster lands, all the symbols in it explode and new ones drop in to replace them ( a kind of cascading reels affect).

During the base game there are several features:

Candy Bombs.

If you land five or more clusters in one go then you trigger a Candy Bomb. The more symbols there are in your winning cluster, the more powerful the bomb, affecting more of the spaces around it. This works as follows:

5 Winning Clusters – Bomb affects area of six candies 6 Winning Clusters – Bomb affects area of nine candies 7 Winning Clusters – Bomb affects area of twelve candies 8 and 9 Winning Clusters – Bomb affects area of sixteen candies 10 Winning Clusters – Bomb affects area of twenty candies.

And of course, with each cluster of five or more symbols a wild is dropped in to dive bigger wins.

Level Ups.

Watch the level-up trail meter to the right of the screen which will tell you how many levels you have increased. Each time a level-up symbols lands you increase by 1. This can start from your very first spin.

When you level up you’ll also add special candies to the reels. These are revealed when a giant chocolate egg appears on the reels and then explodes to reveal a new candy. There are different types, including Morphing Wilds that take on the shape of adjacent symbols, Jelly beans that fire out of the Jelly Bean canon, and a Sweet Hammer that squashes different candies.

Basically what you need to know is that there is a lot of bonkers action going on here, and it’s all good fun. Just get in there any play to find out more!

Free Spins Bonus Round.

To set off the Free Spins round you need to land a cluster of four or more Free Spins symbols. The number of spins is awarded as follows:

4 Symbols = 5 Free Spins 5 Symbols = 7 Free Spins 15 Symobls = 27 Free Spins.

You can go on adding to your Free Spins total by landing more Free Spins symbols during the bonus round.


Sugar Pop 2 is quite a complex little beast because of all the features, level ups and extra events that are thrown in as you progress through the game. It’s also a lot of fun, and it is definitely worth a spin for the experience simply because it’s different to most of the other slots on the market right now. Betsoft have managed to mix a classic slot theme with the social gaming format to good affect and consequently there is never a dull moment in Sugar Dip 2.

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Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slot – Betsoft.

Overall impression.

Game Information Name: Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Software: Betsoft Game Type: Video slot Paylines: Cluster Pays Progressive: No reels: 7×7 Whats hot: Whats not so hot: Knock out visuals Complicated in-play bonus games Slew of bonus features Re-triggerable free spins feature with wilds Suitable to players with different bankrolls.

Where to play?

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped is a 7×7 cluster pays low to medium variance 3D slots from Betsoft that pays a non-progressive jackpot of 28,305 coins . The RTP (Average Return to Player Percentage) is 96.42% or an edge to the house of 3.58%.

The slots is playable on mobile phones and on PC desktops with a minimum coin value of 0.01 up to 1.00. The slot machine is quite similar to Candy Crush, it’s also the sequel to Sugar Pop – one of Betsoft’s most popular online slot releases to date. The game mechanic features cluster wins and all different types of candies that explode in a cascade across the reels resulting in bigger wins.

The visual side of the slots is a bright affair featuring candy of all colors of the rainbow. Betsoft says: ”Don’t get too comfortable, because things are about to change. In Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, everything has been reinvented, from leveling to the candies themselves.”

The free spins feature is triggered by a special cluster of candy, up to 27 free spins can be awarded because it’s a re-triggerable free spins mode an indefinite amount can be won. When a larger cluster of candies appear during the free spins it leaves a wild on the reels which increases payline wins by a hefty degree.

There’s also a special Candy Bomb feature with a special meter to the right of the reels. Paying symbols on the reels are the Gumdrop, Caramel Chew, Candy Cane, Lollipop, Fizzypop Candy, Jellybean Cannon, Morphing Golden Wild, Sweet Hammer and loads of other different candy. All winning symbols explode while the remaining symbols drop down to fill the empty space. The net result is successive wins can occur from a single spin.

Game Play.

If you plan on playing Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped for a long session the Auto Play feature spins the reels from 5 to 100x automatically for you. There’s a Double Up button that doubles your wins if you’ve picked the right one: ”Heads or ”Tails”. If you’re feeling lucky you can gamble all your wins but we don’t recommend it.

Bonus Modes.

The Candy Bomb is triggered by 5 or more clusters – the more clusters that pitch the more powerful the bomb, up to 20 symbols can be effected by the bomb. Once the Bomb has been placed it explodes. It works like this:

5x Winning clusters affects an area of 6 candies. 6x Winnings clusters affects an area of 9 candies. 7x Winning clusters affects an area of 12 candies. 8x and 9x Winnings clusters affects an area of 16 candies. 10x Winning clusters affects an area of 20 candies.

Another interesting snippet about the ‘Candy Bomb’ bonus game is that 5 or more winning symbols in a cluster generates a wild symbol that stays behind after the cluster exploded. The wild symbols substitutes other symbols adjacent to it bar the Free Spins and Level-Up symbols.

When the Level-Up symbol appears special candy symbols are unlocked. To the right of the game screen is the ‘Level-Up Trail’, every time the Level-Up symbol appears the meter fills up.

Level Up Special Candies.

The special candies appear on the reels as a giant chocolate surprise egg. Once a cluster win is awarded the egg breaks open revealing one of several special candies. For instance a Morphing Wild candy will shift and take on the shape as any other candy near it. Jelly beans are fired into the air by the Jellybean Cannon, candy symbols are removed from the reels when they land on them. The Sweet Hammer takes out all the other candies when it slams on them. Each cluster win features a unique mechanic making Super Pop 2: Double Dipped an exciting slots to play.

The free spins feature is played when a cluster of 4 or more ‘FS’ symbols appear – 5 free spins will be awarded. The amount of ‘FS’ symbol that appear are proportionate to the free spins awarded. For example, 5x FS symbols award 7 free spins while 15 of them awards 27 free spins. The nice bit about the free spins bonus is that an unlimited amount of free spins can be won. Two extra free spins will be awarded for each symbol in a cluster. A Candy Bomb will be left behind clearing a large portion of the reels when more than 5 clusters resolve in a turn, this results in massive wins!


Sugar Pop 2 is more than just a ‘Sugary Slots’ although it’s one of the more ‘complicated’ games we’ve played in a while. Players can start leveling up from the very first spin. For every new level you reach a new candy is unlocked which adds the player to a ‘spacial candy’ list.

The trick of the game is its level up feature – the higher the level the bigger the rewards. It plays more like a video game than a slots and it’s Candy Crush to us all over again which we enjoyed immensely by the way.

Where To Play.

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Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot Game Bonuses.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped has been powered by BetSoft. This video slot contains 7×7 grids. It is actually a game that has a girly touch. The animations are cute, the graphics are imposing, and the symbols are designed well.

Best Online Casinos to Play for Real Money Dunder Casino €100 + 120 Bonus Spins Play Now Minimum deposit: £20. 20 spins in Book of Dead on reg. 100% bonus up to £100 and 100 bonus spins. Wagering on bonus spins: 30x. Wagering must be completed within 30 days. Max bonus bet £5. Bonus is valid for a total of 21 days. Game weighting and standard bonus terms apply. Vulkan Vegas Up to €/$1,000 + 125 Free Spins Play Now Only the first and the second deposit made within 7 days after the activation of the bonus are taken into account with the offer. Max bonus amount for the first deposit is €300; for the second starting from €15 —€400, for the second starting from €50 — €700. 30x wagering requirements for free spins and 40x for bonuses. The maximum bet allowed when playing with bonus money is of $/C$/€5. Slotty Vegas €/£350 + 135 Free Spins Play Now 18+. This offer is only applicable for players making their first four deposits to the casino. A minimum deposit is $/€20. Bonus expires after 7 days. Free Spins must be used within 7 days of being credited through qualification. Winnings derived from promotional free spins will be converted to bonus funds with a wagering requirement of x35 the value won.

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How to Play Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Slot?

Before you are going to start your adventure, you have to adjust the range of betting. All you need to do is to first go for the “Choose Coin” option and the move to the “Bet Amount” option.

When the coin size and the amount of the coins are set properly, then you can “Spin” the reels. In case, you are one of the high betters then you can use the option “Max Bet”. It will automatically take the wager to the highest level. However, the “Max Bet” is a nice option.

Free & Real Money.

The Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped is a well-crafted game that could be played just for pleasure. The gamblers can also play it in the real cash mode. On the off chance that you are not interested in betting then you can play it devoid of investing a single penny.


This slot machine provides a jackpot of 28,305 coins. It is a standard jackpot that is quite big.

Bonuses in Online Casinos.

There are several aspects and elements of this slot game that are quite appealing. One of them is the Wild icon.

At the point when you land five or more Candy Wilds in the cluster, then they will produce the Wild which can be placed behind once the cluster bursts.

The Wild icon can take the place of other icons. Nevertheless, it does not have the capacity to replace Level Up and Free Spins.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins.

The free spins feature has been incorporated in this slot game. The gamers need to aim for the Free Spin icon which is the Red FS Candy.

In the event that you manage to target the cluster of four or more, you can activate the feature of Bonus Spins.

The number of spins is contingent upon the number of icons in the cluster. The least number of free spins you can get in this game is 5.

Play for Real Money.

There are numerous players who don’t dread to set their genuine cash on the bet to win genuine cash prizes.

On the off chance that you are one of those players then you need to take after a few steps to play Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped for genuine cash. These names are mentioned below:

As a matter of first importance, you need to open your account on the betting site. Go to the deposit section and pick one technique. Deposit your preferred money measure. At the point when the casino gaming account gets credited then you have to set the wager with this money. From that point onward, simply turn the reels!

Other BetSoft’s Slots.

BetSoft has developed slot games that are awesome in quality and features. Because of this reason, the majority of its slot games are well-known among punters and gamblers. Some of them are named below:

Puppy Love Once Upon a Time Old Timer Paco and the Popping Peppers Out of This World Pinocchio Pharaoh King.

The majority of the above slots are loaded with creativity. Moreover, they are easy to use.

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped.

Ready to play Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped for real?

(7508 user votes)

Get 100% up to 7,000MXN.

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Get up to $2000.

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Best Casinos That Offer Betsoft Games:

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slot.

Perfect for the sweet-toothed online gambler, the highly addictive Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped video slot will quench any appetite for sugary treats. It’s the sequel to the delicious Sugar Pop, and it promises even more mouthwatering delights than the first slot.

The game’s large 7×7 reel set is filled with delightfully colorful candies. And as is typical of many a Candy Crush-inspired slot, the mechanics include cluster pays with cascading reels for more wins. Players are also treated to the sumptuous graphics of a great Betsoft game. A candy floss backdrop and pipes of molten caramel place gamblers firmly in an imaginary world worthy of Willy Wonka.

The best treat about this sugar-themed slot, though, is the variety of special features that come thick and fast to ensure loads of great winning potential plus energetic and entertaining gameplay. There are exploding candies, sticky candies, transforming candies and swapping candies, to name but a few.

As if all that wasn’t enough to keep you hooked, you’ll find that the longer you play, the more you are rewarded. Players will trigger better features as the game continues, because leveling up unlocks new treats for more cash-boosting chances. There’s so much going on in the Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped video slot that you’ll be hard-pressed to leave the game.

Getting the game started is super easy. Players can choose the coin value from 0.01 to 1.00, and then select how many coins to place – from 50 to 250. Bets range from 0.50 per spin to a max bet of 250.00.

The game’s volatility is medium, with bigger wins most likely to come from the special features and bonus. This means that the game’s best value can be found over a longer session. Plus, with an RTP of 96.42%, players can expect a fairly decent return over time.

Sugar Refined by Betsoft.

Just like the original Sugar Pop slot, this new release has been cooked up by the expert team over at Betsoft. The well-established software developer is known for thrilling gaming scenarios featuring stunning graphics and ground-breaking video intros.

The back catalog of Betsoft slot titles sets an industry benchmark for top-quality animation and entertainment that looks superb. Games such as the atmospheric Barbary Coast and the fiendishly fun Good Girl, Bad Girl are really popular. Their detailed gaming scenarios offer players an immersive experience that allows them to escape the real world for a while.

The sequel, Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, features no video intros, but the varied, top-quality animation adds plenty of involving action to a player’s game. Like all of Betsoft’s latest releases, it’s coded in HTML5, which makes it slick and accessible on any device.

Betsoft Is the Candy Man.

The famous song asks, who can take the sunrise and turn it into a treat-filled online slots game? Okay, perhaps these aren’t quite the lyrics. But in the Sugarpop 2: Double Dipped video slot, Betsoft certainly appears to be the Candy Man. Any software developer who treats players to such a spectacular array of candied real cash prizes is going to be popular.

The saccharine reels of this brightly colored slot float on idyllic candyfloss clouds in a beautiful blue sky. The reel set is a large 7×7 grid of seven different cascading candies that offer prizes for matching clusters of four or more.

You can expect payouts that range from 4x to 20x your coin value for each symbol –for example, a cluster of ten top-paying heart candies will earn you 200.00. When you have to play a minimum of 50 coins per spin, you really need multiple wins to make any money.

Fortunately, the cascading reels action allows for multiple wins during one spin. Plus, the cluster pays mechanism means that huge numbers of symbols can land for bigger payouts than you would get on a fixed payline structure.

Adding to your chances of making winning clusters is a rainbow candy wild symbol, which can represent any other paying candy to form a win. The wild doesn’t appear on the reels in the traditional symbol drop. Instead, it is created out of the explosion of a 5-or-more symbol cluster.

If a single spin creates 5 or more cluster explosions, you will also create a candy bomb. This is stored to the side of the reels and grows in strength as long as wins keep landing. When no more wins occur, the bomb will then transport to a random place on the reels where it will explode, generating more wins and retriggering the cascading reels.

With these features on the reels, a player can hit action-packed spells in gameplay where it feels like the wins will never stop. And yet, there’s even bigger prize potential and more fun action triggered by the special symbols with their individual features.

A Gambler’s Favorites From the Candy Jar.

Everyone has a favorite candy in the jar. This treat-themed slots game has three particularly sumptuous sweets which offer all the best action and can reward very well. Players need to look out for the thrilling Easter egg surprises, which contain up to eight candies with different cash-boosting features. There are also four or more large red Free Spins sweets that trigger the bonus from 5 to over 27 free spins. Finally, the large purple arrow fills the level-up meter. Progressing through levels will unlock more candy features from the Easter Egg.

The game also has a gamble feature for even more chances to boost your prize pool. Gamblers can double up either all or 50% of a win by choosing heads or tails on a golden coin flip.

You’ll quickly find that this slot’s gameplay is fast, frenetic and fun. Sugarpop 2: Double Dipped has candies bouncing everywhere, generating wins, filling meters and triggering cascades for even more wins. The action-packed, colorful screen feels like great value for money and offers immersive play that will entertain for hours.

Great Play on Mobile and Tablet.

Betsoft’s delicious design and HTML5 coding ensure that the game runs smoothly and looks great on a small screen. It offers superb play for real money on all the best mobile casinos. What a player will need to consider is the time frame they’ve got to play in. With the level up feature offering more cash-boosting options, the game plays out really well over a long session.

Of course, if you get lucky, then there’s every chance of winning great prizes during a quick 5-minute coffee break. The problem is, you might not want to switch off by the time your coffee is finished.

More Treat-Filled Slots With Similar Action.

For the super sweet-toothed online gambler, there are plenty more candy-filled reels in Play’n GO’s delightful Sweet Alchemy or Evoplay’s Candy Dreams. Both games offer the same cluster pays with cascading reels action. Sweet Alchemy’s bonus structure also features progressively unlocking treats that add to the player experience while boosting your bankroll.

If, however, you’ve had enough of these saccharine-pink themes, why not try something refreshingly different in Evoplay’s dynamite Epic Gladiators? Mechanics are almost a clone of Candy Dreams, but the theme couldn’t be more different. It’s a cute, zany online slot that will really appeal to millennials and social gamers.

Get Double Dipped for Twice the Fun.

Fast, fun and colorful action offers childhood nostalgia and addictive gameplay in this great online slot game. The mesmerizing cascading reels and flying candy features create plenty of fun distraction, and you’ll feel like a winner whether you score big real cash prizes or not.

Although there is certainly great prize potential to be had, this slot is inspired by the addictive social gaming phenomenon that is Candy Crush. As such, the Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped video slot focuses as much on a player’s experience as it does on prize potential. If you’re looking for top-notch fun with your real cash wins, load up these reels now.

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Sugar Pop 2.

Sugar Pop 2 Online Slot: Free-Spins, Plus New Win-Boosting Special Candies.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped brings a fresh edition of Betsoft’s confectionery-themed online slot. This time, colorful candy varieties cascade down a 7 x 7 grid; improving the 3x x 5 board used in the original Sugar Pop. However, players need to land on a cluster of four or more alike images, in order to create an Exploding Win.

The Bomb Candy and the Level Up Features are still present. Yet there is more to expect from this edition, such as Free-Spins and a Candy Wild. A Wild candy can help form a cluster, and therefore cause the disappearance of more symbols at no extra cost.

Sugar Pop 2 Online Slot: Wild Symbol.

A rainbow-colored Candy Wild appears when 5 or more identical candies explode as winning clusters. The Candy Wild though will remain in place, to boost chances of completing another Exploding Win. If that happens, then the triggering-bet garners additional rewards.

Sugar Pop 2 Online Slot: Candy Bomb Feature.

In this Sugar Pop version, a Cluster of 5 or more same-candy variety produces a Candy Bomb. The exploding confectionery will destroy symbols within its area of coverage.

Area of coverage pertains to the number of symbols that will disappear during Candy Bomb explosions. The greater the number of winning symbols that set off the Candy Bomb, the higher the number of symbols affected.

Five winning symbols generate a Candy Bomb that explodes a minimum of 6 images. If 10 or more winning symbols produce a Bomb Candy, as many as 20 icons will explode.

Sugar Pop 2 Online Slot: Level Up Feature.

The Star-Shaped Candy with an Arrow-Up, charges up the Level Up Meter. Each Level Up icon that comes into view works toward unlocking of the next level.

As reward for an advancement, players receive a Cash Prize. Moreover, every game level randomly releases a Surprise Egg Symbol. The latter explodes and reveals a Special Candy corresponding to the current level.

All Special Candies have distinct attributes that cause some random Sweets to explode. Every 4th Level reached by a player unlocks a Special Candy in the following order:

Level 1: Gumdrop – This confectionery emerges in different colors. When in view, the Gumdrop absorbs all candy icons matching its hue, to free-up the related grid positions.

Level 5: Caramel Chew is a candy icon that travels across the play area, whilst absorbing all symbols in its path.

Level 9: Candy Cane works like a Candy Bomb as it destroys all sweets aligned to it within a row and column.

Level 13: Lollipop is a feature of the original Sugar Pop online slot. It shuffles all symbols currently displayed by the game board to create new arrangements.

Level 17: Fizzy Pop is a popping candy that pops images located in random positions across the play area.

Jelly Bean Cannon poses as a Jelly Bean dispenser. Expelling Jelly Beans that land on random images, the active Jelly Beans will then explode and free up the affected positions.

Level 25: Morphing Golden Wild is a special Candy Wild that brings guaranteed win/s. It replaces all candy icons annexed to it in order to create an Exploding Win.

Level 29: Sweet Hammer depicts a hard candy type, as it strikes the grid up to 9 times; destroying and removing a number of symbols in view.

Sugar Pop 2 Online Slot: Free Games.

Regardless of the current Game Level in play, a round of free games may activate. A cluster of 4 or more Free-Spins Symbols achieving an Exploding Win sets off the Free Games. The number of bonus spins awarded depends on the number of Free-Spins icons that exploded.

A Cluster of 4 exploding Free-Spins sets off five free games. Each additional element triggering the free games, raises the bonus reward by 2 free-spins. Yet if during the bonus bout, another cluster of 4 or more Free-Spins Symbols explodes, the number of bonus spins awarded as a set of triggering elements will be added to the remaining free turns.

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped edition contains additional Special Win-Boosting Candies, including a Candy Bomb Wild that can cause additional symbols to disappear after a win-event. This Sugar Pop sequel awards Free-Spins that could go on indefinitely if the free games continue to produce Exploding Free-Spins Wins. Moreover, more Special Candies are in store as the bonus game is configured with 29 Levels.

Sugar Pop.

Quick facts.

170+ games Various bonus rounds Mobile first A variety of games Learn more about Betsoft integration.

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Game Features.

Bonus game round 2X multiplier Colour bomb symbol Wonderful 5,000 coin jackpot Levelled gameplay.

Game Description.


97.6 % Return to player 1.00 € Min bet 250 € Max bet 4755 € Maximum win.

Theme & Graphics.




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White Label.

Bitcoin Casino.

Turnkey Casino.

Self Service.

Will suit those who seek a cost-effective and fast solution.

Developed in the same way as white label, but with the difference that it is targeted at cryptocurrency markets.

Offers wide customization possibilities, including design and functionalities.

The Softgamings unique service which allows your own IT team to develop a customised casino.

Sugar Pop! by BetSoft.

Sugar Pop! by BetSoft is a very unusual level-based slot with a large number of unique features and bonuses. The slot has a 5×5 reel configuration but you will not see a regular spinning reel: The symbols cascade from above and form winning combinations with three or more neighboring symbols of the same kind.

Sweet Party.

Slots -> Video Slots Play for money.

Lines 5 Theme Edibles Reels 5 Bonuses 0 Gamble No Free Spins 0 Wilds 0 Max Win Jackpot Advantage 6.03 %

Fizz Factory.

Slots -> Video Slots.

Lines 50 Theme Edibles Reels 5 Bonuses 0 Gamble No Free Spins 8 Wilds 1 Max Win x 500 Advantage –

Cupcake Rainbow.

Slots -> Video Slots Play for money.

Lines 243 Theme Edibles Reels 5 Bonuses 1 Gamble No Free Spins 50 Wilds 1 Max Win x 100 Advantage –

Sweet Success.

Slots -> Video Slots Play for money.

Lines 50 Theme Edibles Reels 5 Bonuses 1 Gamble No Free Spins 30 Wilds 1 Max Win x 8000 Advantage –

Rocket Candies.

Slots -> Video Slots Play for money.

Lines 25 Theme Edibles Reels 5 Bonuses 1 Gamble No Free Spins 0 Wilds 1 Max Win x 1000 Advantage –

BetSoft Slots.

BetSoft is a Cyprus-based casino games developer known for high quality graphics and sounds as well as innovative features. All of the studio’s products meet the strict certification standards of Technical Systems Testing. BetSoft games can be found in many reputable online casinos.

Sugar Pop! Game Online.

The Sugar Pop! slot has high online user ratings and is often played by high rollers. Try the free slot demo on this webpage and use the casino and bonuses search tool above it to select the best trustworthy casinos and the most attractive bonuses available in your area. The Sugar Pop! slot can be found in such respectable casinos as Mr Green Casino, VideoSlots Casino, Sportingbet Casino, Kaboo Casino and Casino Adrenalin.

Delicious Wins.

The slot game is loaded with tons of candies, lollipops, chocolates, and other sweet edibles. The seven pay symbols feature candies of different shapes and colors. The bonus symbols are as useful as they are delicious and appear in the game gradually when higher levels are reached.

Sugar Pop! Game Review.

The Sugar Pop! slot has a colorful interface with very simple settings. Coin size can be adjusted in a range from 0.02 to 1.00 and bet amounts can be set as 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250. These settings allow the slot to be played at low and high limits.

A round starts by clicking on the big green button at the bottom center of the screen. The Max Bet button to its right automatically sets the highest bet amount with current coin size. The Auto Play button to its left sets up to 100 automatic rounds.

Adjust game options and open game rules and the pay table with the corresponding buttons at the top right of the interface.

Sugar Pop! is a level-based slot in which the higher the level you reach, the more special symbols are enabled. The water level at the right side of the screen shows your progress at each level. When it is full you have reached the next level. Your current level is shown at the left side of the screen.

Clearing bonus patterns depicted at the left side of the interface help to clear levels faster. Squares forming a bonus pattern on the reel field are cleared by any winning combination and special symbols effects. Once a bonus pattern is completed, a substantial amount of water is added to the level indicator.

Regular Candies.

There are seven regular candies which award wins for each symbol in a winning combination in accordance with the pay table and depending on the bet amount. Winning combinations are formed by three or more horizontally or vertically neighboring symbols of the same kind. If the winning group of candies consists of four or more symbols, special candies come out after a combination is cleared.

Special Candies.

The award for clearing four candies in one combination is a super color candy with a x2 multiplier. It emerges after the combination is cleared and forms winning combinations with the same symbols it was awarded for.

Clearing five or more candy combinations will enable a color bomb bonus candy. It has the same color as the winning candy and when entering the winning combination will blow with all the candies of the same color on the screen.

Level Completion Bonuses.

The higher the level you reach, the more bonuses are opened. Ten different sweet bonus edibles are available. They randomly appear on the screen and go into action after all regular candy combinations are completed. All bonuses aim to give more chances to complete winning combinations and they become more effective with each higher level.

Sweet Experience of KeyToCasino.

The Sugar Pop! slot is unique, vivid and exciting. If you have gotten tired of traditional spinning reels gameplay, this slot is just for you. The volatility of the slot is low and the theoretical return to player of 97.6% is rather high, which is why the Sugar Pop! slot is often played by real high rollers.

KeyToCasinos is an independent database not related to and not sponsored by any gambling authority or service. Any data, information, or links to the third parties on this website are for educational purposes only. The inclusion of a link to an external website should not be seen as an endorsement of that website. You are responsible for verifying and meeting age and jurisdiction regulatory requirements before registering with an online casino.

Starting an Online Casino: What do You Need to Know?

Online gambling has always been one of the most lucrative and desirable areas to explore for business owners despite of whether they have experience in the field. In order to open a successful online casino that will benefit an owner and bring pleasure to customers, one needs to follow the proper sequence of steps paying serious attention to all details. As an online casino software provider SoftSwiss is glad to share its experience to help future online casino owners avoid common mistakes that may impede business launch, inflate budget or even close the business down.

Step 1. Preparation.

a) Legal issues.

Online gambling is a subject to licensing, thus an essential thing is to think about choosing the jurisdiction and obtaining a license. There are two main venues where it can be done: offshore countries and the European Union countries. Each has their pros and cons – budget, time, reputation. Usually it takes from a couple of months to a year to obtain a gaming license, for example, 6 months in Malta.

The next step after choosing the jurisdiction is to register a legal entity – a gaming company, opening a bank account and making agreements with payment system providers which will make the legal and financial infrastructure complete.

As an alternative to this method there is a “White Label” scheme which means leasing of software together with the gaming license and financial infrastructure from a software provider and operating your casino under your own brand but with the ready-to-use infrastructure. Such a scheme protects from excessive legal and banking bothers but involves additional costs.

b) Software.

As soon as all legal issues are investigated separately or simultaneously, it is time to choose a professional online casino software provider. While searching the market it is wise to evaluate the price and quality balance. Besides the attractive design and a set of popular games, a quality product shall also include a reliable gaming platform which allows for effective management of casino business and includes the following components:

• CMS • Player management system • Bonus and promotions management system • Game management system • Payment system management interface • Cashier system • Reporting engine • Support of different roles for administrators • Affiliate management system • Anti-fraud system • Retention email system.

Regular software and game updates, hosting and technical support shall also be part of the provider’s package. Professional suppliers always take the responsibility for the full technical support of the after-launch product operation.

The software package that includes all of the above components might be on the upper edge in terms of costs, but the financial investments are worth it because as a result you get a reliable partner ready to support you during the whole project life cycle. Be aware of the fact that buying a cheaper solution might result in double spending in the future.

c) Marketing planning.

An effective marketing strategy is a key point to online casino success. At this stage it is strategically correct to make a rigid competitors research. First of all, it will provide you with a full picture of the market: who the leaders are, what strategies they use, what return on investment they get, etc. Thus, knowing the game rules allows creating a unique offer which customers won’t be able to decline. Using the method of benchmarking plays perfect for the good of online casino success, and what is more important, it is free. Plan your marketing strategy by adapting the best practices of promotion, advertising, and brand development.

If a company starting an online casino is operating land-based gaming business, it is crucial to bring the existing clients to play in Internet casino by offering attractive bonuses and thus developing loyalty and respect to the website. Any know-how are always welcome but be aware of wrong calculated ideas from the mathematical point of view.

The next move is to contact internet marketing companies or individuals specializing in online gambling: SEO agencies, email marketing companies, media resources providing casino overviews, etc. This will help define the best offers on the market and choose the right partners before the website is ready to launch. At this stage, it is also time to think about your future bonus policy and affiliate marketing strategy, as well as check if the selected software provides the appropriate technical opportunities.

d) Budgeting.

Once the costs for legal issues, software and marketing are defined, it’s time to plan your budget. The best option for startup companies is to set the budget at least for the first year of operation, whereas for experienced companies who are entering the igaming market, the budget shall be defined for as long as possible. Don’t plan your budget after setting up the online casino website, plan it before. If you are a startup-company you have to understand that your costs will be higher. Your goal is to earn trust of players from the beginning. Existing land-based brands already have trust.

Below there is an approximate expenses separation a future casino owner shall have in mind while developing a detailed budget within a business plan.

Pre-Launch expenses After-Launch expenses, 1st year Company set up – 3-7% Company running – 5% License set up – 10-30% License fees – 1-10% Software set up – 25- 35% Software support – 10% Staff hiring – 10-20% Games Providers – 5% Pre-Marketing – 15-20% Marketing – 50% Other costs – 5-15% Staff – 20-30%

At the pre-launch stage the biggest budget share shall be devoted to software set-up in order to provide future users with quality product. But after the launch it is vitally important to address half the funds to casino marketing and promotion.

Step 2. Launch.

The time frame for online casino launch depends on both, business owner and software provider. Usually it takes up to 3 months for the provider to set up the software. It includes web site design, platform and games set up, custom settings and possible individual features. The business owner may speed up the process of launch by providing regular feedback to all questions that designers and programmers might have. Any issue can be resolved if discussed in time.

Besides, the business owner shall timely address the issues discussed above:

• Obtaining a gaming license; • Opening a corporate bank account and merchant account; • Making agreements with payment system providers.

Setting legal and financial infrastructure is the task that only the business owner can accomplish. In SoftSwiss we provide consulting services (best options, contacts, etc.) on such points but we can’t guarantee success as the whole responsibility lies on the business owner. You will have to collect a bunch of documents for lawyers and banks like certified passport copy, utility bill copy, certificate of non-criminal records…

Step 3. Marketing.

The secret of the most popular and successful online casino success and popularity is not about the top-notch design or billions of games included. The best online casinos are simply designed and contain 45-50 games on average at the beginning. The secret is in responsible marketing strategy implemented on all stages of the project. Online casino market is an extremely competitive one: first, it is very hard to break into it, and then it is even harder to take a firm stand. Thus, a company has only one chance to win the fierce race among competitors. Below is a list of points that are vital for any online casino that is planning to be prosperous.

• Positioning – Gather professional marketing team and develop strategic and tactical development phases, announce your goals (business, company, brand), and mission. Determine what niche you would like to step in, how you are different from the competitors, what unique features your casino has, and what steps you are going to make further.

Use only quality games from trusted game-providers. You can start your casino with a limited number of game providers, with focus on games based on HTML 5 technology. This technology allows users to enjoy rich graphics games and enhance the overall experience with playing casino games on mobile devices. At SoftSwiss, among our own high-quality HTML5 games we offer game content from the well-known providers, such as Amatic Industries, Microgaming, NetEnt, and we are sure about their quality.

• Prelaunch advertising campaign – Announce your casino, inspire your potential customers to wait for its launch; use all possible methods: online advertising, presentations, publications, etc.

• Online casino promotion after launch – Use SEO, online advertising, banner networks. Everything will work on such a competitive market.

• Client attraction and retention campaign – Establish an efficient support service or 24h call-center which your customers can address at any time. Take care of your clients by making navigation through the website: create “How to” sections or FAQs, write manuals on how to play the games, provide demo versions, make everything clear and understandable. Develop a bonus system, make auctions and entertain and reward your customers all the time. Remember! Only business owner can establish the right content on the page. The software provider should give you the possibility to work with the content, but not create the content.

• Implement affiliate networks – Develop contacts with partners which will be an impetus to online casino development.

Additional Step 4. Bitcoin casino.

Forward looking online casino software providers offer Bitcoin as an alternative payment system for their solutions. Online casino owners all over the world appreciated such advantages of Bitcoin casino as significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees, increased customer loyalty, fast payment processing and many more.

As an acknowledged Bitcoin casino experts, SoftSwiss would like to recommend all potential Bitcoin casino owners to get a clear understanding of the crypto currency, research on the peculiarities of Bitcoin gambling, and learn how transactions work by making a couple of bets at an existing casino. Understanding the core of the payment system is essential in business, moreover it will help to build a strong marketing campaign and further manage the Bitcoin casino. Contact SoftSwiss for professional advice on Bitcoin casino launch.

Managing an online casino is hard work but with all legal and financial issues resolved in a timely manner, quality software chosen and a strong marketing strategy in place, it can be successful. The demand for online casinos will increase – specialists predict 40% growth of this market segment in the nearest year. Following all the steps described above will help a newly made online casino to develop sustainably and outweigh the competition. Good luck!

About SoftSwiss.

SoftSwiss is an established software provider that develops B2B solutions for the iGaming industry. SoftSwiss offers a proprietary platform for running an online casino business, along with thousands of casino games and a range of associated services.

We are a software company first and foremost, but over the years we accumulated a wealth of knowledge about how online casinos work and what the iGaming industry is about. Starting up an online casino, just like starting any web project, is a hard job where one has to keep a lot of factors in mind. Articles in our Knowledge Base contain useful information that will allow you to have a smooth start and make your online casino a long-term success.

Useful Articles.

How do players choose an online casino? Learn 7 factors that influence this choice.

White Label is the most effective way of starting an online casino from scratch.

An introduction to online gambling jurisdictions, gaming regulation and licenses.

An insight into the crucial role of affiliates in promotion of an online casino.

Easy step-by-step guide on how to start.

Easy step-by-step guide on how to start.

SoftSwiss has been working in the market of eCommerce and iGaming solutions since 2008. With the advanced technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry, we deliver high-quality projects for clients worldwide. SoftSwiss online casino software is a unique tool introduced by SoftSwiss to enable businesses start their way in iGaming.

Starting an Online Casino.

Starting an online casino is tough but rewarding, in this article we’re going to show you the best way to start an online casino and give you an idea of some of the steps involved in order to win in this amazing industry.

Few Industries can Match the Potential Earnings of Casinos.

The gambling world currently is generating millions each year. This factor serves as the biggest motivator to establishing an online casino. Evidently, the gambling market continues to expand and allowing interested parties to be part of the community.

Size of the online gambling market from 2009 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

However one should note that it is not possible to become a millionaire overnight! It is a process, and one needs to take time and enjoy the profits however little as a start. Before starting an online casino take time to study the online software providers that exist. Determined to give their customers the best software solutions, they have support structures that give the best experience to entrepreneurs. They provide the casino with an identity. It is important to select your providers wisely because they can either make or break the casino. The world is experiencing a digital migration, and the gaming industry is embracing it. The land based casinos are no longer popular because the attention is shifting. The burden of finding a physical building is no longer required because your website will be your space.

The quickest and cheapest way to startup an online casino.

Setup a white label! This is where someone else has done all the hardwork for you in establishing the below criteria from getting software providers, licenses, payment methods etc A white label provides all the stuff you need and will cost between £20k-£100k including the white label’s fee. The disadvantage is that the whitelabel will charge you a percentage of winnings.

How to establish an online casino without a white label provider.

The first move involves identifying a software provider.

Partner with a provider that will bring out the best as you continue with the journey. Some might feel that they will reduce the cost by developing their own site. It is only possible if one has the right technical knowledge. However, if you chose to work with a partner ensure they offer user-friendly front end, a gaming management system, payment module and access to betting markets and top events.

Furthermore, there exist providers who request for monthly charges from the proceeds. By contrast, the other providers simply send files containing the source code after obtaining the site. Handing over the files gives the owner maximum access and data privacy with no monthly charges. The software providers include Micro Gaming,, and Net Entertainment just to mention but a few.

The appearance of your website is important to make sure you invest in a design that is attractive. Unnecessary graphics will only overload your site and affect the gaming experience. Also, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Do not go for very complicated and demanding graphics. Also when selecting the games, ensure that you diversify the selection. Incorporate table games, poker, slots machine among others. This move will attract gamers to your site because you will be offering them with options.

The second step involves obtaining a license to operate.

This next level will also require that you work with government regulators. The government will not allow you to conduct your business without a license. As a result, one must settle on a country that best fits the online casino. Note that it must not be the one that you reside in but one that favors your interest. Finally, one needs to pay a specified amount as well as provide information required before issuing the license. Most importantly, understand the legal procedures and the restrictions of a country. The laws and practices of each country are different when it comes to licensing. This is one of the huge advantages of using a white label provider mentioned above as you are paying to piggyback on their license.

Select your desired payment methods.

Subsequently, after acquiring the license, the next step involves establishing payment method so that customers can deposit and start playing. As a business person, one must understand the existing customers and their differences. Completing this part will allowing activities such as accepting deposits, making payout and withdrawing. Currently, credit cards are highly acceptable because they attract customers. Nonetheless do not feel limited. Conduct your research and find what works best, for example many online casinos allow customers to deposit and withdraw via their mobile phone bill using a premium rate SMS service.

Marketing is everything for an online casino.

You want to open your online casino to the sound of depositing customers and not to the sound of crickets! Exposing your brand to the public will attract more customers, and I return result to an increase in profits. After accomplishing everything and getting the casino started, it is time to make it popular and acquire players. Draft your market plan and our target market. It will help in formulating an advertising strategy. Spend some time forming campaigns that include the use of television ads, magazines, the search engine optimization and many others. The content on your site needs to be unique to differentiate it from your competitors. Your site also needs to support diverse languages to generate more players. Also, the site should give the customers welcome packages, promotions and other packages to draw gamers to the games offered. Rewarding loyalty by providing incentives to the gamers that spend most of their time playing will prevent them from straying to the competitors.

Securing your online casino.

It is expected that any starting venture encounters problems and in the online space this takes the form of security. The industry has been met with the hacking menace and an online casino needs to invest in hiring professionals to guarantee security of the server. Save yourself from losing money to cyber criminals by dealing with professionals.

Some costs involved in setting up an online casino.

It is crucial to form a budget and to diversify a plan for the costs involved in building the online casino. The venture requires a massive financial investment due to the numerous expenses that include marketing, payment services, license acquisition alongside an early license fee. One needs to formulate a budget that will break down the costs involved as well as displaying the incurred amount. An inadequate financial planning will limit the casino from progressing to the next level. Therefore, a good financial plan will determine whether the casino will grow or fail.

The other important partners include the customer care staff represented by a team of eight to twelve people. They need to be available twenty-four hours a day to handle the different arising issues. Also, the team needs an affiliate manager to recruit the affiliate partners who will market the site if the company chooses to work with an affiliate site. Overall the costs will involve a retention program for the loyal players. The salaries of the team will range from 200,000 dollars to 300,000 dollars depending on the company’s selection of staff. Again this is something that can be mitigated using a good white label provider.

Success stories of other people who have started an online casino.

The online casinos that exist currently were not well known. The individuals just had a vision, and they decided to go along with it. They envisioned a world where players could play their favorite games in the comfort of their homes. Before the online wave took over, the founders were only popular to a small group of players that had the interest in gaming. The startup websites are now fully developed, and they are functioning properly. More people have gained interest, and currently millions of people are playing the current online games. The success stories are an indicator of growth in an accommodative industry. A humble beginning should not hinder one from progressing and achieving success. Below is a sample of profiles composed of established casinos that began as start-ups.

Casumo is an online casino where the whole experience is gamified The site started in 2012 with an adventure where you travel to different places and planets, gain experience and can get valuable rewards as you level-up. Betfair has created an impact in the gaming world. A good number people are familiar with the site after the introduction of exchange betting. It represents a new form of betting where gamers get to bet against each other using bookmakers. The launching of the site took happened in the year 2000, and since then, it continues to leave a mark in the people’s lives. It offers a wide range of games composed of incredible graphics, animations, and sound effects. Bet365 is a UK based online casino started in 2001 offering a wide variety of games that include bingo, poker, skill games and others. It made £1.5bn in 2015 . Playtech and Microgaming are the providers, and since they are the top developers in the gaming industry, you will automatically receive the best. The gamers get to join the game through flash casino, or they can also download the app. The casino received its license from the United Kingdom gambling commission and the Gibraltar government. The individuals behind this incredible site were not afraid to start. They went ahead to develop a leading casino.

Are you the Next Casino Mogul?

Market research has shown that the gaming industry is continuing to grow and make people very rich. Perhaps you will be the next startup to flourish in this amazing industry? What’s for certain is that online versions of casinos are set to improve, and soon it will overtake the land based casinos. It is vital to stay at the top of the chart by designing a website that will attract players from different parts of the target market. The online casino needs to have products that are consumer friendly with unique functionalities. The special features will engage the players, and they will keep them interested. The gaming providers have made it possible for gamers all over the globe to enjoy their preferred games, relive their fantasies as they recreate movies.

Finally, starting up on a blank page requires courage and determination. It is definitely not an easy process! It is met with challenges that need solving and takes time, dedication and the drive to make sure that one does not abandon the thought once things get tough. First and foremost one needs to gain experience through gambling on various sites that exist in the market. Understand how they function and know the ins and outs of running an online casino. The whole process is engaging and requires effort. However, nothing good comes easy. It all requires putting your mind into it and making it work. A well established and running casino will give the owner ultimate satisfaction and will also reap amazing profits unrivalled by many industries. Overall it is a worthy investment.

The Relevance of Live Streaming in Niche Sports.

Mentor vs. Entrepreneur Coach.

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Lucky Nugget casino has been showing Canadian players a good time since 1998 and it continues to bring you all the best in online gaming.

Licensed and registered by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and awarded the eCOGRA Seal of Approval for commitment to fair play and providing a safe and secure virtual environment, you won’t find a casino with better credentials online.

400+ Incredible Casino Games.

Microgaming is responsible for providing Lucky Nugget with superior, innovative casino software and Canadian players can enjoy more than 400 of the finest casino games available online. A trailblazer in the online casino software sphere, Microgaming supports almost all platforms, giving you the chance to enjoy Lucky Nuggets’ unique brand of online entertainment on your computer or mobile device. Mobile casino games provide the ultimate in gaming on the go and at Lucky Nugget you can take advantage of an ever-growing selection of iOS, Android and Windows optimised entertainment.

Play Casino Games.

Slots fans can enjoy innovative games like Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck, or they can try their luck in Mega Moolah, Major Millions and other progressive slots games. Classic and contemporary Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat is readily available and Video Poker, Keno, Craps and other great games will keep you endlessly entertained.

All-Round Online Entertainment at its Best.

Lucky Nugget invites Canadian players to take advantage of one of two amazing bonus offers available on sign up and first deposit, and by utilising one of the trusted banking options available you can transact with complete peace of mind. Regular players are rewarded just as generously and loyalty rewards and promotions will enhance your online or mobile casino experience.

Lucky Nugget is Canada’s number one choice when it comes to online casinos and our array of games, mobile and online software, excellent credentials and big bonuses and jackpots is enough to impress even the most experienced player.

Baytree Ltd (C74699), is a Maltese registered company registered at Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta XBiex XBX1011. Baytree Ltd is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, license number: 00812 (issued 3rd August 2016)

Please enable cookies to successfully register and login to the site.

South Africa Online Casino.

South Africa’s #1 Online Casino Guide.

Our online casino guide focuses exclusively on serving the South African market. Here you’ll find well researched expert reviews of 2020 best South Africa online casinos, helpful beginners information along with game guides, banking option recommendations and the latest SA gambling news.

Top 2020 South African Online Casinos.

The listing below respresents the top South Afircan online casino gambling sites for 2020. These gambling brands are all well established and have been fully vetted and tested by our team of experts. Each sites featured below offers SA players the ability to deposit and withdrawal in Rand (ZAR) using convenient banking options. Claim Rand bonuses below at these industry leading South African online gambling sites and start playing today.

Powered by Playtech software is the #1 South African online casino.

Yebo Casino.

RTG powered gambling site focusing exclusively on the SA market.

Mansion Casino.

Offers an excellent selection of casino games, promotions and other incentives.

Punt Casino.

Punt Casino is a South African friendly online casino that’s currently offering each new player up to R10,000 in free bonus cash.

Springbok Casino.

Springbok Casino is a top-rated South African online casino and if you sign up here today you can claim up to R11,500 in free bonus cash.

South African Gambling FAQ.

Not every South African player has experience in playing at online casinos so there may be some unanswered questions. This FAQ section for South African players addresses some of the common questions and concerns that players may have and will provide them with the knowledge they need to engage in a safe and rewarding experience online.

Why Play SA Online Casinos?

Players from South Africa have many great options as far as where they can play. In many other parts of the world players are limited in their options. At our goal is to provide players from South Africa with details on the best South African online casinos to play for free or real money. All casinos listed here on our site offer players the ability to play in Rand (ZAR), get paid and collect bonus offers in Rand currency. Each offers toll-free customer support to South African players and are all well regulated, transparent and trustworthy online casinos to play at. Players from all provinces of South Africa including, Cape Town (Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape), Free State, North West, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are accepted and encouraged to play at these fine casinos featured below.

Playing online offers a convenience to players who may not have access to a land casino. These sites are a great way to access cash games without having to leave home. They are also very secure, so players will always be protected. The great thing about playing online is the availability of games, which can be accessed at any time. Players will also benefit from casino bonuses and stellar customer support services when playing online.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

When players choose an online casino, they should ensure that he site is licensed and regulated. This will indicate that they offer player protection and that the site is overseen by a governing body. The license will also indicate that all gambling laws are being followed. The top South African online casinos will also use encryption software when payments are processed to ensure the safety of all personal and financial information.

What Games are Offered?

Online casinos will provide players with exceptional games to meet their needs. The games that are offered will be the same as one would find in a land casino. All games in online casinos are tested for fairness so players always have equal chances at winning. The top South African casinos will offer a huge selection of slots and table games and players will also benefit from video poker machines and some specialty games.

Can I Win Real Money?

When players sign up at a casino site, they will be required to choose a payment method if they want to play the games for cash wagers. As long as the casino account is funded and players are betting cash on the games, they can keep the winnings that have been generated, so, yes, it is possible to win real money online.

Are South African Casinos Legal?

For players from South Africa, there are specific casinos sites that cater to the needs of these players. These sites are completely legal and operate in accordance top gambling laws. It may be up to the player to disclose any winnings for tax purposes.

Are There Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are offered at most of the top casino sites and will reward players with free cash. This bonus money can be used top plat eh games that are supported. Not every casino site will have the same offers, but almost every one will at least have a welcome bonus that will provide cash to new players.

Are The Games Safe?

South African casinos are often powered by Playtech or RTG, two of the leading software developers in the industry. The games that are created by these companies are safe and reliable ad will provide a realistic gambling experience regardless of the skill levels of the player.

Gambling News.

Below you’ll find the latest casino & gambling related news added here to South Africa Online Casino. We add news to this website regularly so if you’re interested in South African related gambling news we suggest that you come back and visit from time to time for updates.

Blueprint Gaming Launches Another Fun New Rhino-Themed Slot.

If you’re looking to play on the new Rhino Rampage online slot from Blueprint Gaming that was released towards the end of May 2020, and if you live in South Africa, one of the best SA online casinos that I can recommend heading over to is This .

Check Out This New Kingdoms Rise Jackpot Slot.

The Kingdoms Rise online slot machine series from Playtech now consists of eight unique titles, thanks to the very latest instalment. In late June 2020, the new Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fire online slot was released. This game, like many of the other Kingdoms Rise slots, was developed by a .

Out Now: New Pyramid King Online Slot from Pragmatic Play.

The new Pyramid King online slot from Pragmatic Play is available now at several trusted SA online casinos. If you hadn’t already guessed by the name, this new Pragmatic Play slot has an Ancient Egyptian theme. It brings their total number of Ancient Egypt-themed slots to seven – John Hunter .

Player Testimonials.

I’ve been playing for many years at casino websites that I come across when doing research online. The one thing I like about SouthAfricaOnlineCasino is that they provide a short list of options for players to choose from. Most other sites are overwhelm you with options so the condensed listing definitely helps. – Tim B.

Since discovering this site I have tried playing at and a few others with some decent success. One problem I was having with some of the other casinos I tried was that I couldn’t get my deposits in. Glad that options are out there that makes it easy for me to deposit in Rand. – Jodi P.

Really great to find honest reviews of sites for South African players. So many of the guides I’ve visited over the years boast about the best sites and this and that. Most of the time they are not so it’s good to find well composed reviews and good opinions about the available options. – Cameron D.

Some features of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino may be inaccessible in your country.

According to a Reddit post by u/LordMcze, some GTA Online players in certain countries don’t have access to some or any of the gambling features in GTA Online’s latest feature – the Diamond Casino & Resort.

This is due to each country’s own laws regarding gambling, as backed up by Rockstar Games’ Support FAQ. The FAQ says the following:

Question: I received a message in game saying a feature is “not available.” Why is this feature not available? Will it be available later?

Answer: Certain features are not available at all times or for all players. This can occur for a number of reasons including regional restrictions, game design, or the incompatibility between features you are interacting with. If the message you receive says the feature is not available “now,” the restriction is temporary and you can come back later to access the feature. If the message you receive says the feature is incompatible with another feature, please choose which feature you would like to experience.

One Reddit user, u/riptor01, says that they’re from Greece and that the game allows them to purchase in-game chips, but they can’t gamble with them.

Another user, u/tarwixcz, claims that PC users can change their Social Club country to any other country that has less restrictive gambling laws and also use a VPN to circumvent the issue.

The current list of countries that are confirmed to be affected by this is as follows:

Bosnia and Herzegovina.

United Arab Emirates.

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Microsoft gives us another look at the new Windows 10 Start Menu.

Watch out! The Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app is deleting your Gmail!

Here is how to disable YourPhone.exe from running in the background.

by Rahul on June 25, 2020.

Microsoft is not releasing Windows 10 for ARM to new macOS Apple Silicon-based u.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 20152 for Dev Channel Insiders.

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready driver now supports DirectX 12 Ultimate features.

Latest Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update force-rebooting PCs.

Get your designer hoodie and more now in Amazon’s big Menswear sale.

Summer is here, and with the world finally opening up, the time is right to stock up your wardrobe with some summer essentials. If like me, you, however, prefer doing your shopping safely so.

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Deal Alert: Get the Microsoft Surface Headphones for just $118.

Microsoft’s well-received 1st gen Surface Headphones are once again available on discount. The Surface Headphones is now available for just $118.24 ($231.75 off the usual $349.99 list .

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Sodapoppin’s Blackjack Streaming Outguns Poker’s Finest.

You might think that out of all the casino games available, poker would be number one for Twitch streaming and YouTube views, the biggest names in the game such as Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville boasting massive audiences. But you’d be wrong! Enter the virtual blackjack world of Chance ‘sodapoppin’ Morris and prepare to be amazed.

Two million+ followers on Twitch? 871,553 subscribers on YouTube? Thousands of videos and TwitchTV archived streams? Those are just a few of the numbers ‘sodapoppin’ can boast as he brings his Live Blackjack adventures to life – so it’s probably a stroke of luck for poker’s biggest and best that he hasn’t found his way into other card games.

Officially confirmed double the number of the Polk/Negreanu faithful combined on YouTube and almost ten times Somerville’s RunItUp channel on Twitch TV…

TwitchTV YouTube Sodapoppin 2,045,315 871,553 Doug Polk 72,113 206,408 Daniel Negreanu 56,168 213,103 Somerville/RIU 219,965 39,503.

So what gives? How does ‘sodapoppin’ Morris have so many people willing to watch him, for example, take on live dealer blackjack ? Because that’s what around 40,000 of his fans did when their favourite decided to livestream a single $5000 bet on the blackjack tables !

Well, a background in video gaming helps of course, Morris a hugely successful World of Warcraf t player, with at one point over half of Twitch’s WoW followers tuning in to his play. Add in a load of other games such as GTA5 as well as hosting VR ‘meetings’ with his fans and it’s not difficult to see why he’s ‘the Man’ .

Turning to his love of online blackjack, for those who don’t know the game beyond the most basic of rules, it’s definitely not just a game where the ‘house always wins’ – and you certainly don’t have to be shoving $5000 on the table to prove it!

Henry Tamburin , one of the most legendary blackjack players in history, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack , explained to me a very important point overlooked by many new to the game:

“I would say it’s a myth that bad players on your table will hurt you. The reality is this: your chance of winning does not depend on the skill of any other player on your table ”.

Of course, online blackjack doesn’t give you the chance to count cards and make $millions the way the MIT crew did in their infamous runs on the live casinos – although this incredible tale almost certainly drew thousands of players towards the already massively-popular game.

It does, however, allow those who have learned ‘basic strategy’ the chance to fight the house for a share of the money everyone else is spending – and since games always have winners and losers, you have to do your level best to be on the right side of the list.

‘Sodapoppin’ may not be the biggest winner when he shares his blackjack exploits on TwitchTV, but there’s nothing to stop you claiming that spot – although drawing in 2million+ viewers when you do it is probably asking a bit too much!

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Sodapoppin net worth.

Sodapoppin: The Infamous Twitch and YouTube Personality.

Born on the 15 th of February, 1994 as Chance Morris, Sodapoppin has become a formidable internet personality since he stormed the scene with his exceptional Twitch and YouTube channels. He is an American internet personality, a Twitch streamer, and a popular YouTuber. He has some of the biggest following on his Twitch channel with more than 200 million views and more than 3 million followers. His YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and more than 330 million views.

Sodapoppin Journey into the World of Twitch and YouTube.

Sodapoppin began his journey online in the year 2012 when he started streaming on Twitch. Suffice to mention that he switched to Twitch from Xfire the same year. Few years after he began streaming, he became a successful player of World of Warcraft and attained the top rank with more than half of Twitch’s followers watching his exploits online. Sodapoppin was actually one of the very first Twitch streamers to become successful through Twitch. Of course, there are many people who desire to play video games, and do live vlogs about it, and get paid while at it. However, for Sodapoppin, he has attained his desire and he is absolutely living his dream. Apart from World of Warcraft, he was also streaming other games before he moved to the world of online gambling streaming.

Sodapoppin Early Days as an Internet Personality.

Although Sodapoppin is successful today but he didn’t start being successful at the beginning of his career online. As a matter of fact, the road was rocky and full of setbacks. He had to fight against numerous barriers before he could attain his Sub and become one of the most successful online celebrities today. As with everything in life, not everyone favors Sodapoppin. Many don’t appreciate his tricks but many will concur that he is keeping his activities and streaming as real as it can get.

One thing that stands Sodapoppin out of the crowd of streamers is his personality. Sodapoppin is quite unpredictable. Unlike many streamers who are your kind of good guy, chill or aggressive; you can’t possibly pinpoint the class you can categorize Sodapoppin. He is basically a bit of everything on the screen.

Although he started out as a World of Warcraft player, he has dabbled into other games, including casino gambling games. In the year 2014 and 2015, Sodapoppin began to stream blackjack casino gambling on casino platforms. In the course of his gaming, he had won and lost thousands of dollars. For instance, he lost a total of $5,000 on a single hand while playing at the online casino. More than 43,000 viewers watched him lost at the game.

Sodapoppin is definitely not a professional player, neither an e-sport person. However, his personality has enabled him connect perfectly with his audience during his gaming activities or while vlogging. This has distinguished him from the crowd of other streamers on Twitch.

Let us take a look at the events that led to the popularity of Sodapoppin on the internet and how he became the famous internet personality that he is today.

How Sodapoppin became Famous at Twitch and YouTube.

Sodapoppin was one of the very first sets of people to engage in the Blizzard game of World of Warcraft. When the game started in its beta stage in 2003, he was one of the very few people that got hooked to the game. It wasn’t until the following year when they released the game that others started latching on to it. Sodapoppin’s love for virtual games started from when he was little. While growing up, he was always excited to show off his PvPs games to everyone that cared to listen. He got involved in his game and was constantly playing and showing off his skills. By the year 2010, he had moved to start playing online and he began to play at the defunct Xfire platform, a live streaming website. While streaming at Xfire, Sodapoppin didn’t get many views but his activities on this platform started off his online streaming gaming career. Before the launch of Twitch, he had about 500 followers on Xfire.

At the launch of Twitch the following year, Sodapoppin stepped out into the limelight. He began to play World of Warcraft and he was receiving floods of views. A huge fan base of World of Warcraft would congregate at his channel to enjoy the amazing performance he brings to the table while engaging in raids and PvPs with one of his friends or his followers. By the year 2018, Sodapoppin net worth is placed at an estimated figure of $400,000.

Today, Sodapoppin has diversified his gaming interest and is not frequent at World of Warcraft games anymore. He has begun to explore other games, including casino games. Interestingly, he has maintained his fan base even though the majority of his followers are die-hard fans of World of Warcraft.

Well, if you are looking for a family-centered platform, Sodapoppin’s Twitch and YouTube channels are definitely not what you are looking for. His channels are nothing like Shroud or Ninja, or any other family-friendly channel at that. Now, it’s not as if he talks trash or something like that. The thing is that his jokes are not something that children should listen or watch and it is something that parents might find quite offensive. His channels are for individuals who prefer real life streaming. He doesn’t fake things neither is he a pretender. He is simply doing his things without any frill or filler.

Sodapoppin Banned.

Sodapoppin has more than 3 million followers on Twitch and a total view that exceeded 330 million. Currently, he occupies the 16 th position in the Top 100 Most Followed Streamer on Twitch. When Twitch platform was first created, Sodapoppin practically lived on the platform. The only thing he did then was always to stream his gameplay at the Blizzard most successful World of Warcraft. The core of his streams then were PvPs. He was the rave of the moment as everyone wanted to watch him play. Apart from his games, his humor and jokes made him the favorite streamer of all times. He was one of the first set of streamers to make the most natural slang in the Twitch community, ‘POG’ to become a trend.

On various occasions, Sodapoppin has been banned from Twitch. As a matter of fact, he is one of the Twitch personalities that received the most banned slots on the platform. You might want to ask the reason why he was banned. First, his ex-girlfriend was in possession of firearm while he was streaming live. Second, his ex also revealed her ass while Sodapoppin was streaming live. Another time, it was a case of his girlfriend revealing a lot of cleavage on live streaming, which Twitch tagged as inappropriate for viewers.

Although he was banned severally, Sodapoppin still found his footing after many struggles. He activated his Sub and became a fully active streamer on Twitch. Today, he is one of the top Twitch streamers pulling hundreds and sometimes millions of viewers per live stream. Many people have wondered about what distinguishes this young Twitch streamer from the rest of his contemporaries. Some have argued that he is more of a comedian, which was why he has enjoyed so much followership and views on his videos. However, Sodapoppin is more than a comedian. No doubt, he is always cracking one joke or the other about his gaming escapades and World of Warcraft. When you are looking for a sarcastic streamer, Sodapoppin comes to mind without any stress. In fact, his heights of sarcasm often leave new viewers who have no inkling about gaming in a world of confusion when he makes his satirical statements.

In all of these, Sodapoppin is not entirely unserious. He makes some serious and realistic statements that his viewers find realistic. He is also very open to share his opinions about any issue he is dealing with. For instance, there was a time he made an open statement about how tired and sick he feels when he thinks about female “twitch streamers”. The underlying meaning of his statement borders on the reality of many streamers on the platform. According to him, many of these streamers are unreal and have nothing significant to offer their viewers.

While talking about his feelings on female streamers, Sodapoppin made a valid point. Although he tried to be nice and not rude, he went straight for individuals who are really streaming to make cheap money and increase their viewership. He accused them of just forming sexy before the camera without necessarily having any skills in gaming or stream entertainment. According to him, the only skill and feature they have to offer is their boobs. For many of his followers, Sodapoppin is just being real and making the obvious known. It is statements such as this that make people feel and think that he is indeed a real person that is willing to say it as it really is without fear of being judged. And of course, this is the kind of attitude that many followers are looking for. Sodapoppin doesn’t feel any qualms expressing whatever he is thinking per time. It doesn’t matter if he gets banned because the admin of Twitch thinks he is making and encouraging hate speech in his videos. He definitely will say it the way he feels about it.

Sodapoppin usually streams his video live. However, if you don’t get to watch the live stream, you can always watch the replay on his YouTube channel. Let us look at some of his most watched live streams on Twitch.

Stream Decides The Music #12.

Sodapoppin uploaded the Stream Decides the Music #12 in August of 2017 and the video has enjoyed immense views since it was uploaded. Currently, there are more than 4.7 million views on this video alone. As the name indicates, the music underlay for videos shown in the stream is determined by the specific stream. Sodapoppin has been able to practice the skill of videos and music underlay to a great extent and this has made him the favorite of many of his followers.

Stream Decides the Music #21 (Sellout Sunday)

This is another of his series of Stream Decides the Music. This edition has a total of over 2.9 million views on his page. The video contains a 13 minutes and 52 seconds content that streams different clips of videos from different sources. This video is underlay with music and shows Sodapoppin laughing heartily to the hilarious video clips and making comments at some.

Another of his most watched video is the Stream Decides the Music #23. The live stream had over 2.8 million views. The video shows the same series of videos like the other Stream Decides the Music series of Sodapoppin.

Stream Decides the Music #23.

What is the Stream Decides the Music all about?

With Stream decides the music, Sodapoppin doesn’t create any video or stream a personal video or something like that. He only takes other people’s videos and streams it live while he watches the video itself. The videos on Stream Decides the Music are picked randomly from other YouTube videos and are shown on Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel. He streams himself watching the videos while he gives his remarks or just laugh about the video. In spite of the fact that there is no originality of concept or idea in the video, millions of people still sit to watch Sodapoppin does his things.

Sodapoppin YouTube Channel.

Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel is basically about his gaming exploit and an IRL streams. His YouTube channel, on the other hand, focuses mainly on the highlights from his Twitch platform and his personal vlogs. He currently has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 330 million viewers.

Sodapoppin Net Worth.

Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris, popularly known as Sodapoppin is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. His net worth is estimated to be about $6 million USD. He makes his money from posting videos on his YouTube and Twitch channels. He does this multiple times within a week. When he first started on Twitch, he was known for playing World of Warcraft. With time, he began to stream gameplay of some other games, such as Dead By Daylight, IRL, The Joy of Sex, God of War, Overwatch, and The Spire, among others. He began to stream on Twitch in the year 2012 after leaving Xfire. Since he began his online streaming career, he has stepped up to occupy a position among the top twenty most followed streamers on the platform.

In addition to being an internet personality, Sodapoppin was also the co-owner of the Canadian e-Sport company, Northern Gaming. Later on in the life of the organization, NRG Esports made a bid and bought the company. Suffice to mention that NRG Esports is owned by Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’Neal, and some other partner. Sodapoppin has also become a partner in the organization.

In the year 2017, Sodapoppin participated in the H1Z1 Invitational tournament and started out on a good note. At the initial stage of the game, he eliminated a fellow streamer by the name, Dr. DisRespect. Unfortunately, Sodapoppin didn’t make it to the top ten in the game.

How much does Sodapoppin make on YouTube and Twitch?

With over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 330 million views on the same platform, it is not out of place to say that Sodapoppin is making huge money from being an internet personality. On average, he gets about 340,000 views on a daily basis from various sources online. These views basically would generate revenue of about $600 USD per day for him. This means that from his YouTube channel, he makes an estimated income of $220,000 per year. This earning is from various ads that come up on his videos.

Generally, YouTuber makes between $2 and $5 per one thousand monetized views on their channels after YouTube has taken its cut. Usually, monetized views vary from 40% to 60% of total views on the channel. It is essential to point out that everything regarding monetized views is impacted by different factors, such as the viewer’s location, device played on, and ad inventory. Other factors that impact on this include the number of ads that were placed on a video, the ad engagement, as well as the number of people that skipped the ads, among others. The cost per ad view is determined by the auction between the advertisers and the views.

Additionally, there is a program called Google Preferred, which allows big-spending organizations to target ads on the top 5% most viewed contents. For this, the rates for the ads are higher than the standard. In addition to ads, YouTubers also make additional income from YouTube Red viewers. These are individuals who pay monthly subscriptions to view videos without ads and watch premium contents on YouTube. YouTubers get paid based on the watch time for their videos. In other words, the longer they watch their videos, the more they earn at the end of the day.

For Sodapoppin, he makes money from these different sources. However, his major source of income is Twitch. He makes money on this platform by paying the subscribers, donations, ad revenue, and Twitch bits. He currently has over 3 million followers on Twitch and he has an accumulated view of over 200 million. On average, he gets about 27,000 viewers per stream. He has been able to acquire over 15,000 subscribers on his channel. From these subscribers, he makes a minimum of $2.50 USD from each of them on a monthly basis. This makes about $37,500 USD per month and $450,000 per year.

It is important to mention that the fee being paid by each subscriber is $4.99 USD. However, Twitch Partners and Affiliates will get 50% of the subscription fee, which means the streamer will end up receiving about $2.50. For popular streamers, they can earn more than this basic figure as Twitch pays them more than the standard streamers. This is to encourage them and retain them on Twitch platform. Some of these popular streamers are upgraded to between 60% and 100% of their monthly fee.

In addition to the revenue sources highlighted above, another source of revenue for streamers is through the Cheering feature installed on their channel. This feature works with the chat feature of the channel. When a fan cheers a streamer with bits in chat, the streamer gets paid. You might be wondering what the Cheering is all about. Well, a Cheer is an animated chat emotive that utilizes bits. By typing ‘Cheer1’, a bouncing gray triangle will be generated and this would cost the fan 1.4 cents. If you type ‘Cheer100’, a dancing purple diamond will be generated and this would cost you $1.4 USD. Fans have the opportunity to cheer any amount they desire. This includes any irregular figures. When you cheer any amount, you can expect the corresponding emotive to commensurate the amount. In other words, the larger the cheer, the larger the cost you would have to pay. For instance, if you type ‘Cheer10000’, you will generate a fractured red star and this will cost you $140 USD.

For every Bit pledged, the streamer will receive one cent and Twitch will retain the 0.4 cents. Fans also have the opportunity to donate money directly to their best streamers. They can do this through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. They can also redeem their pledge through Paypal. There are different third-party service providers that Twitch streamers can use to connect their account in order to activate the extra features. These features include alerts and donations. There are some other popular services on Twitch, which include StreamTip, Gaming for Good, Stream Elements, StreamLabs, Muxy, and StreamTip. These services are designed to offer special donation page for streamers to host their channel on their own server. With this, streamers can easily direct their viewers to make donations.

These donations also make a large percentage of Sodapoppin income generation on Twitch platform.

Controversies surrounding Sodapoppin.

On a number of times, Sodapoppin was banned from Switch because of some controversial contents he posted. In fact, Twitch sees him as a rebellious individual who rarely plays by the rules. Prior to the year 2014, streamers could stream any unfiltered contents that many people would consider very offensive. However, after Amazon bought over the website, things automatically changed. Streamers had to filter their contents to make sure that they are not offensive and not seen as hate speech. For individuals like Sodapoppin and other streamers, conforming to the rule was quite a struggle. As a result of this, they got banned from streaming whenever they posted any content that is believed to have caused anyone hurt or offended anyone.

Over the years, Sodapoppin has adjusted to the requirements of Twitch. Although he has curbed his excesses in terms of unfiltered contents, his contents still remain gritty much more than many other popular YouTubers like Shroud and Ninja. There was a time he got banned at World of Warcraft and had to contact the customer support of Blizzard before his account could be restored. Not long after his account got reactivated, he got banned again in the April of 2018. Fortunately for him, the ban was lifted the following day and he was able to return to live streaming.

Sodapoppin’s Relationship with his Fans.

Although many people seem to have a lot of negative things to say about him but there are many people who see him as the best in Twitch. If you don’t believe this, you only need to check the number of his followers, subscribers, and viewers. He won’t have such a huge followers and viewers if he is really bad as many people think. Anyway, the major thing that has kept him at the top on the platform is his ability to interact well and freely with his viewers. He doesn’t talk at his viewers or over them; he allows them to contribute and chart the course for his live streams. There are times when he allows the comment section take over and determine the content of the rest of his stream.

His ability to interact with his viewers is a big plus for him and this has significantly influenced his clout on Twitch. He treats his viewers as brothers and sisters, and he is always ready to listen and respond to them. His behavior is more pronounced on the site especially when you consider the fact that many streamers do not interact well with their followers. read more

Sodapoppin Has Awkward Moment Playing Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Twitch streamer Sodapoppin had an embarrassing moment when he was streaming Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. You need to see what his dog does next.

Who is Sodapoppin?

Chance Morris, whose known by his gamer name “Sodapoppin” was a successful World of Warcraft player. Since starting Twitch back in 2012, he reached the top ranks in the game. Chance was getting half of Twitch’s World of Warcraft followers to view him during that time. He switched over to gambling games in 2015-2015. This proved to be an expensive new channel as Sodapoppin. During one stream, he lost around $5000 on just one hand with a viewership of 43k.

Sodapoppin just doesn’t stream games. He co-owned a Canadian eSports organization called Northern Gaming, which was then bought out by NRG Esports. Currently, Sodapoppin is one of the most popular Twitch streamers where he has close to 2.5 million followers. Chance Morris can be found streaming Grand Theft Auto V predominantly.

Sekiro Player Has Most Awkward Moment Streamer on Twitch.

During one of Sodapoppin’s recent streams, he was playing the popular new game, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. He had to take a break because his dog wanted attention and kept coming into the live stream. That’s when this happened.

As he was showing affection to his dog, Sodapoppin had to get back to streaming to he said, “ Alright, we’re done “. As soon as he pushed his dog away, the dog started to do a rather sexual gesture, which Sodapoppin looked in complete awe. He then broke down laughing as he couldn’t believe his dog just did that on his live stream for all of his followers to see.

Read: New Archetypes Coming To Rise of Shadows Expansion.

It’s one of those moments that you hope people don’t see as it’s not only uncomfortable, but hard to break away from as the situation is just too hilarious to ignore.

But Sodapoppin knew he had to go back to his stream of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and moved his dog to another room in order to continue to stream. It’s quite the awkward situation to be put in because there’s really nothing else to explain here.

Read Game Life on the GO: Follow us on Twitter @GameLifeHQ.

Sodapoppin Criticized for BetOnline Ads on Twitch Livestream.

Chance Morris, known on Twitch as Sodapoppin , is being criticized on Reddit for his ads. Morris, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, has discussed games like World of Warcraft on Twitch for years.

During that time, Sodapoppin (pictured right) also discussed his gambling hobby. Morris made no secret that he gambled on online casinos. In earlier years, he did not advertise online casinos when he focused on blackjack.

That changed this week as Sodapoppin delivered an ad for BetOnline Casino late in one of his live streams , though the ad was not properly identified for several hours. For an ad to follow Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines about being a paid advertisement, it needs the #ad or #sponsored identifier in the title of the post.

Reddit members had a hot-topic debate about the livestream in a subreddit. Many focused on the fact Sodapoppin’s Twitch feed is visited by underage viewers, so a gambling advertisement would be inappropriate for his audience. Some fans expressed outrage. Others expressed wonderment that Soda, who presumably makes millions via streaming, would risk his wealth for $10,000 in free money from BetOnline.

Still others defended the Twitch star, saying he only took house money to play and they saw nothing wrong with what he did. Soda faces backlash from several angles: from Twitch, from his fans, and from the FTC.

CSGOLotto Scandal.

Measures by Twitch and fan backlash might cost Soda money, but the FTC could cause him legal troubles. A new set of FTC rules dictate how Americans can tout gambling sites. The rules stem from YouTube and Twitch streamers who touted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin-gambling sites. CS:GO players who played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam could go to third-party sites to gamble on skins — weapons that characters use in CS:GO.

Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassel touted a site called CSGOLotto on their popular YouTube channel. In the videos, they would show themselves winning bets on the CSGOLotto, but they never told viewers they owned the website. The videos showed how easy it was to win, never saying that the video was edited and the game was rigged.

Trevor Martin and Tom Cassel eventually had their YouTube channels shut down and they faced criminal charges on FTC violations in the United States. When the judgment came, they received minor punishment for their crimes. The FTC and YouTube changed policies to assure transparency among streamers in the future, while providing stronger consequences for those who broke the rules.

FTC Act’s Section 5 Rules.

Now, streamer, Instagram stars, and other social media influencers must disclose any paid relationship or ownership interest in a product they sell. Also, the influencer must place #ad or #sponsored in the title of any post which touts a product.

The FTC Act’s Section 5 states anyone not doing so can be charged with deceptive advertising. Twitch changed its rules to conform to the Section 5, so those failing to comply can be kicked off the platform — thus losing a valuable source of revenue.

Sodapoppin’s BetOnline Ad.

Chance Morris never touted skins, because that was never his preference. Instead, Sodapoppin discussed blackjack . He even had a blackjack dealer deal him a hand while he talked to the audience. Sites like advertised on Sodapoppin’s stream.

This past weekend, Sodapoppin’s Twitch feed went for several hours without the #ad distinction or other indications it was a paid advertisement. The sponsorship details were added later, while the YouTube channel noted, “ Sodapoppin is sponsored by Betonline.”

LivestreamFails Subreddit.

On Reddit, the livestreamfails subreddit discussed Sodapoppin’s sponsorship by Betonline and reached 9,000 upvotes. Soda fans were outraged that he did not disclose the gambling relationship, while some wondered why he needed the sponsorship in the first place.

As an example of the vitriol posted on the subreddit, one commenter wrote, “Streaming has for sure made Soda a wealthy man, is the money he received from this sketchy ass website really worth jeopardizing your community.”

Another Reddit poster defended Soda’s conduct, saying, “Still better than some sponsored gaming session . He could make much-much more by playing some mobile game that no one enjoys watching. Instead he accepted a gambling sites offer. He would gamble there anyway, why would he ignore some free money? He’s enjoying, viewers are enjoying it, everyone wins…All he did was accepted free money.”

About BetOnline.

BetOnline is an online casino, sportsbook, and poker room which serves the US and international gambling community. The site has weathered a controversy or two, such as the live stream which revealed a dealer breaking the rules of the game. Card players have made claims about bots on the site, though many poker players have made such claims about online card rooms.

Reddit posters suggested BetOnline is a scam site, but as far as US-friendly online casinos, its reputation does not stand out from the crowd as a scam site. Many of Soda’s followers prefer non-gambling games, so their knowledge of the industry might be limited. Newsweek tried to contact Chance Morris and BetOnline about the Reddit controversy, but neither commented for the story.

Snap, crackle and pop with big wins in Sugar Pop slot game.

Talk about a one heck of a sugar rush, the Sugar Pop fun slot game is an exciting new variation of its own- right at the moment. All it takes for you to be a part of this fun game is to simply start free game play with absolutely no registration or sign-up needed.

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Popping prize wins for real money in Sugar Pop slot.

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What makes online slot fun really pop?

One more exciting thing about the Sugar Pop fun slot is that it’s also available to play as a mobile slot machine too! This touchscreen version is just as easy to play, and it can be played anywhere you like. It’s because of that convenience, it may just help you to relax your mind, after a stressful day or even when you want to pass the time. It is compatible with the Windows phone, Android, iPhone, Linux and Mac categories of mobile smartphones and tablets. Ok, we won’t leave out the owners of laptops either since you can connect to the internet just as easy.

No download needed, or is there.

As most online slot games often allow, there are apps and download versions of their games available, however in the case of the Sugar Pop slot, you might need one additional download that is simply silly sounding. Most modern gadgets and pc’s don’t need to download flash to run most of the online game we see so often. Understandably there may be the need to download the Adobe Flash Player, which is about as ancient a technology as the dinosaurs. However older mobile models and pc’s do require this software to run games from Betsoft. If you do encounter this problem, simply download the ‘Flash’ player program to run this slot game without any problems whatsoever.

More free games and reviews by the same software provider:

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Developer Response ,

Hi! We’re sorry to hear of the trouble. Please contact our Support Team at [email protected] so they can give you more information on why this is happening for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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I use to love playing this game until I realized the people who take care of situations along the way just don’t seem to care or know wth is going on for example; the company will constantly keep popping up different players emojis in the same area where my finger has to touch the spin button which triggers it to donate to whatever player they choose to pop up randomly as it’ll touch and sense my finger so it’ll turn on without my consent resulting in the loss of billions and billions of my coins. This company keeps telling me how they can’t return my coins after the donation was made even though it was out of my control and they themselves was the cause of the donation to activate when they randomly popped up the player but refuse to take responsibility for my loss. Friends this is very easy to understand what’s happening and to why it’s happening, the game is too hard to play when the company continues to pop up random players in the area I have to use to spin the wheel, the company is triggering donations to players against my will making unwanted donations by myself as I lose 25% of every coin that I win. Would you like having this happen to you?


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Family Sharing.

With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

Slot Machine in Python.

I have made this little program which allows you to play a slot machine:

3 Answers 3.

I’d say you should encapsulate as much of your code as possible into functions and classes, limiting the global state when possible. This serves two purposes – the first is that it improves debugging (by limiting the odds that something unintentionally alters global state) and readability (by making it easier to understand what everything does).

Encapsulate functionality in a class.

I’d create a class called SlotMachine that holds the global state. It should store constants as class-level variables, and other values as instance-variables (or better yet properties). Then all of your methods should belong to that class.

Keep related constants in an Enum.

You have a bunch of constants related to what the slot reel is showing – these can be better described as an Enum.

and then use Reel.CHERRY , for example, in the future. This also helps avoid magic numbers. If you don’t have Python 3.4 or later you’ll have to make your own homegrown Enum class, or use something like.

or use the enum34 library which is a backport of 3.4’s version of Enum .

Simplify boolean expressions.

You don’t need parentheses around your boolean expressions – they make it more confusing. Instead of something like answer == “yes” or answer == “y” you can do answer in [“yes”, “y”] .

Be clever with properties.

Now that we’re using a class, we can use a property to encapsulate behavior that you want. For example,

now any time you want to find out if they want to keep playing, just use.

Use dictionaries to simplify payout logic.

Instead of all of those if statements, do something like this.

Note – your payout in the instructions isn’t consistent with your logic, but I just kept it as your logic is. You can adjust this function and the dictionary to have more complicated arrangements and expand the payouts. Also, you’re missing payouts for Lemons.


There are 6 global variables in your file. Considering a simple app that is 10x the lines of code of this, you would have written 60 global variables. Each global variable by definition can be modified from anywhere in the code. This is impossible to keep track of. Each function should be as pure as possible, taking input and giving output not caring of the state of the world.

Please follow PEP8, the coding style guide.

Use boolean expressions directly, no need to have condition == True.

Avoid global variables. If many methods share data, consider moving the method and the common variables to a class.

Avoid duplicated string literals like “ORANGE”.

Avoid duplicated logic, especially when it depends on the operating system like clearing the screen. Encapsulate this in a function.

Not the answer you’re looking for? Browse other questions tagged python python-3.x random simulation or ask your own question.


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“How to win on slot machines” is a popular search term, but we all know that the real question most of the gamblers want to know if there are “ways to cheat a slot machine”. That’s ok. Everybody wonders that. Since it is just the reels turning and symbols placing, there must be a “trick”, right? Well, we will answer this question right below but we are warning you: Don’t get your hopes up.


No. It is certainly not possible. This is not a click-bait article, we are giving you the answer right away. No, you cannot manipulate slot machines. There are no cheats, no hacks. Sorry. There was a time when this was possible, but not anymore. (We are giving a couple examples below.) To understand why, you must learn how slot machines work.

Most of the players still think that they are made of cogs and wheels. Thing is, they are totally “digital” since the 90’s. The spinning reels you are seeing are actually a piece of a computer code. If you open a slot machine cabinet and look inside, you won’t be seeing any “cogs”. The inside of a slot cabinet looks like a computer case. Each cabinet is connected to a central server, which actually “spins” the reels. A computer software decides whether you have won or not. You cannot manipulate such a system with a screwdriver – you cannot manipulate it at all.


Up until the 60’s, slot machines at casinos were mechanical devices. Believe it or not but they did not actually require “electricity” to run. They were like mechanical watches and some casino worker manually winded them every couple of days. These were the games that could be cheated: In fact, most of the slot cheats are made to work with that type of machines. It was even possible to understand when a winning spin would happen – the cogs were making a weird sound when that was about to happen, especially if the machine was old. Thing is, there are no mechanical slot machines anymore. In 1960, all casinos switched to electro-mechanical games, which worked with electricity. These were still using cogs and wheels, but they were much harder to cheat. In the 90’s, IGT presented video slots: Games that ran on a computer software. All the wheels and cogs were gone, it has been only computer code from now on. And this is the case since the last 30 years: All slot games have been running on a central server (even the ones in brick-and-mortar casinos) and they are using advanced software, which cannot be “hacked”.


That’s because the results are determined by an RNG (random number generator) and it is impossible to predict the outcome. Let’s explain this so it will be easier to understand. The symbols you see on the slot machine screen are not actually symbols. They are computer codes that have a numerical counterpart. Here is an example:

Watermelon symbol: 22343 Grapefruit symbol: 34342 Jackpot symbol: 33525.

Each time you spin the reel, the RNG software randomly generates a series of numbers. If this number is in the range of the symbol’s number, that symbol is displayed on the screen. For example, if the RNG software generates a number between 22.340 and 22.350, you see the watermelon symbol on the screen, because its numerical counterpart is 22.343. Basically, it works like this:

The RNG software tells the central server which numbers it generated. The central server checks the numbers and decides which symbols to place on screen.

All this happens in mere seconds. The results are really random, even the programmer of the RNG software cannot predict them. In other words, even if you have full access to the central server, you still cannot change the result of the RNG. That’s why “hacking” won’t work: The results of a spin are checked by multiple sources and all this happens in a very short period of time. To “cheat” such a system, you must hack several servers, listen to every digital communication, and get full access to the entire network. To tell the truth, if you are capable of such things, do not waste time on cheating slots. We are sure some intelligence agency will find a job for you. It will be a futile effort anyway: The RTP values of these games are known by the casinos, and if those values change, someone will notice you. In short, there are no slot cheats for modern slot games, whether they are in a brick-and-mortar or an online casino.


We mentioned that there was a time when slot cheats were possible, due to mechanical defects of the cabinets. Well, here are some examples. These are known as the most famous slot cheats of all times. We must warn you though: None of them work anymore. So if you are planning to visit a casino with this “knowledge”, know that it will be a punishable crime and a very shameful situation.

Cheat Code: This was a cheat method that was not open to “public”. When the video slots first appeared, they were using simple computer code and even simpler chips. There is a thing called “backdoor” in coding, which means the programmer leaves an open door for himself to access the software anytime he wants. Ronald Dale Harris was one of those programmers. He left several backdoors on slot codes he wrote and used some of them to gain full access to the games. Basically, he was able to predict the results before the reels start to spin. He got arrested and the casinos switched to the central server audition we mentioned above. It is impossible to do this anymore. Shaved Coins: Slot machines use simple light sensors to identify the value of coins inserted. The name of this slot cheat is literal: People were shaving the outer rims of the coin. The light sensor accepts it as a normal coin since it is unable to check the outer rim. However, the payout mechanism is able to do that, so detects it as a faulty coin and refunds it. Basically, it was possible to insert a coin, spin the reels, and get the coin back. This was a mechanical fault and it is mostly fixed now. Modern light sensors check the whole surface of the coin (sides included). Fake Coins: This is actually counterfeiting. Some gamblers were using hardened metal dies to make their own “coins”. A person is able to tell the difference but a light sensor can be tricked, which was the whole “concept” of this cheat. Once more, modern light sensors do not fall for this scam. A person named Louis Colavecchio was especially successful at this tactic and he is in jail now. Yo-Yo: Get a monofilament fishing line. Tie it around a normal coin. Drop the coin to the machine. Right after the light sensor accepts it as a payment, pull the line and get the coin back. This “tactic” used at phone cabinets too for years. It does not work anymore. But it was possible to trick the old mechanical slots back in the days. Light Wand: Invented by the famous slot cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael, this was a weird looking device. Remember the light sensors of slot machines we keep telling you about? Yeah, most of the slot cheats were designed to manipulate that system and the light wand is no exception. This device is inserted at the coin slot of the cabinets, where the light sensor is placed. Then, the device starts to flash a series of lights to confuse the sensor. With this “technique”, you can place a penny and the sensor will think you just placed hundreds of coins. The device was very small and portable, and once it goes into the slot, it is impossible to see it. The fun part is, it is actually still possible to use this technique because light sensors are unguarded against it. However, you need to know which “light codes” the sensor accepts. This was the trick of Carmichael. He bought a couple of scrap slot cabinets, analyzed the sensors, and programmed his device accordingly. Piano Wire: Take a mini-drill. Find a mechanical slot cabinet. Open a small hole next to the cogs. Insert a 20-inch long piano wire to the hole and manipulate the wheels & cogs. If you know what you are doing, you can jam the cogs and stop them at the winning spin. All of these happened back in the 80’s. Well, not anymore. There is a reason why casinos stopped using mechanical slot games. Top-Bottom Joint: Another device designed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Yes, he was the most famous slot cheater of all times. He loved to manipulate gaming cabinets – the guy had a talent for it. A top-bottom joint is a long wire. The top looks like the letter “Q”. The bottom is connected to a mini-battery. You insert the Q part into the coin chute and give a little electricity to the wire. If you know where to “touch” inside the cabinet, you can hot-wire the payout mechanism and force the cabinet to release all of the stored coins. Again, this technique required a very detailed knowledge of how slot cabinets work. Tommy Glenn Carmichael was buying those used slot cabinets for a reason. In theory, it is still possible to do this. Monkey Paw: This was the primitive version of a top-bottom joint. Basically, a monkey paw is guitar string attached to a metal rod. If you know where it is located, you can put a monkey paw to a coin chute and trigger the release switch of the payout mechanism. Once more, it is invented by… you guessed it right, Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He used this device on mechanical slots and switched to the top-bottom joint when video slots appeared. Bill Validator Device: You can insert bills into a slot machine too, coins are not the only way to pay them. This is a simple device: The top part is covered by a 100 USD bill. You put a 1 USD bill inside. Insert the device into the chute. The light sensor will accept it as a 100 USD bet. Pull the device out (and the 100 USD bill that is tied to it) and the 1 USD bill will drop into the machine. Congrats, you just made a 100 USD bet with paying only 1 USD. This technique still works on some old slot games. Computer Chip Replacement: Buy a second-hand slot cabinet. Reverse engineer its chips. Write the entire code and get a chip of your own, which will favor the odds in your favor. Go to a casino. Open a cabinet, insert your own chip. Start spinning. A skillful cheater can open the cabinet & insert his own chip in less than 15 seconds. This technique does not work anymore due to the multiple control mechanisms we described above.


They are investing in better light sensors, for starters. In addition, the whole casino floor is watched & recorded 7/24. Note that almost all of these cheats require physical manipulation of cabinets. So they watch the recorded streams right after anybody wins a prize. If they see the manipulation, you get arrested – simple as that. There will always be cheating players, but they will always get caught.


Do you wonder how to win at slots? It is luck and nothing else. You cannot cheat slots or use a “system”: All games are random and you cannot predict the results. Sure, there are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning, such as choosing games with high RTP rates but that’s it: You cannot cheat the system. Read our other guides that focus on slot games tips & tricks to see the “legal” ways of increasing your luck. Using a cheat is… well, it won’t end well, we can guarantee that.

Searching For The Best Online Casinos in Canada?

We Have Found Them For You.


#1 Casino for Canadians – CASINO CLASSIC.

Best online casino list.

Best Online Casino Sites 2020.

Casino Sign Up Offer First Minimum Deposit Year founded Gaming Platform Casino Rank Aztec Riches Casino $850 Welcome bonus 10 2002 Microgaming 7.6 Blackjack Ballroom $500 Welcome bonus 10 2000 Microgaming 8.4 Captain Cooks Casino 100 spins for $5 5 2003 Microgaming 9.3 Casino Action $1250 Welcome bonus 10 2008 Microgaming 8.2 Casino Classic NO DEPOSIT FREE SPIN + 100% match bonus ​FREE 1999 Microgaming 9.9 Casino Share $500 Welcome bonus 10 2006 Microgaming 6.5 CasinoKingdom $77 sign up match 10 2002 Microgaming 4.8 Challenge Casino $1000 Welcome bonus 10 1999 Microgaming 5.2 Colosseum Casino $750 Welcome bonus 10 1999 Microgaming 2.3 Cosmo Casino $250 Welcome bonus 10 2017 Microgaming 9.1 Golden Reef Casino $100 sign up match 10 2001 Microgaming 4.3 Golden Tiger Casino $1500 Welcome bonus 10 2001 Microgaming 8.4 Grand Hotel Casino $5560 worth of sign up bonuses 10 2000 Microgaming 8.6 Grand Mondial Casino 150 spins for $10 10 2006 Microgaming 9.6 Lucky Emperor Casino $100 sign up match 10 2002 Microgaming 6.3 Luxury Casino $1000 Welcome bonus 10 2000 Microgaming 9.7 Music Hall Casino $500 Welcome bonus 10 2001 Microgaming 4.2 Nostalgia Casino $500 Welcome bonus 1 1999 Microgaming 4.5 Phoenician Casino $1200 Welcome bonus 10 2004 Microgaming 9.4 Players Palace Casino $500 Welcome bonus 10 2007 Microgaming 4.2 Rich Reels Casino $1000 Welcome bonus 10 2008 Microgaming 5.4 UK Casino Club $700 Welcome bonus 10 2013 Microgaming 6.4 Vegas Country Casino $245 Welcome bonus 10 2001 Microgaming 4.5 Vegas Slot Casino $700 Welcome bonus 10 2001 Microgaming 7.4 Villento Casino $1000 Welcome bonus 10 2005 Microgaming 8.6 Virtual City Casino $530 Welcome bonus 10 2002 Microgaming 4.6 Yukon Gold Casino 125 spins for $10 10 2004 Microgaming 9.8 Zodiac Casino 80 spins for $1 1 2002 Microgaming 9.6.

Best Online Casino Sites 2020.



+ 100% match bonus on 2nd deposit.

#2 Casino for Canadians – QUATRO CASINO.

​ 700 FREE SPINS + $100 BONUS Free spins for first 7 days.

#3 Casino for Canadians – YUKON GOLD.

125 CHANCES to be an instant MILLIONAIRE Just $10 Deposit.



700 FREE SPINS + $100 BONUS Free spins for first 7 days.

125 FREE Chances $10 Deposit.


Make sure you check out the extensive games selection available. Our recommended casinos have 550+ games!

Latest top game is Immortal Creatures!, read our review of it now.

Here are a sample of the best slot games available at Canada’s TOP casinos:


Canada’s BEST casinos also have an amazing selection of LIVE DEALER games that make you feel like you are in a real casino. Here are some of the most popular table games:


Our recommended casinos offer a variety of other games, including video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, three reel slots and video slots, just to name a few. You are bound to find something you like!

FAST FACTS – Canada’s Best Online Casinos.


Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Echeck, iDebit, Instadebit, Instant Banking, PaysafeCard, EcoPayz, UpayCard.

Visa, Mastercard, Echeck, InstaDebit, Ecopayz, Upaycard.

Yes, available 24/7.

Why Are These The Best Online Casinos In Canada?

Click the toggles below to find out:

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Echeck, iDebit, Instadebit, Instant Banking, PaysafeCard, EcoPayz, UpayCard.

Visa, Mastercard, Echeck, InstaDebit, Ecopayz, Upaycard.

Yes, available 24/7.

Why Are These The Best Online Casinos In Canada?

Click the toggles below to find out:

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Echeck, iDebit, Instadebit, Instant Banking, PaysafeCard, EcoPayz, UpayCard.

Visa, Mastercard, Echeck, InstaDebit, Ecopayz, Upaycard.

Yes, available 24/7.

Why Are These The Best Online Casinos In Canada?

Click the toggles below to find out:

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Echeck, iDebit, Instadebit, Instant Banking, PaysafeCard, EcoPayz, UpayCard.

Visa, Mastercard, Echeck, InstaDebit, Ecopayz, Upaycard.

Yes, available 24/7.

Why Are These The Best Online Casinos In Canada?

Click the toggles below to find out:

About Casino Classic.

Casino Classic is an excellent online casino that has been around for two decades, but is recently making waves due to its new welcome offer. It allows players a FREE CHANCE to become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE without making a single deposit! For those that want to make a small deposit of JUST $1, you receive an additional 40 FREE CHANCES! Not only that, but on your second deposit, you will receive 100% match bonus. This is surely the best welcome offer available at the moment.

Casino Classic is home to a huge variety of over 550 games! This includes slot games, progressive slots, table games, LIVE DEALER games, Video Poker and variety games. New games are added to Casino Classic each month so you won’t have a chance to get bored of what the casino has to offer. The BEST game at Casino Classic at the moment is Mega Vault Millionaire which has jackpots that are always a minimum of $1 MILLION! Don’t forget to claim your FREE CHANCE to play with NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED!

The games are all run by Micrograming Systems, which is the industry leader of online casino games. You know that your games will run smoothly, with lots of bonus features and a high 97% payout rate. Casino Classic is audited by eCOGRA to ensure fair gameplay and payouts. There are various methods of withdrawing your winnings, including Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, bank transfer and even Paysafecard.

Casino Classic is part of the trusted Casino Rewards Group, guaranteeing a legitimate and trustworthy casino experience. You also earn VIP points while you play, and these can be redeemed for bonus at ANY of the Casino Rewards casinos.

The casino can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, so you can play whenever it is convenient for you!

About Quatro Casino.

Another member of the Casino Rewards Group, Quatro Casino is currently played by millions of people all around the world. Again, it is powered by Microgaming’s trusted software that is used by all the casino industry’s leading players and offers a huge array of games. If you enjoy slots games, then you are going to love Quatro; there are well over 300 different slots games on offer and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another casino that offers quite as many instant slots games with the same variety of themes and game types.

The one thing that Quatro Casino is famous for is its bonus offers. You will receive free spins each day for SEVEN days PLUS a match bonus on your first deposit. You can deposit $10 and receive 10 free spins each day for 7 days (total 70 free spins) plus a $10 bonus. If you deposit $100, you will receive 100 free spins each day for 7 days plus $100 bonus! The bonus amounts can be used on any game, including progressive ones like Mega Moolah where you can become an instant millionaire!

You also have nothing to worry about when it comes to other casino games. European and American roulette games are available. You have a vast selection of blackjack table rules to choose from. You even have poker sessions to join, along with countless Video Poker games to keep you entertained for hours.

So far as deposit and withdrawal methods are concerned, getting money in and out of your Quatro Casino account is very easy. Deposits enter your account instantly and withdrawals only take a couple of days usually.

There are many payment methods which include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and even Paysafecard.

In addition to slots, Quatro Casino offers video poker and other card-based games so there’s always going to be something brand new for you to try out.

You can even play on the move with Quatro’s robust mobile application which is consistently kept up-to-date and gives you the same level of access as through the main website .

About Yukon Gold Casino.

Launched in 2004, Yukon Gold is an American Old West themed casino which forms part of the Casino Rewards Group. It is an instant-play casino that can be downloaded onto your machine or played through their main website. The platform relies on Microgaming’s software which is the industry’s foremost provider of online casino games such as instant slots, baccarat, blackjack, craps and more. Note that all Microgaming casinos are offered on mobile casino platforms.

Yukon Gold is fast, reliable and packed full of interesting games. Microgaming, as a company, have licensed several hundred online casinos and have recognizable games such as Batman and Game of Thrones slots.

You will also be playing several games of progressive slots, with grand prizes of more than $100,000. On top of that, there are themed games and all the table games you can think of, including blackjack and roulette.

Yukon Gold Casino isn’t just great for its vast array of games. The online casino is famous for being extremely reliable as well as offering great custom support. You will not run into issues when playing on Yukon Gold Casino’s gaming platform, and you can always get help when you do have questions.

If you are into your movies, you are going to love playing the offerings at Yukon Gold .

You will be surprised by the long list of bonus offers available from this online casino too. Sign up for an account, make an initial deposit of $10, and you can claim 125 free spins right away. The free spins can be used to play any slots game on the platform, including progressive titles like Mega Moolah. Yes, you can be the next casino millionaire without risking your money in the process.

This is their version of a welcome bonus and you won’t find many other casinos that offer this. Deposit and withdrawal methods are vast with the latter taking between 24 and 72 hours to be processed. If you are so inclined, you can even withdraw your winnings through a check!

About Zodiac Casino.

Launched in 2001, Zodiac casino is another one of these older casinos which over time has established itself firmly as an industry leader. Like the other three, Zodiac Casino is powered by Microgaming and with this comes all the usual bells and whistles. The games on offer are vast and plentiful. There are hundreds of Las Vegas-styled games including video poker, video blackjack and instant slots. It uses an iteration of Microgaming known as Viper that provides players with the most realistic experience possible, all from the comfort of the home.

Zodiac Casino has to be one of the easiest online casinos to get to grips with thanks to their friendly and intuitive user interface. After downloading the software, you are met with a high definition gaming experience which looks good, lets you get down to business straight away and makes you feel as if you have been transported to a real casino.

Zodiac’s deposit and withdrawal methods are hassle-free and efficient. Deposits are instantaneous and there are several withdrawal options which include check, wire transfer and even e-checks. With 24/7 support and withdrawals that take a matter of days, Zodiac is up there as one of Canada’s best online casinos.

Finding an online casino can be a mammoth task, especially when you are brand new to everything and have never played one before. Online casinos and gambling are at an all-time-high, with millions of people all around the world participating, daily and this number is growing rapidly. Casinos and several new platforms are being launched each month as companies try to cash in on the many opportunities.

Whilst all these new online casinos are great for the industry (and for players), it is the older and more established casinos which offer the best experience, best games, best software and best welcome bonuses and offers. Whilst newer casinos will grow with time, we recommend sticking with older and more established names that have gained the trust of punters over time.

As mentioned before, choosing the best online casino is the first step towards enjoying the best gaming experience. You cannot go wrong with the online casinos we recommended on this page, since they all offer exceptional gameplay, stunning bonus offers, and all the features you need to have a great time playing your favourite games.

Swipe to the right to see the full table.



Live Chat ​

Canadian Players.

Do The Top Casinos in Canada Have Loyalty Programs?

YES, there are also plenty of loyalty programs to benefit from. Online casinos like Zodiac Casino and Yukon Gold Casino now reward players with loyalty points as a way to keep them interested. It is a way to earn cashback and additional rewards with every spin or round you play.

Taking advantage of loyalty programs is very similar to enjoying comps when playing at brick-and-mortar casinos. The only difference is that you can now earn more bonuses from the comfort of your own home.


Use Your Match Bonuses Wisely In Canadian Online Casinos.

The last thing you want to do with the free spins and bonuses is waste them on bad plays. Remember that you can use them to win real cash prizes while having a lot of fun, so why not take the free spins seriously and pursue the big jackpots?

Before you start wasting the free spins on just any slots machines, look into progressive slots. Mega Vault Millionaire, for example, regularly offers progressive jackpots worth millions. With Casino Classic, you get a FREE CHANCE to hit become an instant millionaire without depositing a single cent! Other progressive titles like the Fruit Fiesta and Major Millions have jackpots worth more than $100,000 on most days.

Learn The Games Offered At Online Casinos.

Years ago, you need to go to Vegas to learn how to play, now you have access to mobile phones and online resources. Make sure you also take the time to learn more about the games you play. With slots, you want to know details like the return-to-player ratio and the number of pay lines you can play. You can even go deeper and study the characteristics of slots games. Playing slots online ​ can prove to be very useful.

Some games, for example, have smaller pay-outs, but pay them more frequently. Others offer higher pay outs, but you have to hit the right winning combinations to earn them. Wildcards, bonus games, and additional free spins can all affect your gameplay in different ways. For Canadians that want to play online casino there is a great resource out there, just search online for slots online canada and you will find something useful.

Manage Your Bankroll For Online Slots.

Always play with a starting bankroll and try not to wager your winnings. Managing your bankroll meticulously lets you keep track of your gaming sessions. You can easily determine if you are profitable at the end of the session by looking at the amount of money you have.

The bonus bankroll you get from the online casino should also be added to your bankroll management strategy. If you get $50 worth of deposit-match bonus on your second deposit, you are already $50 ahead. Using the free cash wisely allows you to win more without risking your money in the process.

Don’t Forget the Side Games.

Online casinos are trying to keep you entertained and happy. With the industry being as competitive as it is today, it is not surprising to see more freebies and bonuses being made available. One of those freebies can be found in side games and minigames that are now part of popular casino titles.

Side games are not to be skipped if you want to win more money and freebies. Playing a simple side game can land you up to 150 of additional free spins, more cash prizes, and of course loyalty points to add to your account.

That’s it! You now know how to choose the best online casino and how you can play for better profitability and more cash prizes. Use the reviews and bonus offers found on this page to get started with your own journey into the world of online casino gaming.

Can Canadian Citizens play at these casinos?

Yes of course, this is legal for Canadians.

Can I deposit with Visa or Mastercard?

Yes all these casinos accept these deposit methods.

Can I get a deposit bonus?

Yes every casino we recommend offers great sign up bonuses!

Sailor in iconic V-J Day Times Square kiss photo dies at 95.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The ecstatic sailor shown kissing a woman in Times Square celebrating the end of World War II died Sunday. George Mendonsa was 95.

Mendonsa fell and had a seizure at the assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island, where he lived with his wife of 70 years, his daughter, Sharon Molleur, told The Providence Journal.

Mendonsa was shown kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman, a dental assistant in a nurse’s uniform, on Aug. 14, 1945. Known as V-J Day, it was the day Japan surrendered to the United States. People spilled into the New York City streets to celebrate the news.

Mendonsa planted a kiss on Friedman, whom he had never met.

The photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt was first published in Life magazine and is called “V-J Day in Times Square,” but is known to most as “The Kiss.” It became one of the most famous photographs of the 20th century, and is a popular image used on posters.

Several people later claimed to be the kissing couple. It was years before Mendonsa and Friedman were confirmed to be the couple.

Mendonsa served on a destroyer during the war and was on leave when the end of the war was announced.

When he was honored at the Rhode Island State House in 2015, Mendonsa spoke about the kiss. He said Friedman reminded him of nurses on a hospital ship that he saw care for wounded sailors.

“I saw what those nurses did that day and now back in Times Square the war ends, a few drinks, so I grabbed the nurse,” Mendonsa said, WPRI-TV reported .

Friedman said in a 2005 interview with the Veterans History Project that it wasn’t her choice to be kissed.

“The guy just came over and kissed or grabbed,” she told the Library of Congress.

She added, “It was just somebody really celebrating. But it wasn’t a romantic event.”

Mendonsa died two days before his 96th birthday. The family has not yet made funeral arrangements.

Friedman fled Austria during the war as a 15-year-old girl. She died in 2016 at the age of 92 at a hospital in Richmond, Virginia, from complications of old age.

More Related News.

Decades of love: Couple celebrates 74 years of marriage in COVID quarantine.

Business 2020-06-24 17:55:00Z.

Jim and Loretta Raffensberger marked 74 years of marriage in quarantine in their assisted living facility. “It’s different,” Jim said.

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